Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 9

Trial by Fire

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Trail by Fire is a Connor-based storyline that reveals some, but not enough of his past as he faces arson charges for crimes commited by a neuro.

    The problem with working for a secret government agency that hunts down mutants that "don't exist" is that YOU don't exist. So if you get yourself in some pubicly-aired trouble, you're on your own. This was a good episode for developing Connor's character and his relationships with the other team members. Andre McBride proves himself to be a great boss as he stands up to "the man" to do everything he can to free Connor from the false arson charges. But the writers taunt the audiences by once again letting us know Connor was a cop that went to jail. We get to meet his old cell-buddy who is an arsonist, but we still don't know why Connor went to jail. Although it's a great episode, the very public loose-ends feel like sloppy writing, so I can't give it a "superb" rating. They make a big deal about Connor being caught on TV leaving the crime scene, but never address the issues around Jane getting shot in the courtroom in front of dozens of witnesses, which had to include reporters; fires sudddenly bursting out in court with no apparent cause; and then, in the end, Connor goes back to his secret ops job, even though his face has been all over TV on one of the hottest news stories of the year -- isn't it hard to work undercover when you're a celebrity?
  • Connor's was tested, tried but not found guilty.

    This episode was focused on Connor, his past and his present. Throughout the series, as of so far, Connor has been a man who seems to really care about his team but seems to hide behind a past hidden life. We have seen it in his joking attitude especially toward the female partners of the team and in his mannerism of how he handles work. And we learned just a little more about him in this episode, but all in all it was a great episode about a team that stands behind each and every member of the team and no matter what, believes in each other. To do the type of job they do that is what counts.
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