Pair of Kings

Monday 8:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Sep 10, 2010 In Season





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  • Pair Of Kings is a show about two Fraternal twins who turn out to be kings of their own Island all thanks to their Parents, who Happen to be the previous King and Queen of The island(Kinkow).

    This is an amazing Show on Dinsey DX. Two Boys in Chicago Just Find out That they're the new kings of Kinkow (a Island). There is a lot of Adventure and it is mixed with Fantasy. So will the new Kings of Kinkow restore peace, Defeat the darkside and Have victory of the Kingdom? Let Just Hope King Brady and King Boomer with the Help of Mason and Mikayla can do so. they will Have to Defeat the Mummies, The Life size Bugs and The Tarantula-people. But they will Have to Get Passed their Evil little Cousin Lenny to do so who also has an eye on the throne.