Pan Am

Season 1 Episode 7

Truth or Dare

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • The crew transports a group of Navy soldiers from Madrid to New York. The trip causes some issues for the crew, especially Laura.

    "Truth or Dare" is, in my opinion, not worth seeing. The first time I have had to say that about an episode of this short lived series. I just found myself not all that interested in the story. I will admit the story concerning Kate and how her personal and work lives intersected was a little more interesting. However what hurt it for me was the obvious ending it would lead to. Right from the minute Kate met Niko I knew it would end badly. The whole part of the story with Laura's budding romance with Joe was very dull. The main reason is because we have all seen it before. They face a lot of outside pressure because of the attitudes of the day. The scene of Joe getting beaten up in Grand Central Station was very poorly done. So poor in fact that the writers could not figure out how to end it. The scene just went to black. I also do not like how the question of how far Joe and Maggie went was never answered. I am not one who cares for loose ends so that is another liability. However one positive thing I will say is that I liked the scene where Kate tries to convince Niko her love for him is real. That I think was well done and very convincing. While that scene did help the episode to a small degree I still do not like "Truth or Dare" enough to recommend it.