Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 8

Friendly Fire

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Syfy

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  • This episode may prove to be a pivitol moment in PKJ's storyline. After Jane wakes up in the hospital, she's told that she killed Riley. One by one, team members visit the hospital and confront her, but Jane realizes that something odd is happening.

    After spending a fun, booze-laden night out with Mo and Riley, Jane cannot accept the accusation that she killed Riley. Initially the audience is left in the dark, wondering what is going on, as desperate for a clue as Jane. We see her "doctor" having a suspicious conversation with a shadowy superior regarding Jane. The we see the doctor shapeshift into Maureen -- bent on learning the location of NIKO -- the prison for neuros. Slowly Jane figures out what is going on, because of the inconsistant behaviour of her teammates and the missing tattoo on Maureen's back. Trusting in the abilities of Riley, she sends the team messages through her credit card transactions, and they are able to rescue Jane and chip the neuro.

    But is this really the end? Who was the shadowy character that this neuro was reporting to? Is there an organized neuro movement rising to oppose the Team? How did they know so much about Jane and her team?

    A great episode on its own, it may also be a landmark episode that begins a major story-arch about an enemy organziation. Stay tuned... only time will tell.
  • cool.

    Jane wakes up in a hospital, and they are telling her she killed Riley. At first i did actually think she killed him. but he is such an important character. the whole hospital is faked and the doctor is a shapeshifter. he tries to con jane into believing things by shapeh=shifting into her friends. i did feel bad for the nurse though, but i thought she was evil too so. but i thought how jane left the money to mean the adress was pretty clever of her, she's just a big tipper. nd the way they forgot the tatoo. that was cool. it was funny how happy jane was to see riley, knowing she didnt kill him. this was just another episode that made me wanna watch more.
  • There is only room enough for one Jane.

    This is exactly the type of episodes I knew this show would start turning up with. Great episode. At the beginning of this episode it was very confusing because I knew that everyone was not being themselves. Riley is such an important character so no way would he be killed off the show. And first most important, Jane would never have killed her friend Riley. So once clues started showing in the beginning like when the doctor was conversing strangely with someone in the office over Jane, then it all started making sense. You have to love the clues because you are right there figuring it out with them. I felt bad for the nurse but what can I say, I guess its part of the program. Jane might be a neuro but she is great at her job and I love the way the whole team care's for each other and are learning to think like one. This is only the beginning and I am looking forward too future episodes.
  • Jane has waken in hospital with no memory on the last night for which she is accused of killing Riley.

    After one long night out with Maureen and Riley, Jane has awaken in hospital where she was tied to the bed with no memory on the past night. She find out that she is accused of killing Riley. At first she believes in that but after she notice that Maureen hasn't the tattoo from last night on her, she realizes that everything is just a setup. This is also great episode. In this episode we learn who is other Jane which we saw in previous episode. That was Neuro who can transform into anybody and in this episode he was stopped.