Pair of Kings

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  • I am tired of this show

    I'm glad it's being taken of December 25, 2016.

    Once Brandy & Mr. Whiskers was taken off I had to be stuck with this show.
  • i need more

    I hope that make a season 4!!!!! I need it


    I am a 12 year old boy and I loved the show, it sucks it ended. It made me laugh the whole time and by my opinion the actors weren't bad.
  • Glad it Ended...

    I watched ONE episode of this, and I new it was freaking ***ed like most shows on Disney XD. Horrible acting and bad jokes. I didn't even smile one time. Pretty sure it ending was a good thing.
  • I did`nt click with this show

    The show is rarly funny, the characters are not my exact type and I really cant stand some of the episodes plots. Glad it might end soon.
  • i luv pair of kings

    STOP STOP STOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY REASON WHY HES NOT MAKING SEASON 4 CUZ U GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT HOW LAME THE THE SHOW WITHOUT BRADY I MEAN I LIKE BRADY TOO IF U STOP COMPLAINING THEY CAN MAKE SEASON 4 AND MIGHT GET MITCHELL ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE ON THE SHOW IDC IF BRADYS ON OR NOT I LIKE THE SHOW SO RATE TO AT LEAST TO 7 STOP BEING SO SELFFISH ABOUT AND THE PPL THT IS GIVING US LOW RATES DO MAKE HIGH RATES FOR THE TEENAGERS AND THE KIDS U GROWNUPS MAY NOT LIKE IT BUT WE DO SO DAN PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO THEM DO IT FOR THE TEENAGERS THT LOVE THE SHOW LIKE SHOWLIKE ME I MISS BRADY BUT IT AINT THT SERIOUS I have an idea for the show Dan Cross Boomer tell Boz all about his awesome swagggy cousin who is a teenage boy whos 14 years but the boy is just like lanny but boomer and brady didn't know tht he was trying to ruin there lives as well and the 14 year old boy work with lanny to ruin the kings lives but it still doesn't work and the 14 year old teenager live in lanada with lanny to figure out plans but mikayla already know about lanny but she cant tell she doing him a favor so shes trying to stop those to for destroying king boomer and boz cuz thts her job to protect the kings and the 14 year old boy can be on the whole season 4 with lanny or if ur not making season 4 please make a movie and let me be in it im 14 and it will be a dream come true to be on pair of kings so u guys tht are hating on the (pretty lame onlya little funny,very corny but I like the season 1 episode, the trouble with doubles,stupid eh it not funny,its to cheezy for me pair of kings sucks now with king boz,i hate it a lot,pair of kings,pair of losers,pair of ki -turn of the tv) the show is not meant for u grown ups its meant for kids and teenagers so u grown ups shouldn't be watching to the show u should be finding a job
  • Pretty Lame, Only a little funny.

    I wake up outta bed to see this and nearly fall asleep again half the time.
  • Thanks a lot you haters

    Don't make bad reviews just because Brady (Mitchell musso) isn't in it anymore, they were going to bring him back in the 4th season but because of some of you people made bad reviews. Now he won't come back because the show is over. This was a really great show and it was extremely funny. My parents even laughed when they watched it
  • Very corny, but I liked the Season 1 episode, "The Trouble With Doubles"

    The episode where Brady and Boomer made clones of themselves. That was a good episode but other than that, I didn't really care for this show that much.
  • Its Ok!

    I have nothing against this show! This is one of the only shows I can laugh at! Loveable charecters, good, interesting plots, lovely sets. The only thing I would change is Boomer and Brady's attitude. At the end of almost every episode, they learn a lesson, but then forget it in the next. It might be time for them to grow up, but not to much, because I love their childish antics!
  • Stupid

    I love pair of kings but they had to kill it, I mean if Adam hicks was never in the show then it will be at least better than now I miss Mitchell muss he is better than anyone in the show man I miss the show extremely .
  • Eh, it's not funny.

    It's really annoying. I can't stand it.

    And no, I'm not one of those "Watch one episode then get on here and bash" people. Every time I post a negative review, I have a good reason to do it. This show is just kinda stupid.
  • It's a bit too cheesy for me...

    I dunno.. the whole thing seems so lame. The sound effects, the special effects in general and the voice on the commercials drive my insane!
  • Pair of kings sucks now because of king Boz

    Pair of kings sucks now because of king Boz is on there and king Brady is off put Brady (Mitchel) back on and take Boz (Adam) off

    this one of my shows one of my favorite shows but Im not sure sence they mitchel musso was kicked of because he gotta DWI
  • Surprisingly...Not That Bad Actually.

    Ok so at first i just hated this show because NOTHING MAKES SENSE, come on twins? I dont think so and why are these people acting like they live in bamboo huts and acting like they live in such a lost in time place? AND everything just looks so fake. So i was turned off by that at first and thought that this show would be absolutely stupid, but this show has actually started growing on me. I really like that Boomer and Brady act like just normal care free teenage boys. Its just that whenever they say something that is supposed to be funny, i can actually believe that a teenage boy would say that and its just random funny stuff. I think the dialogue is really what saves this show for me and i think that the main characters are fairly good actors. I think that this show has the right kind of cornyness. I just really hope that Adam Hicks makes the show even better cuz i just love that guy.
  • Pair of Kings

    So actually I have never watched this but once, and it's extremely cheesy. The commercials are lame, and they show unrealistic things. I honestly think that Disney XD may be the channel for the worst Disney shows, because I honestly hate that channel and every show on it.
  • I hate it a lot

    Copy of The New Emperor's School, nothing else to say. Oh, yeah, those boys are really awful. :P I wasted my time watching even the commercials.
  • This is a great show on Disney XD, but it's not as good a some other shows.

    Ok Pair of Kings is about two twins (who look nothing alike)) Brady (Mitchell Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw) find out that they're kings of their own island Kinkow and their parents were king and queens. Ok this is a great show but I have some problems. The problems are is sometimes the jokes aren't that good and the monsters or the action scene are a little boring but sometimes really good. OK the characters Brady and boomer are good characters but I like boomer more because Brady sometimes does irritate me when he hits on Mikayla to much. Now Mikayala is really pretty thought but sometimes he hits on her too much and it gets annoying. Mason is an ok character but he's really funny at some points. Lanny is my favorite character, he cracks me up so much. Escpecally when he tries to destroy the kings (but fails) Anyway Pair of Kings is a good show and you should check it out. Now I have to say that Season 1 is a better season because that's when the action scenes were epic and Brady was less annoying. So watch the Season 1 episodes. Its not that Season 2isn't good but Season 1 is just better. Well seriously give this show a chance. The characters are good the storylines are good the action scenes are ok and the humor is ok as well. The storylines are sometimes good sometimes ok but sometimes terrible, mainly in Season 2. Well check it out. I'm sure you'll like it a little. And I'm sure kids will Love it!! 8.5/10.
  • It's a good enough show to watch on Disney XD but it definitely doesn't beat the two hilarious Disney XD shows "I'm In The Band" and "Kickin' It"

    "Pairs of Kings" is a good enough show to watch on Disney XD and that's why I gave it a perfect score. Although, I liked Mitchel Musso a little better as Oliver Oken in "Hannah Montana", he actually does a pretty good job in "Pairs of Kings" as Brady. Doc Show, who had the role of Marcus Little in "The Suite Life On Deck" benefits to being good in this show as well. Of course, every Disney show always manages to have a beautiful girl in the show and Kelsey Chow as Mikaela is the definitely one beautiful girl. I can see why Brady always hits on Mikaela because she is so freakin' pretty. We also have Ryan Ochoa as Linny (who attempts to destroy the kings to he can be king and take their throne) and Gene Segers as Mason (Mikaela's father). Anyways, this show is decent (in other words, good but not great) enough to watch. While the plots lack, they manage to bring some very little humor. The action scenes aren't very epic except for maybe one or two episodes but that's not saying much. Most of the jokes in this show are just so corny. Some of the creatures in this show also look so fake but this is a kid-friendly Disney XD show so I guess they watered it down so kids can enjoy it. Overall, "Pair of Kings" isn't as hilarious or good as "I'm In The Band" or "Kickin' It" but it does have the potential to be a good show (which it is a good show just not the greatest I've seen) and most of the storylines aren't that bad... some of the episodes even make me laugh so hard, I don't know if I recommend this show or not but you should check it out and see what you think of "Pair of Kings". 7/10
  • Pair of LOSERS!

    I have to admit--this show sucks. Why? It's another plot ripped off of hidden-royalty shows. The two main characters are boring, the plots are--*sighs*--stolen off of other plots...and there's no way I can fill up this review without resorting to listing the cliches this dull show relies on. I'm too smart to do that anyway, and you probably know that it consists of "it rips this off" whining that most people do when they review stuff they hate to review. Face it, this show cans, and it never should have seen the light of day. Put Jimmy Two-Shoes on, that's an excellent show.
  • Pair of Kin-- *Turns off TV*

    Ughh... Where do I start. Pair of Kings is about 2 boys who are taken out of school to become kings of a mystical island. It's nowhere near as good as other Disney XD shows like Zeke and Luther or Kick Buttowski. Yamakoshi (Am i saying it right?), the wierd demonic fish, has POOR, poor effects. Couldn't they have used something better than a freaking puppet? I mean it looks fake, even in a still picture. Also, the costumes for mermaids and stuff, are just almost as horrendous as Yamakoshi(?). If it had a letter grade, it would probably be a D-. Sorry, but they could've done MUCH better. Much, much, much better with costumes, props, and the plot.
  • Pair Of Kings is a show about two Fraternal twins who turn out to be kings of their own Island all thanks to their Parents, who Happen to be the previous King and Queen of The island(Kinkow).

    This is an amazing Show on Dinsey DX. Two Boys in Chicago Just Find out That they're the new kings of Kinkow (a Island). There is a lot of Adventure and it is mixed with Fantasy. So will the new Kings of Kinkow restore peace, Defeat the darkside and Have victory of the Kingdom? Let Just Hope King Brady and King Boomer with the Help of Mason and Mikayla can do so. they will Have to Defeat the Mummies, The Life size Bugs and The Tarantula-people. But they will Have to Get Passed their Evil little Cousin Lenny to do so who also has an eye on the throne.