Season 1 Episode 9

Lights in the Dark

Aired Daily 7:30 PM Unknown on Nick Jr.

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  • Apollo is afraid of the dark, so his Pajanimal friends all sing about their lights in the dark to help him not be so scared. A fine installment of the series.

    This is my second-favorite episode of the show and also contains my single favorite moment of the series. It's when Sweetpea Sue sings about how she likes the dark and it comforts her. I think this a wonderful thought. The dark can seem a bit scary, but it's really nothing to be afraid of. Sweetpea Sue's attitude is the right one.

    There is some more great Squacky humor in this one as well when he sings about his nightlight, "Brighty." That's just sweet. A song and episode like this proves why the program is a great series. I think seeing this would help any child, or anyone to not be so afraid of the dark. The visuals are fun to watch and the song is very catchy. Kudos, Pajanimals!