Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 16

Thanks for the Memories

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I feel betrayed. How could they do this to me in the first season? Not only have they duped us with a flashback episode, they've also done it really really badly, possibly the worst I've ever seen.

    It all started well enough. Jane turns up at home to find her boyfriend doesn't know who she is, then goes to work and discoveres it doesn't exist and all of her team, bar one, are dead. "Great" i thought, let's see how she gets her 'i'm soooo indestructable but vulnerable' ass out of this one. Then from no where she decides that instead of going after the one member of her team that possibly remains alive she'd write a diary of all the ups-and-downs of the last 15 epsiodes. Huh?? All the way through this mess i'm thinking, "it's ok, it'll get better soon, you've stuck with it this far, it can't be too bad." Then comes the hammer blow, it's all a dream. AARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH. How could they? Why would they? What possible reason would they have to do this? I've defended this show to the harshest of critics. "Just give it time, it's getting better" i've said to my friends, who then all turn and laugh at me with one giant howl. Well, after this epsiode i'm afraid the defending is over, not even God can save this show. It's not been all bad though, there has been some diamond epsiodes along the way. But if you're coming up with this, now, then I'm afraid the writing's on the wall. Before I go can anyone please tell me why a supposed hard as nails undercover neuro fighting government agent feels the need to hug her colleagues so much? Answers on a postcard.
  • Jane discovers Joe's memory was swiped along with her boyfriend. The entire team is dead and she seeks out Simon for help.

    I thought the episode was done perfectly. The show isn't filled with the best actors but they do improve and did improve through the course of the season, the clips from this show definitely show that. I like the way they did a dream sequence, which shows you exactly how she sees things personally even though she doesn't express them verbally. Many said that it seems she forgot what she learned from Simon, but Simon was a figment of her imagination and it doesn't seem like she forgot anything at all. She continues to have her doubts, but she does her job because she is committed to it. I also found it interesting that the person going after her at the end was her boyfriend, showing that she doesn't trust him completely either, which does go back to the previous episode where she lied to him about the paper work. The twist at the end was good too, she is relieved it was all a dream when she met up with him, but then she stairs at the object belonging to his niece. Could her dream be some kind of forshadowing. I am interested in finding out.
    One last comment on the episode, if you look at the episode as a whole you can tell it is a dream if you ignore the opening monologue she always gives. From there on in there are indicationsthat it isn't a dream though it feels like it is real time. For example two people lose their memories and she goes to seek guidence from the one nuero she knows can do that? There has never been more than one neuro per power, why would there be now? To me it would seem more logical to go question him then to give him her life story, which again shows that deep down inside she feels the team is doing the right thing even though she isn't sure all of the time.
  • Jane look back at her past to understand her meaning to the team.

    Yes, sometimes it's not fun watching episode that you already saw before, but it's important for the fan to understand the meaning of the series. Yet, more episodes are coming soon and I hope it will intrigue us as much as the first episode of this new serie. I am enjoying this show and hope the best is to come. The team is compose with different people and knowledges, Jane as the main character so she can't die, while her friend are more likely to die. Her mission is to help her teammates anyway she can, so far one member of the team die. Let's hope they'll be able to solve many more case before anyone else die.

  • Stupid ep, painfull to watch. There is no excuse for doing a flashback ep in the middle of season 1.

    As I was watching Jane trying to pass on her expiriences to the same neuro we've met before, I kept thinking "why?". Flashback episodes are usually done to save budget on expensive shows, but one could easily achieve this goal by doing a quiet "at home" episode without cut scenes from previous eps. If one just has to do something like that, it's best if there are enough previous episodes to draw from. In this case, after only 16 episodes, a flashback episode is unnecessary. To combine it all with a dreme sequence, without any indication that it might be some sort of vision or premonition, is just too much. The whole episode is pointless, with nothing contributing to the general plot of the series, with no character development and in short - nothing good.
    Avoid at all costs.
  • Well, for a moment there I actually thought Simon could be the moral compass that awakens Jane's conscience.

    But instead the moment she wakes up from the dream sequence (if that is what it really was) she stops questioning everything again.
    So, nothing has changed (except the level of my frustration) and the episode was just a jumbled repeat of old scenes from previous episodes without bringing us any farther with regards to the real issues that were mentioned during her 'dreams' and then ignored.
    Like, what happens to these people at Nico. Why do they ship people off there even if they committed no crimes or were just neurotic teenagers. How come, Jane has a jump jail free card if she is a Neuro too, and why does nobody in this team of supposedly highly intelligent people ask any of these questions?
    The holes in this show are wider than the Grand Canyon. I think it is a real shame to let the potential of the show go to waste this way.
  • Basically a clip show, but done in a good way.

    We look back at Jane's moments with the Neuro Team. Simon, the only unchipped Neuro, helps document Jane's experiences through reading her mind. When Jane starts having bizarre experiences, starting with her boyfriend being married and having another family, then her team being killed off one-by-one to cover up government activities, she goes to Simon (from episode 3- and ) in order to make a safe record of not only Neuro activity, but also to document the good that her team has done. We see she and Mo's first assignment, the first time Jane heals, almost all of the Neuros that have appeared on the show, and recent events that have led to new team dynamics.