Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 12

Something Nasty in the Neighborhood

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2007 on Syfy

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  • When one team member dies, what's next? Confusion for the team, feelings of guilt, accusations, bind together, cope and go on, new team member, I guess we'll find out.

    In this episode we all knew someone was supposed to die, and as for me, my thoughts were between Connor and Maureen. First of all, Connor, because of the recent development of a possible romantic interest that has been rising between Jane and Connor. Then there was Maureen, because she seemed like the weakest link of all the team. She would be the easiest one to let go of as far as the working team goes, but not in friendship. Everyone else has very strong strengths that are needed for the team to remain strong, but Maureen could not only be replaced if another team member is needed, but they could possibly find someone with stronger strengths that is necessary for the team. I was disappointed in the way that Connor was used to help murder Maureen even if he was under the influence of a Neuro. Plus I had hoped that Jane had moved much quicker to try to save Maureen when she had arrived at the building where Maureen was about to be murdered in. This will be very difficult for both Jane and Connor to deal with in the future and maybe some of the other team members. Overall this was a great episode, even if it was a very sad one as well. After all, it’s “Painkiller Jane”.
  • The murder of an FBI agent along with other evidence points to the group to think a Neuro is in the way.

    Hmmmm very boring and sadly not a well executed episode.

    "A neuron that wants to keep things neat and tidy".... "and kill to keep it that way."

    This show has had it's share of problems, the choreography on this needs work, the writing is average with many cliches that people have seen before and the lack of action combined with over use narratives by the main character can make episodes like this hard to sit through.

    Anyways, we see an agent killed by a woman possibly have been influenced by a Neuron (thanks to an ultra sonic frequency courtessy of "Community Channel").

    The group sends in Vasco and another teammate to investigate but they also become influenced by the Nueron signal. For a group that is supposed to be undercover and the best they really looked like idiots here....and the best example of that is what happens to one of the characters in the end.

    Not that I mind that they killed of who they killed of because they weren't important to the show really. Still this episode could've have had more action for a scope of a situation where a whole community is being influenced by a neuron signal. The execution was sloppy at best and I think it was a storyline that was wasted here.

    I like other episodes in the series but not this one. It was average at best and shows a lot of weaknesses for the show that needs improvement.
  • "Stepford-wives" like episode in which a main character dies. Jane and Connor pretend to be a married couple.

    1. Jane and Connor have absolutely NO CHEMISTRY, and this episode really proved it. 2. Even though I was horribly distraught that they actually killed off Maureen, I have to admit that Kristin
    did a superb job of acting during the death scene.
    My gripe is that it did not make any sense.
    At the end when Jane came running up to tell Andre
    she knew what was going on, why did she just sit there
    instead of running in immediately to back up Maureen. She
    waited till Maureen was shot to run in!!!
    What's up with that --- very poor writing guys.
    I gave it a 9 rating because I thought the acting
    was great from Kristin, and I really liked it when
    she blew away the neuro to obviously avenge Mo.
  • An abysmal episode where we say goodbye to a team member.

    Conner and Jane are sent to investigate a small town in which everyone seems perfect. A few people are missing and a government agent is murdered, which triggers the team to investigate the situation. This episode was not one of the best written episodes, but it was quite entertaining. When Jane and Conner are influenced by the television station, we see a whole different type of Jane and Conner, but since Jane heals fast, she realizes what has happened. Conner ends up turning on his team because he's influenced by the neuro signal, and this unknowingly leads to the death of Maureen. Some of the acting was not up to par in this episode and many of the situations were quite cliche. Let's hope that the next few episodes are more entertaining.