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Pandora's Clock

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Pandora's Clock, also known as Doomsday Virus, is an action adventure thriller that was first released in the year 1996. This made for TV movie tells the story of the near-death experiences of the passengers and flight crew of a Boeing 747-200 from Frankfurt to JFK airport for Quantum Airlines flight 66 that is flying with a passenger who is infected with the Doomsday Virus. The pilot, Capt. James Holland (Richard Dean Anderson of McGuyver fame), has to find a way to land the plane safely before the CIA director (Robery Loggia) orders snipers to shoot the plane out of the sky and spreads the Doomsday Virus to more people. With the help of Dr. Roni Sanders (Daphne Zuniga), the infected man is sequestered from the remaining 246 passengers so that everyone can concentrate on landing safely without having to be in contacted with the deathly virus. Pandora's Clock will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering whether flight 66 will touch the ground safely.