Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 15

The Healer

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Am I the only one who thinks someone on this team should attend ethics class?

    Excuse me, but apart from violating every law in the book, by now the team has encountered a sufficient amount of 'Neuros' (one of them a member of their own team) to confront the fact that these so called 'Neuros' are not anymore inherently evil than the next person.

    Obviously they can understand the difference between right and wrong. And some as obviously have chosen to use their 'gift' for good. Case in point this healer guy. (And again Jane if in a more violent way.)

    So, maybe seeing how this mutation can so easily be misused even if inadvertently or unintentionally, I can see how they would still 'chip' these people. Though even this seems to be morally questionable. But never mind.
    My point is, they then also cart them off to some hidden government facility where who knows what is done to them.
    Hello??? Talk about unethical! Okay, some of these guys were definite sleazeballs but this healer for instance, or even the guy who gave super abilities to people, did they deserve to rot away in some cell or be experimented on? No, I don't think so.
    And even the sleazeballs. Come on, did any off them actually become a 'Neuro' intentionally? No. They used their powers for criminal purposes just like any other slimeball who commits a crime like theirs uses whatever abilities or skills they have. Those 'Neuros' who are criminal. Okay, send them to prison. Those who aren't, let them live their lives such as it can be once they are chipped. Why do they get treated as subhuman? And the team? By now they have had all these experiences, they have Jane as an example and still they do their job, no questions asked? They conveniently forget about what happens to these guys once they have gone away in those high security vans?

    I find this deeply disturbing and cannot see how this is anything but unlawful, unethical and to tell you the truth, stupid!
  • Really good storyline as we get a sort of plot twist in this one.

    This episode started out right to the point as the team stopped a bank robbery before happening. What's odd is that on their way back, the van they are riding in suddenly breaks down. More things ensue and we eventually find out that Jane is becoming a threat to the team. By far, this episode is one of the better episodes of the season and its great to see some really good writing on this series. Great plot twist in the end kept me on the edge of my seat basically. The only thing the writers could possibly work on is having Jane's boyfriend have a bigger role in the episodes. But who knows, he might be a neuro in the season finale! We'll just have to see...