Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Syfy
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Jane Vasco, with the help of a new covert government unit, must track down and contain the spread of "Neuros", genetically altered humans with extraordinary powers.

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  • Into the future of humanity we go.

    What and exciting episode. I think the characters are well done, very complex and interesting. The episode was fast paced and easy to follow. I thought it was fantastic that Jane's curiosity sort of forced her into the elite club of neuro hunters. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing all of the different 'abilities' the neuros might have. It'll also be interesting to see how Jane copes with her new team and the demands of this job. I think the show is very well written and I will definately be putting this on my television watching agenda. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.moreless
  • I was somewhat excited about seeing this show.

    All I can tell you now is that it isn't love at first sight. I'll give it a chance but there's something off about it. I'm not sure how the did it but they managed to make an attractive lady like Kristanna Loken look completely fugly and over-butch. She got off some witty lines and I know this show isn't supposed to be a fashion statement but the gritty element isn't working for me here. The cast didn't really move me either. You know what this show reminded me of? Mutant X. That's really bad. But the funny thing is that I watched Mutant X for a couple of seasons.

    Also, I know that Painkiller Jane was invented first but the story is too similar to Heroes. We have a bunch of folks who were tampered with and now they have special powers.

    *rolls eyes*

    They even have a Mohinder character.

    *rolls eyes and they get stuck. slaps self.*

    Another thing that was annoying is Jane Vasco revisiting her mother's funeral. It was too much of that and too much of her "happy place".

    I'm going to wait it out and give the show a chance but they better do something serious. This one may be in trouble.moreless
  • With all the recent hits, couldn't they afford better actors?

    I watched this episode the day it was first shown on Sci-Fi, and boy was I disappointed! I miss the days of SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galatica, back-to-back on Fridays. It was working! Great ratings, great revenue! Why did they change? Anyway, back to this show...The acting is some of the worst I have ever seen in a show with this much hype. (I will grant that the smaller bit characters were far better than the leads...but the leads just tanked!) There were so many glaring inconsistencies (her age in flash backs, the falling sequences are the most notable, but other things kept nagging at me as well) and problematic dialogue, that I almost forgot about the wretched acting and blamed the whole mess on the writers. Eventually producers, directors and casting are going to realize that hotness does not equal goodness when it comes to women. I wanted to like this show, I really did.moreless
  • Certainly not mind-taxing or emotionally involving, and definitely nothing new, but entertaining all the same.

    So you might think my rating is slightly high. I must say I agree, but then when taking into account that I was going to award a 10, I think I owe an explanation. The basis of my rating for this episode was purely on entertainment value, and how it kept my attention, I'll go into detail a bit.

    I didnt really know what to expect from this show. But what I didn't expect was for it to be a highly serious, mind-challenging show, with relatable characters. And I was right. It wasnt!

    The plot was simple and unoriginal, the characters were two-dimensional and shallow, and the writing was altogether a total cheese-fest, but despite all this, I really liked it! Like I said I didnt expect anything that was gonna make me question my life or something cutting edge, and Painkiller Jane is certainly not those things. It's so clear that this show was based on a comic book, and I think that adds to it's charm. I'm not gonna say that it doesn't take itself seriously, because believe me it DOES (and sometimes to laughable effect) but it's a decent enough show, and even if the titular character is a bit unlikeable and I felt nothing for her, this is entertaining TV nonetheless and the definition of a guilty pleasure.moreless
  • Lots of potential!

    Jane is a DEA agent who is and learns that she can't die and has powers. She is now an undercover secret agent coming to terms with this powers. And must try to get others with powers like hers. Who only use their powers for evil. Andre is her boss and Connor the muscle in the group. So far lots of potential that will get there. I hope!
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