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  • Season 1
    • 9/25/09
      Oscar decides it is time Oz returned to his family home. However, in doing so Oz makes shocking discovery about his father and his involvement with the Baskervilles. As such Oz decides he wants to meet with the Baskervilles and the group sets out to find them in Sabrie.
    • Kyrie
      Episode 24
      Reveille is attacked by an unprecedented number of Chains ultimately forcing Break to use Mad Hatter in order to defeat them and save the populace. However, it isn't long before more chains start to appear and with everyone exhausted from their earlier battles things look bleak. Even the reinforcements from Pandora are all but ineffective against the growing army of Chains and in the end Alice must once again go in to battle.moreless
    • 9/11/09
      After defeating yet another Chain with none of Alice's memories Oz and the others begin to despair that they are getting no closer to unravelling the mystery surrounding the tragedy of Sabrie. When even a visit to talk to Vincent fails to produce a clue Oz decides to return to the Bezarius Mansion in hopes of finding some new information.moreless
    • 9/4/09
      Break continues to tell the story of his time in Abyss and what happened when he met the Will of Abyss. In exchange, Duke Barma reveals that Alice and the Will of Abyss are twins!
    • 8/28/09
      Oz and the others go to see the eccentric Rufus Barma, one the four Dukes who may be able to shed some light on the events of one hundred years ago. However, the trip ends up revealing more about Break's past as an illegal contractor and his time in the Abyss than it does about the tragedy of Sabrie.moreless
    • Modulation
      Episode 20
      Having returned from Latowidge Academy Alice is apparently upset that Oz has spent so much time worrying about other people lately and not about her. As such Sharon tries to help her overcome her 'jealousy', unfortunately things get even worse when Oscar turns up with large quantities of wine.
    • The pool of tears
      Episode 19
      Oz, Elliot, Leo and Ada are trapped in the catacombs beneath the school and it isn't long before Lotti and her Chain, Leon catches up with them. During the fight both Jack and the Black Rabbit appear which leads to Oz learning more about Lotti's connection to Jack and the tragedy of Sabrie.moreless
    • Elliot & Leo
      Episode 18
      At Latowidge Academy Oz encounters two students named Leo and Elliot in the library, and soon gets into an argument with one of them. Whilst trying to avoid him Oz and Ada are captured by the Baskervilles and taken to a secret chamber beneath the school. However, luckily for the siblings Leo and Elliot arrive to help them escape. Meanwhile, Alice and Raven are having problems of their own.moreless
    • Hello My Sister!
      Episode 17
      In the wake of Sharon's kidnapping Oz learns more about Break's past and his connection to the Rainsworth family. Later Oz, Raven and Alice, along with Oscar sneak into Latowidge Academy where Ada is currently studying. As such Oz is reunited with his sister for the first time in ten years.moreless
    • His Name is...
      Episode 16
      After escaping from the Cheshire Cat's lair Oz and Alice find themselves in even more serious trouble when they accidentally materialise during a secret meeting of the Four Dukes. As Oz and Alice struggle to escape from the forces of Pandora, Break confronts Vincent about orchestrating their predicament and about kidnapping Sharon.moreless
    • 7/10/09
      Still trapped in the Cheshire Cat's distorted world Oz learns more about Alice's past but the site of her death is too much for him to take. With the Black Rabbit's power going berserk it is up to Raven to stop his young master before it is too late. The duo must then locate Alice and Eques and escape as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Break continues his fight against the Cheshire Cat using Mad Hatter.moreless
    • Hollow Eye Socket
      Episode 14
      Still trapped inside of Alice's warped memories Oz learns more about both Alice's past and the tragedy of Sabrie. Oz must then join forces with Jack in order to save Alice and escape from the Cheshire Cat's warped dimension. Meanwhile, Break is attacked by the Cheshire Cat, who fails to take into account the power of Break's chain, Mad Hatter.moreless
    • 6/26/09
      Oz and Raven arrive in the realm of the Cheshire Cat to rescue Alice and Break, although Raven's fear of cat's does prove to be quite a problem. However, Alice and Break are trapped in their own memories and when Raven is injured it is up to Oz to learn the truth about both the Cheshire Cat and his dimension. Meanwhile, back in the Reinsworth house Oscar and Vincent discuss the events of one hundred years ago over a game of chess.moreless
    • 6/19/09
      After a very strange arm wrestling contest to win back Raven's missing hat Oz is once again reunited with his uncle, Oscar. However, the joyous reunion makes Alice uncomfortable and she runs away, only to be kidnapped along with break. It is then up to Oz and Raven to find them and save them from a very unusual chain known as the Cheshire Cat.moreless
    • Fallen Raven
      Episode 11
      In the aftermath of the shooting Oz learns what happened to Gil over the past ten years. It turns out that he joined the Nightray family in order to be reunited with his brother, Vincent. However, his real reason for joining the Nightray household is to spy on them for Break and to gain control of the Chain known as Raven.moreless
    • 6/5/09
      Oz is unwilling to let Phillipe's father die and calls Alice off. At first Oz seems to be getting through to him but when Vincent Nightray interferes Phillipe's father ends up dead. Once again this weighs heavily on Oz's mind as he considers his relationship with his own father. Meanwhile, th recent escape of Gim leads Break to suspect that there may be a traitor inside Pandora.moreless
    • Malediction
      Episode 9
      Oz'z encounter with Phillipe forces him to look back on his troubled relationship with his father. However, it isn't long before the mysterious Echo arrives claiming that Phillipe's father is an illegal contractor. It is then up to Alice to defeat the Chain, but Oz's emotional connection to Phillipe may not allow it.moreless
    • Question
      Episode 8
      Having escaped from the 'Will of the Abyss' Alice and Oz are taken to Ravens home in the Capital. Here Break tells them about his constantly youthful appearance and the reason why Oz is so valuable to both Pandora and the Baskervilles. Later, after saving a young Nobel from a gang of bullies Oz starts to think about his childhood and specifically his absent parents.moreless
    • Whisperer
      Episode 7
      Having broken Doldam's control of Raven and defeating Zwei Oz seeks a reconciliation with Gil. The trio then continue to explore the grave where Oz first found the pocket-watch and they discover more of Alice's memories. However, things take a turn for the worst when they encounter the 'Will of the Abyss' and Alice is captured.moreless
    • Where am I?
      Episode 6
      Oz and Alice head to the Bezarius Mansion to try and find clues relating to Alice's memories. However, when they arrive they find the house in a strangely dilapidated state and to make matters worse they are soon attacked by Zwei. During the battle the truth about both Ravens true identity and the amount of time that Oz spent in the Abyss are revealed.moreless
    • Clockwise Doom
      Episode 5
      Oz and Alice are given their first assignment by Pandora, to investigate a series of murders in the city of Nosambria. However, when Alice is left alone the Chain responsible for the crimes appears to kill her. In the process Oz learns the truth about what it means to be an Illegal Contractor and wield the power of a Chain.moreless
    • Rendezvous
      Episode 4
      Having escaped from Abyss Oz learns that due to his contract with Alice he is now an 'Illegal Contractor'. He also learns that Sharon, Break and Raven all work for Pandora an agency that investigates the Abyss and deals with problems relating to chains, one of which is arresting illegal contractors. However, Alice soon appears to stop them and reveals that she has come to the original world in order to gather her missing memories that have been scattered throughout the world. Break then reveals that he wants Oz and Alice to work for Pandora and investigate the group who banished Oz to the Abyss.moreless
    • 4/17/09
      Oz is trapped alone in the Abyss and comes under attack from all manner of strange creatures. Alice soon appears to save him and explain some of the situation. She asks him to form a contract with her so that they can escape but before Oz can agree Sharon arrives and whisks him away. However, it soon emerges that it is not Sharon at all but another Chain impersonating her. Yet again it is up to Alice to save him and ensure their escape from the Abyss.moreless
    • 4/10/09
      Oz meets the beautiful Sharon Reinsworth but she is not all that she appears to be. Later during his coming of age ceremony the silent clock starts to move for the first time in more than a century and Oz is attacked by a now possessed Gil. He is then set upon by soul reapers and even the intervention of the legendary Black Rabbit cannot save him from being sent to the Abyss.moreless
    • Innocent Calm
      Episode 1
      Oz Bezarius lived a charmed life in the country as the next heir to one of the four Duke Houses but things start to change when he finds a mysterious pocket watch in a long forgotten graveyard in the grounds of his family mansion. He starts to see strange visions of a young girl and hear unfamiliar music around him. However, he does not have time to dwell on these visions as he must prepare for his coming of age ceremony. Unbeknownst to OZ dark forces are gathering around him and his best friend Gil has already fallen victim to them.moreless
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