Pajama Party

(ended 2001)


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Pajama Party

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This unique talk/variety show was a break from the usual issue-oriented programming that dominated the Oxygen channel. To be sure, the show was all about women, but the talk leaned more toward men and munchies. (David Cassidy and doughnuts were the favorites of host Katie Puckrik.) Filmed on a large living room set, women gathered in their nightgowns and pajamas to dance, eat and enjoy the celebrity guests, also clad in PJ's. Regular features included "groovy grandmas" (women who had trailblazed into traditionally all-male jobs, sports, etc.), a "men at work" segment featuring hunks on the job, and filmed reports of the crazy adventures out on the road of Katie and co-host Lisa Kushell (introduced each week by Katie as "my bosom buddy.")

Even though the party guests were all female, men weren't excluded from the set, or discouraged as viewers, either. Not only were they frequent celebrity guests, but Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band would deliver a "panty-rock" classic (Katie's term, not mine) each week, as Dan attempted to sing away the pain of his unrequited love for Lisa. Pajama Party was always a good time and a fun way to relax on the weekend, but unfortunately the party was over before we realized it, as it just sort of drifted into oblivion without a mention from the folks at Oxygen. Here's hoping one day they might rerun it, or better still, revive it!

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