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Palmetto Pointe

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Palmetto Pointe centers around the lives of six high school friends heading off to college. Hot-headed Tristan Sutton left the small town of Palmetto Pointe right after high school to play in a high profile summer baseball league with the hopes of making it to the big leagues. When he returns to Palmetto Pointe, as his team faces the hometown team, he must face the people he left behind. It is a whole new world and thing have changed.
Palmetto Pointe is a teen-drama that is not afraid to tackle some of the most controversial hot-button issues. Topics such as date rape, child abuse, and teen pregnancy will be explored.
The cast list is full of some of today’s hottest young stars such as Nina Repeta (Dawson’s Creek) and Sarah Edwards (One Tree Hill).
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  • Who Knows you might be the next "90210" and not a cheesy "Saved by the Bell"

    I will admit that the first I watched this show was only because I knew someone in the cast and even so my first opinion was this show is going to bomb. But I actually have grow quite fond of the show you have to watch more than one episode to really get into it. I do suggest better quality in the filming of the show and some of the actors are trying way to hard. (Madison your great!)Keep up the good work and who knows you might me the next "90210" and "not a cheesy "Saved by the Bell."


    This is awful, these people can\'t act. They need to be takin of the air. The sound was terrible the acting is needs work. Some body is gonna lose alot of money on this one. Palmetto Point gets 4 thumbs down, pure trash, ya gotta come with something better than that.
  • I love how crew members from this horrible show are the only ones posting positive comments. CASTING_GUY is one of the casting directors. FilmProducer has a link to the (former - they were fired) production company on his site. What a joke!!!moreless

    So sad... What? Were your egos hurt? Just accept that you were part of a huge mistake and you don't have any talent!!! Maybe that is why AMVF productions and every single one of its members were FIRED!!! This show is complete crap, from the casting to the production work and scripting. Maybe everyone can get jobs at the drive-thru at McDonalds. Maybe, just maybe they wouldn't screw that up too.moreless
  • It is sad to see so many people lining up to trash a show that just debuts. People must give the new teen drama "Palmetto Pointe" a chance. It is no easy undertaking to produce television programming.moreless

    TO begin with, "Palmetto Pointe" has great and very recognizable talent. John Wesley Shipp is a two-time Emmy Award winning soap opera actor and was Dawson's dad on the hit series "Dawson's Creek." They have Gabrielle Carteris, (Beverly Hills 90210) Josh Holland (USA High) Nina Repta (Dawson's Creek) and Corbin Bernsen is in an upcoming episode.

    Please give the show your time. I realize there were some audio issues the first time on, but they were corrected in a repeat. The problems were due to the compression at the network and the way the show was mixed. It just wasn't compatable.

    The show has just gone through some administative changes which will have an overall effect on the look, feel and quiality of the show.

    Unlike many teen dramas, "Palmetto Pointe" deals with real issues and handles them the way they would be dealt with in real life. Like the show's tag line goes, "The end of everything right and the beginning of everything real." Let's give this show another shot.moreless
  • With room for growth, for cast and crew, this show has quite a bit of potential.

    Like all other shows, the pilot episode is for introductions, ie: The Characters, Storyline, etc. In giving an unbiased opinion, the show has room to improve, but also left behind a path to fall back into. It is up to the Cast and crew to take this show in the right direction. Now for the biased point of view. I personally liked the Pilot. It left you wondering what is going to happen next week. I, like others, do have issues with certain elements of the production, IE: Sound, and a couple of actor\'s realistic believeablility, if that is even a word. But I have high hopes for this show, and I believe the acting for some, will improve with the Character Development, and any other kinks will also be worked out. As a strong follower of the O.C., I can say I now have a show on Sundays as well. Many believe the show is copying others... Not so. Palmetto Pointe is just holding Strong and True to the Young Adult Genre. With a cast that will surely grow in their abilites, and an incredibly Talented, need I remind you, Independent, Production Crew, this show will surely gain the Favor of the Public. I not only look forward to the next episode, but ratings willing, the next season, and the one after that.

    John Kearns, Matt Mosher, and Braxton Honeycutt... Good Job. You have a great show on your hands.moreless

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