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  • It was just getting good

    I am one of those that didn't have time for the show when it was on network TV. I figured it was ABC trying to cash in on the success of Mad Men and didn't bother. I recently gave the show a try on Netflix. I was not initially impressed. The CGI of the external Airport shots almost caused me not to watch a second show...but I did. And then another. Then I was hooked by about show #5.

    Some episodes were better than others, but when it was good, it had the appeal of Star Trek and Lost at the same time. The flashbacks annoyed me at first, but then I looked forward to the back story.

    I think it is unfortunate that this show didn't have another season to hit it's stride. The characters were all being developed quite nicely and I started to care about what would happen in the next show.

    I also think the show could have been a little more faithful to the time period. For the most part the characters seemed to have the attitudes of today, not the 60's. As I recall, none of the characters smoked, which is nice in a way, but not very realistic for the time period.

    It would be great to see someone pick this show up that could be a bit more risque than ABC could and really maximize the potential of this show and it's characters. I dont know about you, but the show left me wanting to fly Pan Am to somewhere exotic.