Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 3

Piece of Mind

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I loved this episode! It was amazing.

    I loved it because it was one the first episodes that finally involved Riley - who gets left behind waaaayyyy too often! :P It was funny, exciting, and added a sense of family between the group that was not seen before (but is growing with the newer episodes).

    I thought it was well done overall, and is one of my favourite episodes (although thats not saying much, because all the episodes are pretty much kick ass!)

    This is the first episode i ever saw of painkiller jane and its the one that got me hooked. Mostly because of how different the personalities of all the characters are, but they manage to blend so well together that it seemed like they had been working to together there entire lives - and thats what i look for in a good show!

    Later :)
  • A Neuro has the ability to steal memory and knowledge as well as restore both. This individual has his own agenda which really has no bearing on the security of the nation as a whole. However as Riley is effected,the team must jump to action.

    Well I must say that at this point I feel this series isn't going to make it. This series has potential, however the writers should come up with something a bit more gritty with more interesting story lines. It seems that we are being subjugated to pointless plots that are neither original nor edge of your seat stories. The next few episodes(if any) will either sign it's death warrant or give it another chance to redeem itself. As I am a Friday night Sci-Fi station watcher, I'll keep tuned for the rest of the PainKiller Jane scenario. Until then, Sionara. Sincerely, Don Zelazny
  • Jane and crew need to help a neuro to get Riley's memory back.

    Painkiller Jane is far from an excellent show, but people judge it way to harshly. This episode is way better than the first two episodes. We get more character development and an interesting story. The jerky camera work is no longer present and the actors seem more comfortable in their roles. The voiceover is a lot better than in the previous two episodes and helps give it a more comic book vibe. This episode concentrates further on Jane, McBride, and Riley. We learn besides being a raging alcoholic Jane has a more rational side and that she can work as a team player. McBride has a softer side to him and Riley a more adventurous side. The story was interesting and new to me, like the previous episode and the first to an extent. It lead you around before coming to the true point of the story. It put the characters in a position where they need to work together with a supposed enemy that turns out to be a lonely old man who wanted back his fond memories of childhood. I found the end to be actually quite humorous, with Riley’s prank on the team.
  • Based on a comic, doesn't mean it has to be two dimensional.

    I'm really, really trying to like this series. Three episodes in, they're just not making it easy. The lack of character development is really starting to show. The plot of this one is really thin and, of course, Jane has to be almost killed - what a surprise.

    Why no back story on the other characters? The characters, including Jane are looking flat an uninteresting.

    I'm really worried Jane's inability to be killed is the deus ex machina. In this episode, they're transporting a painting, in a train, inside of safe that's guarded by megawatt shots of electricity. Of course, Jame can short it out because she can't be killed. Sheesh! By episode 6/7, they're going to have to start dropping box-cars and anvils on her head.

    THe actors here are doing the best they can. The writers aren't even trying.
  • You have to watch it to enjoy it in all its beauty!

    So after watching the first three episodes of this show I cannot hold back any longer. How can anybody with a clear mind rate this episode as "great"? This episode has to be rated with "fair" at the most. By reflecting on the past three episodes only the first was somehow exciting. If you have never heard of the concept "immortality"... This is just another comic based TV-Show that is as uncool as the comic want's to be cool. To the recent episode: Ronald Biggs would turn over in his grave if he had to watch this atrocity. But remember, it's gona be all right. The concept of this neuros and stealing your mind has to be stolen somewhere in the works of William Gibson. It sounds so familiar. Kristana Loken has been horrible in a horrible T3 and she is in this show. At least she's another hot chick with great boobs, as this Riley guy does establish. Best scene was when Riley came back to his computers with amnesia and almost crashed the system.
    How ridiculous can an end of an episode be? The job is to neutralize those neuros. So how come everybody is so compassionate with the bad guy in the end? But remember, if you leave the the property I will kill you. Time to kill time with another show.
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