Pair of Kings

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Pair of Kings

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While living life like regular teenagers, Brady and Boomer find out that they are successors to the throne of The Island of Kinkou. Brady and Boomer now have to uproot their lives and fulfill their royal duties.

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AIRED ON 7/9/2012

Season 4 : Episode 23

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  • i need more

    I hope that make a season 4!!!!! I need it


    I am a 12 year old boy and I loved the show, it sucks it ended. It made me laugh the whole time and by my opinion the actors weren't bad.
  • Glad it Ended...

    I watched ONE episode of this, and I new it was freaking ***ed like most shows on Disney XD. Horrible acting and bad jokes. I didn't even smile one time. Pretty sure it ending was a good thing.
  • I did`nt click with this show

    The show is rarly funny, the characters are not my exact type and I really cant stand some of the episodes plots. Glad it might end soon.
  • i luv pair of kings

    STOP STOP STOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY REASON WHY HES NOT MAKING SEASON 4 CUZ U GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT HOW LAME THE THE SHOW WITHOUT BRADY I MEAN I LIKE BRADY TOO IF U STOP COMPLAINING THEY CAN MAKE SEASON 4 AND MIGHT GET MITCHELL ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE ON THE SHOW IDC IF BRADYS ON OR NOT I LIKE THE SHOW SO RATE TO AT LEAST TO 7 STOP BEING SO SELFFISH ABOUT AND THE PPL THT IS GIVING US LOW RATES DO MAKE HIGH RATES FOR THE TEENAGERS AND THE KIDS U GROWNUPS MAY NOT LIKE IT BUT WE DO SO DAN PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO THEM DO IT FOR THE TEENAGERS THT LOVE THE SHOW LIKE SHOWLIKE ME I MISS BRADY BUT IT AINT THT SERIOUS I have an idea for the show Dan Cross Boomer tell Boz all about his awesome swagggy cousin who is a teenage boy whos 14 years but the boy is just like lanny but boomer and brady didn't know tht he was trying to ruin there lives as well and the 14 year old boy work with lanny to ruin the kings lives but it still doesn't work and the 14 year old teenager live in lanada with lanny to figure out plans but mikayla already know about lanny but she cant tell she doing him a favor so shes trying to stop those to for destroying king boomer and boz cuz thts her job to protect the kings and the 14 year old boy can be on the whole season 4 with lanny or if ur not making season 4 please make a movie and let me be in it im 14 and it will be a dream come true to be on pair of kings so u guys tht are hating on the (pretty lame onlya little funny,very corny but I like the season 1 episode, the trouble with doubles,stupid eh it not funny,its to cheezy for me pair of kings sucks now with king boz,i hate it a lot,pair of kings,pair of losers,pair of ki -turn of the tv) the show is not meant for u grown ups its meant for kids and teenagers so u grown ups shouldn't be watching to the show u should be finding a jobmoreless

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