Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 5

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 11, 2007 on Syfy

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  • PKJ does a neuro-rendition of the old haunted house story, complete with creepy music boxes, carved bannisters, and fog machines. It's a humourous trip through familiar territory.

    Is it irony? Not really. But it's still an entertaining excerise in exploring the mythos of an American Haunting through the PKJ universe's lense. Riley saves this episode from being a blatant rip-off or a navel-gaving excuse to reveal each team member's secret fear. His monologues tell the viewer that the writer and director are very aware that they are playing with horror cliches. Just sit back, turn down the lights, embrace the cheesy, self-aware neuro ghost story, and have a few laughs.

    Interestingly, this is the first episode where Jane does not use her healing power. Instead, she reveals her emotional scars -- her fear of being a "Freak."
  • storyline is about painkiller jane and her team trying to uncover the truth of neuro in a haunted mansion

    Pretty intense. From the start i would have thought
    Strikeforce Vicodin, en masse, take up residence in an FBI safe house to try and find out why the protected witnesses who stay there always get scared out of their wits. They feel anything but safe.

    The show opens with an unknown woman who freaks out as she sees visions of the walls cracking and bleeding around her. She's a hematophobic who pales, screams, and kicks her legs at the sight of blood. Another agent afflicted by arachnophobia saw scorpions underneath his blankets. Apparently only Team Vicodin has emotional scars and fears, while crime witnesses only have run-of the mill phobias.

    An FBI agent we see later, Russell Camp, is framed through a window looking in. He's also frozen in front of the door where the screaming woman is, oblivious to her noise.

    In a wildly successful attempt to ramp up the "hard to resist" part of the show's catch-phrase, "hard to resist, harder to kill," we are treated to a shower scene. Voiceover PJ , while rinsing, talks about how people can look serene on the surface but it almost hides a fear that lies beneath, and fear is more of a motivator than anything else. You can make cleansing a daily ritual, she says, but that fear will stubbornly remain. PJ has a tiny tattoo star on her left wrist, and a running horse that made me flash back to my terrifying "My Little Pony" avoidance days.
  • What's that stink - oh, it's this episode.

    Sweet day in the morning, are they running out of money to produce the show? Well, take up a collection or sell something on eBay. This series started off mediocre and since then has been headed south. This week they couldn't even afford a guest-Neuro (or maybe they read they couldn't convince one to work on the project?)

    Really, a Neuro who moved his consciousness into the circuitry of the house? And, what's with the Neuro's wife - what was her name? Oh, yes, Bettina Exposition - she arrived only to explain what was happening, ask how one of them was feeling and poof - she's never mentioned again.

    Let's hope they cashed in a few savings bonds and hired a scriptwriter for the next few eps.
  • Jane and crew investigate a haunted house.

    This show has been getting better every week. The shaky camera work is a long forgotten nightmare and the actors seem to be more comfortable in their roles. It is kind of harsh to say it has been done before since practically everything has been done beefore on numerous occassions. This episode had me watching intently from beginning to end. I wanted to see and know everything that is going on. I could have done without the wife, but overall this was an excellant show and well worth a 10. I said last week, that if thr show continued on it's path it would be a pretty good show and this week it has exceeded my expectations. I hope next week is as good as this week.
  • (YAWN) Jane and the team investigate an FBI safehouse

    This is without a doubt the worst show on television right now. I keep watching praying someone will get a clue about it but it just gets worse every week. This episode was the worst so far, nothing in it had not already been seen in other shows from previous years. Watching this episode all I could think was that I have seen all this before nothing original is evident in the shows writing. The writing is cliche the acting horrible if only the makers of this show took some time to watch the original sci fi movie of the same name. It had a far better story line and would have made for a more interesting series. This series is boring beyond belief with no chance of a second season.