Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 7

Higher Court

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 01, 2007 on Syfy

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  • How do you sneak up on someone who can manipulate everything you see and hear? Jane and her eager band of secret angents solve this and other mysteries in "Higher Court."

    Maureen Bowers finally contributes to the action when her never-before-mentioned love interest walks off the edge of a building. After some group in-fighting, the team is hot on the trail of a neuro who once again walks that grey line of morality. Is it really wrong to kill the killers? Maureen struggles with this questions the most, because the man she was falling for was a killer and she never knew it. She feels betrayed by the system and momentarily slips into the renegade street justice mindset. It was not that believable for her character, perhaps because she's so poorly developed in the series.

    On the positive side, Connor has a kick-butt scene where he puts his team members lives at risk, while he shoots at imaginary intruders. The film-makers go all out for the scene -- blasting rock 'n roll soundtrack, skyward 360 pans of Connor reloading, bullets shattering glass around team members diving for cover. Classic action show stuff. Some may call it cliche, but I think it's just plain fun!
  • I thought this was a very exciting episode. It had a whole lot of action in it, and showed a familial feeling between the characters.

    This episode was about a neuro who could make people see
    things that weren't there. People in the witness protection program begin committing suicide, and the
    team has to figure out why. Maureen's new boyfriend walks off a roof, which of course upsets Maureen very much.
    The show has a lot of action scenes in it, especially with
    Connor returning to base, thinking it had been taken over.
    So he starts to shoot the place up, almost kills Maureen,
    but Jane saves her, and then stops Connor.
    The team then has to trick the neuro with his own game
    into thinking something that isn't real. It was a great
    episode, one of my favorite. Don't miss it.
  • Enjoyable to watch however lacking in character development.

    I find this episode rather entertaining with the episode starting with Maureen's date to a party committing suicide by walking down the roof of the building. Sure there's the whole anticipation about finding out who's the neuro in every episode and learning a bit more about Jane's ability. However it lacks in character development especially the the members of Jane's team. And how come the guys Jane goes out with are never introduced properly in the story line? There seems to be a new guy she's seeing every episode. And it's the same for the guy Maureen was dating. In that last part were they hinting that the government's doing something with the neuros they've chipped? Probably for military purposes?
  • The team faces with Neuro who is killing people for which he thinks they are responsible for past crimes.

    This was a great episode. Story is well written and there's more special effects than in previous episodes. Great scene when Jane shoot her hand with a gun and then we see the wound healing rapidly. I love when Jane talks about her life and other stuff in every episode on the beginning and end. Someone maybe noticed in previous episode the jacket which Jane wear. It was the same jacket which she wear in Terminator 3. I have watched the movie Painkiller Jane with Emanuelle Vaugier and I must said that Kristanna Loken is much better. And finally, I can't wait for the next episode of Painkiller Jane.
  • ******snore*****

    Not only did the show suck, but the big "morality lesson" was a total joke! Mo had NO IDEA that "BAD" people can be protected in WPP? Does she come from a CAVE? Her experience in law enforcement got her into a "super-secret" arm of the US goverment, but she doesn't understand "gray areas" and "quid pro quo"?

    Was this an ARCHIE Comic? "Sidekick learns lesson in justice" is a plotline from 1960! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........
  • We learned more about the affects of Jane's ability.

    I do not understand why other viewers are not giving this show a bigger chance. The show is a really decent show. This one is a little more revealing in the fact that we are now learning more and more about Jane. Last week we learned that she was a Neuro but they chose to keep that information from her. This week we learned that as her body was under a laser machine and it kept ripping thru her back over and over, her body kept healing while damage was still happening, leaving her with a whole lot of scars all over her back. Jane is also left with extreme pain as well. As the show continues forth each episode I believe it will get better and better if everyone would just give it a chance. The show is about her and I believe it's really about to turn around.
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