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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on ABC
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They have experienced it all, passion, adventure and espionage at 30,000 feet. The style of the 1960s, the energy andexcitementof the Jet Age is presented in a drama full of sexy entanglements in the series premiere of Pan Am.

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  • Thank you for wasting an hour of your life with Pan Am!

    Okay, well it wasn't that bad, but it surley was nothing special. Pretty much just a handful of pretty girls dealing with eachother's personalities, relationships with guys, and things that happened in the past. So it was pretty much Sex and the City, with an airline backdrop.

    That being said, the fact that they were in a 60's version of travel was something completely interesting for me to see. The designs of the planes and the uniform for the flight attendents were completely new to me andIcould realy get a sense that before 9/11 flying was something to be jealous about. A lugorious 8 hour experience flying internationaly. But now it's a pain in the @ss to fly and you just want to get to your destination.

    Seeing New York City in the 60s was something very interesting, and the factthat the music was also something that would ordinaraly be played in that time period was also neat.

    The setting and music is one thing, but the actual characters is nothing special at all. Acting is pretty decent but the fact that the character's don't make this show good despite the production trying to make the characters center of the attention is a problem.

    Another thing I found interesting was looking into a life of a flight attendent. The fact that they aren't just some pretty ladies meant to searve you some Coke after taking a nap. Of course I knew this already having a family member that works in Delta but the fact that a TV show is now making people aware of that is something I'm happy about.

    That being said, they take the personal lives part a bit too far. There is a limit to how much I care about the lives of these women. Of course it's a show about them, so what do I expect?

    The twist at the end regarding that passenger was something I completely did not expect, which made me a bit happier about it, but it still wasn't perfect. The only thing keeping my interest about this show is the settings (where they travel and what those places looked like in the 60s) and whatever crazy passengers they come across. God knows that as a Pan Am flight attendent you meet plenty of strange, irritating, and even infuriating people.

    I hope next week is more interesting for the show's own good, otherwise I doubt it will get anywhere past it's first season.moreless
  • I am very confused. This was less like a first episode but more like an exposé about the whole first season.

    All of us watching couldn't believe the rushed flashbacks. Of course, they were intended to introduce us to all the main characters. But this resulted in lots of wasted opportunities for longer, more suspense-laden storylines throughout the whole season.

    It was an entertaining pilot, but it failed to do what a good pilot -- the TV series version, not the airplane one ;-) -- is meant to do: get you invested, hooked and curious about the characters.Honestly, after it ended we looked at each other and said that there is no real incentive to keep watching -- except for one of the stewardesses (the one with the secret side job), there isn't much of interest. All the 'secrets' (i.e. their backgrounds) aren't secrets anymore, there's nothing to discover; we got everything presented right away in the first episode.

    How disappointing and utterly wasted.

    Whoever made this pilot should've realized that it's just too revealing to also be the first episode.moreless
  • Fasten your seatbelts .......

    So, new show based on old lifestyle... perhaps the response for NBCs playboy show, who know but i like it because its different as far as the music/scenarios/lifestyle goes, but we got the same old drama, which well thats Tv now days... isnt?

    Anyways, based on former PanAm stewardesses from those times, they say that the haircuts arent tooaccurate, theuniformsare way too blue, the pilots are too young... so then i know not to thing that thats how it was.. .and just watching for fun.

    pilot Plot, well we got a runaway girl that made it to the life magazine and that her sister is gonna be a spy sorta that is replacing the girl that one of the captain is in love with and a girl, ricci, that not sure what role is yet. the french mistress well not sure yet what her role is either.

    All im saying is well fun to see this long gone iconic american company to come back to life and remember alil bit of those days. since now days stewardesses arent any of that.... hence why they are now just flightattendants, with the right of being rude, ugly, fat,disrespectful.............. etc.

  • Welcome aboard. Pan American World Airways features not only the best in international air travel, but a diverse group of pilots and stewardesses who have interesting stories and wild adventures. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.moreless

    One of the most anticipated series of the 2011-12 television season did get started on the right note, but it still could have been better. The series captures the time period well. The sets and costumes are well done. There is also some substance to the style. The roles are well cast and the actors do well. However, the problem I had with the pilot episode is that I felt it was packing too much into one space. We get a look at the backgrounds of a few of the stewardesses. I understand the need for backstories, but maybe they could have been spread out over the first few episodes. The opener wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to get me to tune infor the next episode. I hope Pan Am lives up to the hype.moreless
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