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Panda Bear Daycare

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Panda Bear Daycare is a Canadian children's educational program taken from YTV Jr's Treehouse video collection. In each episode, a group of preschoolers learn some valuable lessons from Fred Stinson's puppets. The main character is Panda, who gets help from a handheld puppet named Claire and a full body puppet that plays Panda's father. Stinson provides the voice for all characters in the show. Panda starts every episode with a poem that segues into a game and a story. The season starts with the song "I Can Say What I Want," followed by a game, which allows the preschoolers and the children at home to make up stories. Panda then quiets the kids down to tell the tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The host describes how the boy's made-up stories caused a dangerous situation for a whole town. By the end of the show, the kids learn about the problems in telling white lies.