Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 18

Jane 113

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Finally getting to the point!

    We should have gotten bits of this since the beginning.
    Instead there was the teaser pilot episode. Then a bunch of standalone Xfiles wanna bes while they chase after neuros.

    The information behind the powers, the explanation of what was going on was what we were interested in.

    Too bad they waited until the end to start getting into it.

    I enjoyed this episode, wish it had come sooner.... this show had potential.

    I like that they developed the boyfriend's role, I always was suspicious of him. I'm waiting to see if Seth is also somehow involved in monitoring her.

    not enough words for minimum.... um, wish they had killed the misogynistic bald guy instead of Maureen. Liked seeing strong women characters, even one w/out superpowers.
  • Totally forgot about the people in stasis from episode one.

    This episode finally brings the viewers back to the short scene in episode one where the head of security at vonotech enters a room filled with bald people dressed in white in stasis. So it's revealed here how Jane got her powers and why she only realized that she had this miraculolus healing powers only after joining Andre's team and falling off that buliding. So the whole neuro thing isn't natural human evolution as in Heroes but a human scientist's experiment. So it's not sure yet to what extent this vonotech guy has brained washed Jane and how it'll affect her in the episodes to come. Well we all know what happened to Brian though. Can't wait to see an episode where all the neuros are being held is showed.
  • Getting to the point...

    Well after 18 episodes we finally find out why Jane has her abilities. It was a help that a few loose ends were tied up and now we have more questions, has she been controlled? Was that scene a dream? I would really like to see more of the other characters private lives fleshed out and leave Jane's story alone for a while! Keep us guessing, the suspense is better that way! The only trouble with that is! The previous reviewer states the series is to be cancelled so will they tie up the other loose ends or will we be left hanging like they normally do? I just hope they have second thoughts! But going by what has happened or not happened rather to The Dresden Files and Traveler I wont hold my breath! Shame because I'm sure there's plenty of potential left with this show!
  • So we finally get to see what they showed us briefly in the pilot - what's happening at emerald city. Honestly - I'm glad this show is getting cancelled - they lack imagination and a sense of suspence. Spoilers ahead.

    OK - here we go: throughout the show we watched various super-powered freaks doing more or less damage and getting stopped by Jane and the team. Aside from minor tips about how Jane's powers work (but not why), and the fact that she doesn't really approve of what they do at the team, we didn't learn much. Character backrounds we sketchy and the main story of what's the deal with the neuros was not coming alone.
    The comes this ep, where we see exactly what happened to Jane in that creepy building, although again no why her. We meet the guys that are supposed to be the bad guys, and then probably we're supposed to think they're not that bad. All of this is done in an extremely boring way, which I wouldn't bother to watch except that this seem to be the most important ep in the series. Jane is doing some investigation, finds out that her boyfriend Bryan is somehow involved, and then goes on to meet the head mad genious on her own (she obiously has some major trust issues). As a result she gets drafted to the mad scientist's side. Kind of a let down - we don't even get to see if she gives a damn about the change of loyalty.
    This show has no sense of tension. Things happen one after the other without any logical connection. I remember when I watched the pilot and thought this show has potential to be something along the lines of the 4400 or Heroes. 18 eps into the show I can tell that it has non of the elements that make the other 2 shows fascinating to watch. This show is a flop, and this ep is a prime example to the flop.