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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Ouch!
      Episode 12
    • A Scary Dream
      A Scary Dream
      Episode 11
      Late at night, Cowbella has several scary dreams. Her friends help her to get back to sleep, telling her that nightmares are "just a dream, a story in your head." They encourage her to have sweet dreams instead.
    • Let's Make Our Bodies Tired
      Late at night, it's time for the Pajanimals to get ready for bed, but they still have a lot of energy. They jiggle, jumble and jump to tire their bodies out for sleep.
    • Lights in the Dark
      Apollo wants to get to sleep, but is afraid of the dark. His fellow Pajanimals share with him the things that light their way at night.
    • What's That Sound?
      Late at night, Apollo hears many sounds that keep him awake. There's a dripping, a ticking clock and more. His fellow Pajanimals help him to see that the sounds can form a soothing lullaby.
    • Sleeping Makes Me Feel Alright
      When it's late at night, Apollo wants to stay up playing, rather than going to sleep. He and the other Pajanimals know, however, that sleeping gives them the energy they need to play hard the next day.
    • Goodnight to Mom
      Goodnight to Mom
      Episode 6
      Late at night, the Pajanimals imagine what their moms might be doing. They realize that even though their moms aren't with them at the moment, they are never far apart.
    • How Do I Know It's Morning Time?
      Squacky wants to get up and get out of bed, but it's not yet morning time. He wonders how he can tell when it's finally morning. His fellow Pajanimals sing him a song reminding of the things his mommy told him about this.
    • I Love to Love My Lovies
      The Pajanimals sing about how they love their "lovies." Each has their own special something, be it a stuffed toy or a cape, that helps them to get to sleep at night.
    • Stay in Bed, Put on Your Sleepy Head
      Squacky is very squirmy at night and keeps trying to get out of bed. He's convinced he has to make some food, convince his parents he's not in Japan or tell his friends a joke or story. The others keep putting him gently back to bed, reminding him that "nighttime is for sleeping."moreless
    • Stick to the Plan
      It's time for the Pajanimals to get ready for bed, but Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky still want to play and have fun. Sweetpea Sue helps them to get ready for bed. She sets them up with a plan that involves first taking a bath, then brushing their teeth, then finally putting on their pajamas before going to sleep.moreless
    • La La Lullaby
      La La Lullaby
      Episode 1
      The Pajanimals sing a calming lullaby that helps themselves and viewers get to sleep at night.