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  • I loved flying with this show and it's lovely cast.

    I was just thinking about this show today. I really miss it.
  • What is wrong with people

    I cannot believe they cancelled this show. I enjoyed watching it and I thought it was good fun entertainment. I looked forward to seeing it every week and made sure to tape the episodes. Every time I get into a show they cancel it like they did with "The Gates" . Go figure that ABC once again decides it was not worthy to air with all the other garbage they allow on . like Pretty Little Liars and many others they keep around but cancel the good ones. I just do not understand the networks anymore. I would really like to know who and how they come up with the conclusion that a show is good or bad instead of allowing the public to fill out a poll.
  • Canceled!

    I liked it but gave up on it.
  • Bring back Pan Am!!

    Busy enough as it is with life's ups and downs and here was a show that was fun and entertaining. I actually looked forward to being home and watching this show. Where is Season 2??!!! Should focus on getting more viewers if that was the issue instead of just cancelling it. Very disappointed.
  • Disappointed

    Here we go again with ABC cxlin yet another good series. It wasn't the best with PanAm, yet I loved it!! Why do you keep doin this? Missing, The River n PanAm??? Really?? I'm very very disappointed with the way you do business..
  • It was just getting good

    I am one of those that didn't have time for the show when it was on network TV. I figured it was ABC trying to cash in on the success of Mad Men and didn't bother. I recently gave the show a try on Netflix. I was not initially impressed. The CGI of the external Airport shots almost caused me not to watch a second show...but I did. And then another. Then I was hooked by about show #5.

    Some episodes were better than others, but when it was good, it had the appeal of Star Trek and Lost at the same time. The flashbacks annoyed me at first, but then I looked forward to the back story.

    I think it is unfortunate that this show didn't have another season to hit it's stride. The characters were all being developed quite nicely and I started to care about what would happen in the next show.

    I also think the show could have been a little more faithful to the time period. For the most part the characters seemed to have the attitudes of today, not the 60's. As I recall, none of the characters smoked, which is nice in a way, but not very realistic for the time period.

    It would be great to see someone pick this show up that could be a bit more risque than ABC could and really maximize the potential of this show and it's characters. I dont know about you, but the show left me wanting to fly Pan Am to somewhere exotic.
  • The show was canceled ... hmm let me guess from ABC? Well but of course!

    Really ... does ABC ever finish a show?

    Pan Am wasn't perfect ... I liked the diversity of characters despite being a show about glorified waitresses ... but there is a sense that what we see now as a bit of a stupid job isn't or rather in those days it wasn't. Air hostesses were more then they appeared to be. They had influence because they were the best of the best, or at least the preatiest - and they used that power for good ... and bad.

    The story was a bit far fetched and sometimes a bit disconnected from the main plot, but photography was great and wardrobe was just fantastic.

    The cast wasn't bad at all. I don't really like Christina Ricci but she's amazing in this one. Kelli Garner is a real surprise and I hope to see her in another series or even movie.

    I really hate all the "was" in my sentences, because I was (another one) really liking the show

    Now ... ABC, remenber that consumers of your product may get fed up from watching shows that don't have an ending ... when you pay for something you don't really like for it to be incomplete. So ... if you're going to cancel a show at least give us some CLOSURE.
  • Bring back Pan Am!!

    I am so disapointed that Pan AM will not be on. I loved the show! Please reconsider.
  • Why oh why are are you canceling such a good show????

    I hate when good shows are canceled. I watch less than 10 hours of TV a week and I was glad to add the show to my week. The show that was so exciting. I even got all the laides in my office hooked on the show. I hope another station picks it up. ABC stop taking good shows off the air.
  • Series review

    As a former Pan Am employee 1980-1991, I can assure you that of all the crap I was fed about the good old days, nothing sank to the level of the program episodes. I am a big Ricci fan and I wish her great success. No artist has to settle for this.
  • This short lived series chronicled the lives of a group of interesting stewardesses and pilots working for America's premiere airline in 1960s New York.

    I would say "Pan Am" only lasted one season but that would not be entirely accurate. ABC never ordered a full season's worth of episodes for the show because it unfortunately never got the ratings it needed. "Pan Am" had the makings of a very good show. It had a top notch cast and the costumes and sets did a great job of capturing the time period of the early 1960s. Despite its appeal there were problems that prevented this show from being the great show it could have been. There were episodes that felt a little too implausible the pilot episode tried to put too much into it with detailed back stories for most of the characters. Despite the problems it's too bad the show did not get a second season. There were some interesting storyline presented in the final episode that could have made the show more interesting. Still it was a good show. I don't regret watching it.
  • dont cancel the only good show on tv!!!

    love it and miss it, bring it BACK!!!!




    I've been watching this online since it started because I don't have a way to watch it on tv, and I love this show, I think it really is the best new show that abc has and needs to be kept. so dissapointed that they are thinking of cancelling!!
  • Sunday Nights Need Pan Am!!!

    I love this show. Without a doubt, hands down, it is the best new show out there! I was a huge fan of Knotts Landing back in the day, then finally Desperate Housewives came along, but is ending this season, so I was thrilled when I saw Pan Am for the first time and fell in love with it. I knew it was my new favorite show of all times, and while not 100% realistic for the time it is protraying, it is still a great show and a great way to end a weekend.

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good Show.

    One of very few interesting shows. Unfortunate that shows like these get shot down. If the show shows such promise then it can get a lot better. I'm referring to The Good Wife at this point, the 1st season sucked in comparison to how much better it keeps getting.
  • Sunday Nights are not the Same!!! :(

    Really missing Pan Am!!! I really would hate for ABC to cancel this show!!! GCB is soooo not a show that catches my interest. Can't believe that show is playing where Pan Am should be.

  • Please don't cancel the show!

    This show is SO wonderful! It's the first in AGES that really has everything down pat; the drama, the romance, the mystery, the humor. It would be horrible if it got cancelled! PLEASE don't cancel it! It really is a show that's uplifting and rejuvenating!
  • Pan Am

    This show is just so bad, Hope ABC chops it. The historical idea was really good, I just don't like the way they went bout doing it.
  • Pan Am

    Really? ABC you put that stupid show on last night in place of Pan Am and you are thinking of cancelling it because you have so many other "great' shows....who is the village idiot that thinks you have great shows. Pan Am is one of the few shows that I even bother to watch - so if you cancel it consider that you have lost an ABC viewer.
  • Pan Am - Awesom show

    I love this show, going back to what life was like in the 1960's and what it meant to work for the airlines back then. I worked for Delta for almost 20 years and have seen how everything has changed. Great to look back at the good old days.
  • Mad Women?

    There are people who have dared to say that the series 'Pan Am' and 'Mad Men' are similar. The only similarity I can find is that in both series some of the female characters wear shapewear.

  • Episode jump

    Can someone explain the Episode jump, Episode 13 actually being Episode 7? Annoying but still gets my vote.......
  • very nice series

    love the actors, and how they play their roles... sometimes it needs to be more entertaining, but it's good :)
  • Don't cancel, please

    This is one for the love and fantasy of love. Keep itl.
  • Please don't cancell!!!

    Pan Am is a breath of fresh air when all there is on TV is yet another crime drama. Sunday's is a bit of a goofy time, but at least it's on after "once upon a time". I love all the characters and really want Colette and Dean to work things out, Bridgette is overrated:)

    Pan Am truly is the diamon in the ruff, a needle in a hay stack or one in a million. It's a stand alone show that deserves a second season!!
  • Truly entertaining television!

    I love this show! I really, really urge them NOT to cancel it. The characters are all so different and dynamic. I loooove Colette! The story is so intriguing, and I'm always sad when the episode ends, waiting for next week so I can see more!

    I don't know why they are considering cancelling, but hopefully everyone who loves the show can speak up, so that maybe they'll see it's worth saving.

    Edit: I would rate it a 10, but the site won't let me!
  • Finally a tv series with everything going for it! I really hope it doesn't get cancelled!

    I'm really surprised that pan am wasn't a hit! Despite the harsh critics, I actually love the show. It's not a pan am documentary, I don't care if it's not completely realistic. It's fresh, glamorous, fun and some real good escapism tv! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of American cheese. What I want to know is where are all the desperate housewives and sex and the city fans!? Is pan an not the perfect girly naughty indulgence? Well I know it's served it's purpose in providing me with some good old girly, charming and classy tv!
  • why is it cancelled?

    I believe this is really good show and i am enjoying to watch........and it got cancelled???

    WTF is wrong with these people...whoever decide which one gets next season and which one doesn't......

    So you just going after all the good shows and cacel them.....

    Here is an idea DICK head......why don't you think twice before you make the show and save some money........Airing season one and cancel.....and making anohter one....and airing season one and cancel.....and making another.......going on and on and on....

    Guess what you have just waisted millions of $$$$ you a**hole!!!! I guess you never learn
  • its certainly different in an amazing way, its a bummer that it got cancelled!

    i LOVE the 60's -even though i never lived them- all the glamorous and elegant life in it and all the colors!! and making a show about that time, and about airlines of all things!! i love flying. so that show simply had everything i love, i really don't see the reason why a perfectly entertaining and new kinda show -which is different than the things we see these days- had to go and get cancelled.
  • I really love the show. It takes you back, when things were simple.Or were they?I hope they stay on the air. So disappointed with the last 2 weeks with no shows.I just love to watch everything in the back ground. The people are very intresting.AAAAA++++++


    I really love the show. It takes you back, when things were simple.Or were they?I hope they stay on the air. So disappointed with the last 2 weeks with no shows.I just love to watch everything in the back ground. The people are very intresting.AAAAA++++++

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