Pair of Kings

Monday 8:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Sep 10, 2010 In Season





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  • Surprisingly...Not That Bad Actually.

    Ok so at first i just hated this show because NOTHING MAKES SENSE, come on twins? I dont think so and why are these people acting like they live in bamboo huts and acting like they live in such a lost in time place? AND everything just looks so fake. So i was turned off by that at first and thought that this show would be absolutely stupid, but this show has actually started growing on me. I really like that Boomer and Brady act like just normal care free teenage boys. Its just that whenever they say something that is supposed to be funny, i can actually believe that a teenage boy would say that and its just random funny stuff. I think the dialogue is really what saves this show for me and i think that the main characters are fairly good actors. I think that this show has the right kind of cornyness. I just really hope that Adam Hicks makes the show even better cuz i just love that guy.