Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 2

Toy Soldiers

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Syfy

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  • An army of undead soldiers?

    One of the things I love about sci-fi shows is that they can take the tv watcher just about anywhere. This episode is no exception as the writers have us delving into undead territory. What we have is a neuro that can re-animate corpses and is doing so to create his very own life war game. The plotline was very interesting on this one, and I thought it was well done. The characters are growing, and we see Jane learning more about her super-human healing powers. Although, the good Doctor can't figure out why she has this inate ability. It'll will certainly be fun watching her figure things out ... and of course, she'll get plenty banged up for her trouble.
  • Getting there!

    The show is slowly but surely getting there as the
    Team is forced into high security mode and doing it
    Very quick. Before a presidential visit to their town as stockpiles are coming. Meanwhile, Jane must come to grips with who she is and who she is working for. While meeting a neighbor who may have a gift like she does. But only different.
  • BOOM! Wow! Check out the giant HOLES in the PLOT!

    Dead guy attacks military base, rolls under garage door and "disappears". Supersecret task force has tape of "dead guy" lying dead and getting up, but no further camera work to see where he went!? Do munitions bases have only one camera, strategically set up to view only the entrance to the garage? LOL

    I love comic books, but this is ridiculous. Is this anything like the books? I've never been a fan of Joe Quesada anyway, but I suspect that Frank Miller isn't curled up in a ball worrying about his competition these days lol...

    Oh well, another comic book adaptation down the tubes. "Captain America" TV movie, anyone?
  • A number of military storehouses are compromised by individuals who don't die. As a presidential visit is scheduled in a few days, the ops team are concerned that an assassination attempt may be forthcoming. Jane does not agree with this assessment.

    I watched this episode and still have to give the series a few more miles on it before I consider it worthy or not. Character development is still in play here. We are introduced to Jane's neighbor who seems to have a mysterious quality about her. Whether she plays any significance in the up coming episodes is unknown. Maybe she's a Neuro or has some other special quality that the team can utilize or maybe we'll never see her again. I guess it's up to the ratings or should I say the network execs as to if this show will even play out. Anyway I found this episode to be somewhat interesting with a twist ending that had nothing to do with a presidential assassination attempt, and more to do with the human qualities in life. In any event it's cool Friday night diversion.
  • this series has more problems than can be solved

    oke first the simple part

    this episode deals with a neuro that can reanimate the dead, which then steal lost of heavy weapons etc. Backstory jane is not dealing with her abilities very well

    now for the serious stuff

    i watched this episode thinking that there might be redemption from the pilot. The simple fact is that there is none, the actors do not deserve the term, loken is well hot but that is way to little to save the series. The others are worse, danby plays a big guy with no brains (and does it well making him boring)

    rob stewart is about as good actor as rod stewart, only 1 expresion, and the dialog between him and loken is without anything that would indicate a connection, it just words on a page.

    the edit is crude and hurried, the effects cheap and the scripts are lame and lack depth

    conclusion, lets organize a funeral for this corpse
  • "Like the lady said: 'Off to the side'" Remember all those cliche one liners you loved in the last episode? Well, they're back, and more abundant than ever in this episode, except this time, I couldn't watch it to the end.

    Right Painkiller Jane, I'm done with you. That episode had even worse acting than the previous, and just a tad more on the somewhat noir voice over attempts.
    Please, Sci fi channel, kill this mistake of a tv show. I'm disinterested in the 'hardcore hacker', and I'm finding the whole power swap between Loken and the boss baseless and, here's that word again: Cliche.
    Now, I'm going to review this episode even though I turned it off half way. You guys can dispute this choice if you like, but if a show is going to faceplant itself into the ground with such gusto, I don't think it deserves a full episode review.

    Goodbye Painkiller Jane. Lucky Heroes is back on Monday.

    Half episode review score = 3, because the dame from Sin City was in it (I think - Was it Becky?)