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  • An enjoyable show for laid back viewers.

    If you are the type of personal who turns to professional critics when wondering which new shows to watch, this is not a show for you. If you are the type of person who turns to friends and peers, then this might be a show for you.

    It is far from perfect but it still gets a close to perfect mark from me due to the amount of action and entertainment value, not to mention the smart-alics and sarcasm. All the main characters, Jane, Maureen, Andre, Riley, Connor, and Seth, are very lovable. Not only in spite of, but perhaps due to their faults. This team of highly trained agents is surprisingly flawed but surprisingly effective. They have learned to work together and not only tolerate, but accept each other. The show has established the team and friendship very well, only now they need to work on the individual characters. "Trial by Fire" is an improvement, being somewhat of a Connor episode. With a few more they will be on their way.
  • Why did i watch that? PAINfully i persisted..but i can watch no more..

    Sorry i will have to be negative on this one. Painkiller Jane is just plain stupid.
    How annoying when Jane does so much commentary at the beginning of each show. I just don't understand the idea of these people "neuros" being locked away because they are different,with the possibility they may commit a crime some day. How did the team survive before Jane. Capturing neuros would mean that Jane should have been locked away. Why didn't they lock her up because she was different? The title of this series alone is killing me. The acting all round is bad. Jane should lose the attempt at the posh pout or as i would call it, "the don't i look stupid pout" Anyway,i have seen many episodes so i have been fair and my criticisms are based on the pain i received from watching this series. Goodbye Painkiller Jane and team.
  • After a rough start Painkiller Jane found it's way and became a decent show. With nothing but a host of c grade actors Kristina Lokken being the most well known. The show had everything against it and the writers had some trouble finding

    After a rough start Painkiller Jane found it's way and became a decent show. With nothing but a host of c grade actors Kristina Lokken being the most well known. The show had everything against it and the writers had some trouble finding their way. Although most of us stuck around an hour to get us through to Stargate Atlantis and a very smart move by the programming directors at scifi. Pretty standard scifi show each week our hero's go after the monster of the week and Kristina did her best to be the resident hottie. The stories took shape around episode four and we really started to identify with the characters and the world they were immersed in. Sadly after an abysmal start not enough people were left to bring the show back. Lots of folks missed out on this nice lead in due to a bad premiere. The show left off on a new direction it was about to take but we'll never know. Good news is the show is on dvd and I would suggest adding it to your collection it's worth the twenty-two or hours we were given.
  • This Show was based on the comic book "Painkiller Jane"

    Kristina Loken Played Jane. The Show was quite Intertaining I think it should be brought back ..... I know a lot of people that were disapointed When they found out it was canceled .... it was a great tv seires with good actors and a great story line that left you wanting more every single time you watched it , and I beleave that it would have been a very much watched show with the age group of 18 - 29. It need to come back on Sci - Fi or at least show reruns of the Episodes that did air.
  • Painkiller Jane recovered from a mediocre pilot to become an entertaining action show with a surprisingly introspective and vulnerable character at its heart. Unfortunately, sloppy writing in the final episodes diminished its impact.

    Like many others, I was extremely disappointed with the pilot episode. I wasn't sure what the point was and I didn't find the story interesting. The episode introduced Jane Vasco, a DEA agent who is recruited into a super-secret government group that tracks humans with a genetic mutation, who are called neuros. I didn't even pay attention to much of the episode. However, I felt that I should continue to give the show a chance. I did. I watched the second episode and I was disappointed again. I became highly critical of this show and I was on the verge of writing it off completely, but I still felt that I should watch a few more episodes before dropping it.

    So I watched the third episode, "Catch Me If You Can." And I was stunned. Was this the same show that almost put me to sleep in the first two episodes? This episode managed to be an outstanding action-oriented episode with a sad story at its heart. What made this episode so good? A suspense-filled story. Less of a focus on Jane's powers as an excuse to show off the special effects budget, and more of a focus on Jane's personality and inner conflicts. A better use of Jane's powers in the context of the story. A tragic villain. A few surprises in the climactic battle. Despite the sci-fi elements (a neuro who could see the future), the story was thoroughly grounded in realistic human characters. A superb episode.

    The next episode was another quality stand-alone story. Then another very good episode. The show was really picking up steam. And then "Higher Court" aired. This was another high point for the series. The action was cranked up for this one, particularly in a scene where one of the agents believes that the headquarters is under attack. He goes on a shooting rampage against the imaginary attackers, not realizing that he is the person who is endangering his colleagues and friends. Jane uses her powers in a very unusual manner in this episode, something that I didn't see coming. The visual effects were pretty nifty too.

    While the show doesn't have the deep mythology of a Battlestar Galactica or a Lost, sometimes it's good to have a change of pace. The focus is on the identity crisis of the title character, the action and suspense, and the stories of the neuro that the team is dealing with in that particular episode. In that sense, it bears some similarity to police shows that focus on a different criminal each week. Unlike police shows, there are a few sci-fi elements... but no aliens.

    The true nature of the neuros hasn't been explained. Jane's healing powers haven't been explained either. This leads to a lot of the self-doubt that Jane feels. It's this self-doubt and introspection that lift the show above the usual police investigation/action hero-type shows. Jane may be nearly invincible physically, but she is far from invincible mentally and emotionally. This inner torment makes Jane a human character, not a cartoonish superhero.

    The show focuses on a small group of main characters and it doesn't try to tackle the big issues of the day. Instead, it focuses on a philosophical woman with great physical powers and throws quite of bit of action into the mix. The episodes are by and large self-contained stories. It's not necessary to see every single previous episode to enjoy the current episode.

    Though I'm not tempted to write a treatise at the end of each episode like I am with some other shows, I know one thing. For every episode I've seen (except for the first two), I know that I've enjoyed the story and the characters. I realize that I simply like the show. Sometimes that's enough. At least it should be.

    EDIT-Plot inconsistencies and sloppy directing in some of the final episodes have led me to reconsider my rating for the show. I now rate it a 7.2. (I tried to change the rating associated with this review, but the system wouldn't let me.)
  • Glad it isn't coming back

    This could have been a good show. For the life of me I do not know where it went wrong. Maybe they did not have enough money to make a good show. Maybe they just did not care. I thought the first few episodes were pretty good but it went downhill REAL fast. I like Kristiana Loken, and I do not blame her for the shows demise even though she was listed as an executive producer.

    As hard as they were to watch I actually did watch every episode and even though the season finale did leave a return open, I am glad that the SCI FI channel decided against it.
  • Started off fresh.... Then aggghhhhh!!!

    I must say this this time of year is a bit of a nightmare for me. There are hardly any decent shows on TV and I spend the whole summer waiting for September and the start of all those great shows.

    Well I thought this time there might be something I could watch. Painkiller Jane....

    I must say, I enjoyed the first few episodes and was actulally looking forward the the next weeks new epsisode. Unfortunatly this didn't last and I have found the last 6 or 7 episodes a real bore, the acting has got worse if that is possible. Where did they get those Eastern European accents from??

    All in all, I can't say I'm supprised its been cancelled.
  • Jane falls out of a window but she miraculously wakes up and is healed.

    Jane Vasco was an ordinary woman.When she got a job searching for "Neuros".She falls out of a 45 something story window.BUUT,she wakes up without a scratch on her.She later then finds out she has the ability to heal.Now,she has a team of other people who also look for Neuros.One by one,they go taking them down.Sometimes,things go awkwardly and terribly wrong.Sometims,things go smoothly.Jane tries to go on with her life.Kicking butt and what not.Jane is played by Kristanna Loken.Who was also in Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines.Unfortunately,Painkiller Jane is cancelled and will be airing off after the last episode.It was good while it lasted though.And it really kept me entertained.
  • Lokken can act, was watch-able, but the supposed "Ensemble" rest-of-the-cast wasn't, basically flawed writing. Comic characters, inherently simplistic (won't do for winning a tv audience) need writers with enough seasoned talent to develop an entire cast.

    Every character in the ensemble needed believable motivation for their actions. Also, real people never have just one reason for doing something, although there is a major reason. I needed to see more complexity in characters...not just bad guys and good guys. Seems like actors HAD to get lazy and say "Well, I'm not a good guy, anyway." I am an action movie fan, yet the good ones have basic elements of literature in the script/plot. I don't expect the writers to produce Shakespeare every week, but I've changed channels every time I didn't see Enough likable characters to make it bearable. I needed to see typical human relationships, motives, and feelings behind those characters--and I do mean most of the regulars.
  • Jane kicks butt!

    The show is really action filled with some angst to the side as Jane is or was a former DEA agent. Who can't die and has very strong powers. She is recruited by a secret government agency who takes care of bad people that has her powers. Kristen Locke is suited for Jane. With Rob Stewart and Noah Danby as supporting back-ups for her!
  • Still sucks so much,it should be sent to flooded countries to help drain off the excess water.Although saying that,i wouldn't wish this show on my worst enemy...maybe send it to France...they'd probably find Loken's stroke sufferer facial expression sexy!

    I'm sorry,but you can blame the ridiculously poor and clichéd scripts as much as you like (loved the slight lesbian undercurrent that the writers tried to crowbar into the second episode to try and make the show a bit sexier...but can you make a rotting sheep carcass sexier by insinuating that it was a lesbian?) or you can blame the quite abysmal can,because you'd be right on either reason but the most standout thing for me is Loken,as this woman really couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag and as she really has one facial expression (stunned possum) she really isn't that attractive either...i'd suggest going back to modelling asap,and leaving the acting gig to people who can act better than that sheep carcass that i mentioned earlier.
  • A strange show that is sometimes good, sometimes decidedly bad, but overall watchable.

    If this show continues the way it's been going, then it's going to be a definite grower.

    The cast is generally strong, especially now that the old train engineer has all but vanished, the central cast bouncing off of each other really well.

    Kristianna is what she is, a pretty actress, not overly talented, not horrible in roles, but she plays the part of Jane really well.

    The surrounding cast, with Rob Stewart especially, tend to be good foils for each other, with Noah Danby's letching being more funny than serious.

    Watchable, but not a "must see".
  • This has got to be one of the best shows ive seen in awhile. You keep thinking that the next episodes couldnt possibly be as interesting because the theme of chipping neuros can only go for so wrong. But then you watch the new episodes and i was amazed!

    EVERY EPISODE of this show has been interesting, exciting, fun, and dramatic. The actors really work well together and contrast each other so well. My favourite of the group are Riley and Jane. Theres just something about those two (they are sooo hot!!) :) The show has worked really hard at keeping the show update with current times (references etc.) and it does work. It makes the whole concept of the show seem so believable and more realistic!
    Its a great show that combines the genres of sci-fi, drama, comedic, and action.

    This show is amazing and everyone should watch at least one episode before you diss it because there is nothing like else on TV that even compares to PAINKILLER JANE!

    later :)
  • Jane Vasco was an ordinary person until her new occupation.

    My doctor's always told me to work through the pain, I guess you have to watch this show to truly understand it.

    Jane Vasco was just another ordinary person trying to make her way through the world before she got a top secret government job that not only has weird hours but has particularly bad occupation hazards. As Jane starts on her first assignment, she really does have the worst day: falling out a window from quite a few stories up. She wakes up to find out that she has amazing healing powers. She can take bullets, lasers, knife wounds and whatever else the neuros can throw (or shoot) at her.

    The show may not have oscar worthy acting or intricate storylines that make you scream, but it does have the perfect amount of freak capabilities for the SciFi channel and you can always count on getting some entertaining action. Thats all we can hope for right? An hour of entertainment.
  • Impressive show, but they can do better than this...

    Based on a comic, the show deals about a woman called Jane (hence the name of the show) who has an impressive power which enables her to heal from (almost?) any wound.

    Although the story is great, special effects seem sometimes a bit old fashioned (yes, we are spoiled with those big-budget sci-fi movies). The story is that Jane joins a group, unwillingly, who hunts down so-called “neuros” (neurological aberrant), which are human mutants with special powers. The story-plot reminds me of that of Witch Hunter Robin, where a craft user call Robin helps a group hunting down witches. Can you see the similarity? Not that is negative thing: Witch Hunter Robin is a nice anime show.

    Conclusion: nice show but they still have a long way to go. Go Jane! ;-)

    “She's hard to resist, and harder to kill.”
  • Not a favourite!

    I think this show is probably thankful to have Kristanna Loken in it(the only reason I watch it) or doubtful it would have even gotten this far. I think it looks like they spend a lot of money on each show when they should have had better actors. Im not even sure that could carry this show though. The acting is dreadful and the stories are just BLAH! If this gets picked up for another season its a shameful waste of money. Believe me I watch some shows that other people just think are silly, but never one more silly and unbelieveable as this. I hope Kristanna didnt leave The L Word for this coz if she did, she made a HUGE mistake!
  • Kristanna Loken, as Jane Vasko

    starts out as a typical TV DEA agent: ridiculously hot and unnaturally observant. After being approached by a secret organization that resembles the Men in Black, Vasko finds herself hunting a species known as the "Neuros," genetic aberrations that have infiltrated the population. On the downside, Painkiller Jane possesses a superhero power that sucks the tension straight out of the show. As we know, invincibility isn't a new concept, but for Painkiller Jane, there's a twist. Sure, we know Jane won't bite it in the end, but that doesn't mean she can't feel pain, especially when she breaks every bone in her body at once or when she tastes the searing kiss of hot lead as it ravages her body. What works for Painkiller Jane is its format. There's a flimsy season-long plot of "What makes Painkiller Jane invincible," but each episode is self-contained, much like CSI and other mainstream shows. The show's target audience will eventually discover Jane after two solid hours of Stargate since both shows serve as the lead-ins to SCI FI's newest butt-kicking babe. For those looking for a new original show to watch, the presence of the sizzling-hot Kristanna Loken and the one-off approach will undoubtedly help lure new recruits to the cause. We all know that Kristanna Loken comes with serious acting chops after her frigid, impressively emotionless performance in Terminator 3 and her vengeful role in BloodRayne. But while BloodRayne suffered at the hands of Uwe Boll, Painkiller Jane is mired in clunky dialogue and inconsistent plot development.
  • Painkiller jane is a great Marvel character , the TV show? Not so great!!! It looks like it's being filmed with the same budget they had on "La Femme Nikita" and the same special effects crew than "Mutant X".

    Painkiller jane is a great Marvel character with a huge potential. Something of a female Wolverine with her healing factor and her bad attitude. The TV show? Not so great!!! In fact it's terrible!!! It looks like it's being filmed with the same budget they had on "La Femme Nikita" and the same special effects crew than "Mutant X".
    Fortunately for the genre, the new Bionic Woman is coming this september and from the preview that circulates on the net, it looks way more promising that Pain(killer they say) Jane!!!
  • Painkiller Jane is a new show that has been added to the Friday night lineup on the Sci-Fi channel. It comes on at 9:00 pm (central standard time).

    Painkiller Jane has a promising premise about
    a woman who bascially "cannot die".
    She's fallen off an upper floor of a hi-rise building,
    she's been shot repeatedly at point blank range, she's had a laser criss-cross her back, etc. -
    only to get up and walk away unscathed.
    Jane has joined an elite group of a covert government
    team who are attempting to track down "neuros".
    The members of the team are Andre, the leader,
    Connor, the mercenary strong-man type, Riley the computer
    whiz, the doctor, and Jane's partner Maureen (Mo).
    So far, after a few episodes, I really like this show.
    It is going to make the summer repeat doldrums much
    more bearable.
  • Not that bad

    Well, shows end or seasons end and you have to figure out how to fill the gaps. As i watch lots of shows, this one could fill one of the gaps.

    The plot seems to be original, and i like the technological things, and the action of it. It's not like those shows that build up the suspense for like 35 minutes, and all wrap it up in say 5 minutes.

    Painkiller Jane luckily isn't one of those.

    For those who like to see something new out there, PKJ is a nice midseason show.

    I like it, and in my opinion that's all what matters.
  • Emanuelle Vaugier was much better in the mini-series than the T3 girl...

    Very disappointed by the acting of the one replacing Emmanuelle Vaugier. Why that choice, why not keep Emmanuelle.
    I do not think the series will last long, a shame really for the mini-series not to be allowed to blossom to its potential.
    Emmanuelle has more sensuality and presence than Kristanna Loken, and besides when you change actors like that for the same character feels like cheating, so it will take to acclimatise to the new one.
    I watched two episodes so far of the new series, and I don't feel compelled to carry on...
    On the other hand I am planning to re-watch the original Pain Killer Jane (2005) because it was pretty good.
  • It's bad, it's really bad!

    I am an incredibly tolerant person, especially when it comes to my favorite genre, sci-fi. But the show in question is so bad that I suffered every minute I spent watching it. Painkiller Jane, it's either got an ensamble of some horrible actors, or the directors put absolutely no effort into directing. Or both !

    The idea is good, but the way the lead actress portrays Jane is awful, she makes me really dislike the character. Only facade, trying to be tough but obviously failing miserably. Storylines are also bad, the idea behind the first couple of eps was alright, but the way the story was told was awful and the acting just as bad. When it came to the third episode the story was crap, the acting was crap and the main focus was crap. Like it'd make sense to sacrifice ones life for somebody elses memories. Just because they work together. Of course she didn't die, but she didn't know she'd survive.

    Painkiller Jane is painful to watch for me and I literally flinched when something was absurd, and that was quite often. And judging by the eps I've seen, it isn't getting any better. Stay away from Painkiller Jane!
    Make room for good sci-fi !
  • I thought the premise was interesting and decided to watch the show. SHOULDN'T have!! Every Neuro needs a chip=everyone with any kind of mental ability that is out of the ordinary is bad. They must be chipped!! HORRIBLE!!!

    I thought the premise was interesting and decided to watch the show. SHOULDN'T have!! Every Neuro needs a chip=everyone with any kind of mental ability that is out of the ordinary is bad. They must be chipped!! HORRIBLE!!!

    I actually did try to find some good qualities to this show. I didn't hold Terminator 3 against Kristina Locken. Have even managed to block ever watching that movie from my mind. I think she should move to strike that from her resume. Anyway. I only found ONE good quality from this show. The music (hence the rating of 1 and not 0). I especially enjoyed the music they played throughout episode 4, Catch Me If You Can. Anyone know who the artist is and the name of the piece, please?!?!

    I ranted more cleary about my thoughts on this show on episode 4, so look there if you want more coherent information.
  • And I mean a lot of fine-tuning...

    This is one of those shows that makes your toes curl.
    Why? Ask yourself why NOT and I bet you can come up with nothing. Bad acting, infantile storyline, cliche conversation, cranky scenery, idiotic technology, you name it, it's all there.
    I watched all episodes so far so I know that and I wonder why they didn't pull the plug yet. Are they preying on fools like me who linger on against all odds?
    I think a show must have at least one bad aspect, it can't be perfect, impossible, but this...
    I like to see Khristanna Loken but she can't be the reason to hang on, is it? It is ludicrous to think that one person can save a show. Yet they repeat that recipe over and over again and fail almost as many times.
    One positive point though, it reminds me of the computer games from back in the early 90's, that dark atmosphere, dim lighting (so you can hardly see what's going on), badies jumping at you from every shadow and corner, but that can't be the reason I'm still watching? Jeez, I must be mad...
  • Kristana Loken...GIVE IT UP! You can't act, you look hot (your not even that hot anymore since Terminator 3), but you can't act.

    Painkiller Jane is a lame attempt from Sci-fi for a great action series, but they seriously need to stop trying, the big studios have you beat with shows like Heroes, Prisonbreak, and Smallville. Stick with shows you know can work for you network like Eureka (Now that is a damn good show). If you are curious about this show, don't waste your precious time, you would be better off watching you least favorite show ever. Seriously, go outside and be with the outside people. Don't watch Painkiller Jane...I repeat...dont' watch Painkiller Jane. You will regret it for the rest of your life...seriously.
  • Painkiller Jane reached new lows with it's third episode on the sci-fi channel.

    With what can only be described as the worst opening set peice in the history of poor quality drama, Painkiller Jane reached new lows with it's third episode on the sci-fi channel.

    I find myself developing an increasing dislike of this show even though the sci-fi geek in me tells me I shouldn't let minor things like poor plot, dismal special effects and headache inducing acting get in the way. After all, I have watched worse shows (season 1 of Highlander comes to mind) and survived to tell the tale. The thing is, the producers of the show define it as quality entertainment and market it to viewers as such. Liars. Big fat ones at that.

    What we have is a low budget, low quality show that has ideas way above it's station. With serious dellusions of grandeur, it has blagged it's way onto primetime sci-fi tv. With the smoke just clearing from it's pilot episode, it would seem the producers are hoping viewers will fail to recognise it for the tv-trash that it is until it's too late. Well.... guess again. Don't just take my word for it.

    Anyone fancy starting a petition to the Sci-fi channel for the removal of Painkiller Jane? I've started one here:
  • Comicbook-style story about a former D.E.A agent named Jane who finds out that she is invincible but can still feel the pain. As she fights to take down Neuro's, she learns of her connection to the Vonotek, the "Emerald City" and discovers her past.

    For a tv show on Sci Fi, this show rocks. It's too comic book like to be on prime time TV on the major networks. But any comic book story such as this would not be very attention grabbing for busy people hooked on drama. But if you like Marvel or DC comic Movies like Spiderman, the Avengers, or X-Men, you will love this Dynamics Entertainment production of Painkiller Jane. BTW, Kristana Loken is hot!!!!!!!!!
  • Painkiller Jane is based on a superhero comic book that depicts a young woman, who finds out a secret about herself.

    Painkiller Jane is a show about a woman who discovers that she has a special ability, which is that she is the ability to accelerate healing from an injury. Jane Vasco, who is played by Kristanna Loken, was a major DEA agent until she is noticed and recruited by a secret and black ops government agency that pursues and locates individuals, who are genetically enhanced, called ‘Neuros.’ The show has interesting colors integrated into the show with the green, grey or blue tint put into almost every scene. Overall, the show has great potential on a cable channel because cable channels seem to not cancel or hang on to their original series more than network channels. Overall, the acting is pretty good, the directing seems pretty descent, but the writing at times seems a little strange. Overall, it is a descent show.
  • Not original, not cool, not...

    It's become a habit at this point for SciFi Channel to produce awful shows.

    Even with the great Eureka making the sole exception, one at this point equated SciFi Series with poor film-making and acting.

    Painkiller Jane does not disappoint those low expectations.

    Kristana Loken is the best actress of a group of actors that must have been cast from Amateur Hour at the local theater, which is to say that she rises to the level of being merely inadequate and uninspired.

    Worse, the "filmmaking" is up (or is it down) to SciFi's exceedingly low standards set by the awful Battlestar Galacitica (aka Shakystar Crapotica for those in the know). The camera just shakes meaninglessly for an hour in what apparently passes for direction with SciFi Channel executives.

    The photography is really awful and not something you'd want to see again.

    Overall, another must-miss for a channel that is has been wasting precious resources in badly-made shows nobody wants to see for the past few years.

    Very sad.
  • heroes - wow lost - cool supernatural - i like it Painkiller jane - one sci fi franchise attempt too far!!

    this is terrible, im a real geek and i love this genre all of it as much as i can squeeze into my eye lids but painkiller jane has taken what i love and made it cheap and nasty proving that you can have too much of the same thing. The main actress, terminator whats her face is weak and wayyy too inhuman for me to care about the support characters are so 2D that they fall over in the wind or in that face of a real plot line and one tiny thing whats with the heroes esq doctor. if you were to shove every sci fi into a cement mixer and pulverize any creativity and leave in the sun to dry this is what would become of it!!

    This is the side effect of the growing popularity of comic book success a side affect that should be treat quickly and severely to stop other studios treating comic books as there new cash cows Ps. its also a bit 80's but thats a personal opinion.
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