Pani Poni Dash!

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • No One Knows What May Happen Tomorrow
      It's December, it's unseasonably hot, and the headmaster just cancelled afternoon classes so the students can splash around in the school's amazing waterpark!
    • Darkness Is An Inch Ahead
    • A Time of Crisis
      A Time of Crisis
      Episode 25
      Becky and her students set out to save Earth from the deadly comet threatening to destroy all life on the planet, but their mission will be harder than they think!
    • Critical Moment
      Critical Moment
      Episode 25
    • No Corpse After Death
    • In a flashback to the Edo period, one of Becky's ancestors institutes a tax against anyone caught crying. Will the taxpayers dry their eyes - or fight for justice?
    • It Never Rains But It Pours
    • 12/4/05
      The year is drawing to a close, and a large comet heading straight for planet Earth may be the cause of an unbelievably cold snowstorm!
    • Today a Man, Tomorrow a Mouse
      When the hit show "Surprise Attack! The Homeroom Next Door" makes an appearance at their school, Becky's students try to figure out why their teacher doesn't want to be caught on camera.
    • The Day Long Glory of Kinka's Bloom
    • A Demon Wearing Clothes
      There's a PTA meeting looming on the horizon, but Becky is nowhere to be found. Looks like Class 1-C is gonna have to find someone to impersonate the little brainiac.
    • A Demon With Clothes
    • A Wise Man Will Know When To Approach Danger
    • Art Causes Harm to the Body
    • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
    • Justice is Blind
      Justice is Blind
      Episode 17
      The girls band together for the school festival. Rei takes the festival seriously, putting her cooking skills to the test in a struggle to be on top of the business world. The girls dress up as maids. During one of the breaks, Becky and the girls take time to enjoy to her first school festival and the wackiness of the neighboring cIasses' attractions.moreless
    • The Way to Heaven Does Not Favor Anyone
      The school festival has finally arrived, and all the girls are excited about dressing up like maids! Becky's more accustomed to academics than fun, so she might need help loosening up!
    • Instead of Becoming Weaker, It Is Better Not to Become Strong
      Although the cIass representative is well known for being really quirky, the girls get worried when she doesn't show up for cIass, and the spy network that is tracking her gets totally compromised. Becky and the girls scour the city to find Ichijo, who discovers that someone is tracking her down. The alien captain sympathizes with Ichijo and goes against the "prime directive" by making contact and helping Ichijo out.moreless
    • Adversity Makes a Man Wise
      When the quirky class representative discovers that someone has "targeted" her, she throws herself on the mercy of the captain of the aliens!
    • Unyielding Perseverance
      The class goes on a field trip but their bus ends up teetering on the edge of a cliff, and it'll be up to Becky and the girls to balance out the situation.
    • Endure Patiently and You Will Not Wilt
      Nothing teaches kids the importance of balance like their school bus teetering on the edge of a cliff. Nobody move until someone comes to their rescue!
    • Hugging a Stone and Jumping into an Abyss
      The principal is out of town, which means Becky doesn't get a free lunch anymore. She had her sister make her a lunch, but it wasn't what she expected. As a result, she has to bum off her students for the day. She learns that Kurumi Momose's brother is good at making yummy lunches, and "orders" him to make her one. But the next day Kurumi's brother decides to take the day off and Becky is left to try her hand at cooking for the first time.moreless
    • The Wages of Sin Come Like the Tip of a Needle
      Big bad bullies threaten to destroy the academy unless Becky can defeat their fearsome boss. Looks like teach is gonna need a little help from her students - and maybe the aliens!
    • Evil Gets Their Just Desserts
      The Bancho gangsters have gathered outside Peach Moon, and they threaten to blow up the entire school unless Becky comes out and challenges their extremely big boss. After some failed attempts at negotiation, the girls retreat. But the aliens help out Becky with one of their secret weapons.
    • As People Flow Downwards, So Do Their Hearts
      Becky catches Himeko napping in class and warns them about paying attention in class so they can have more options in the future. This leads to a discussion on dreams and Becky comes to the realization that she doesn't have any. Meanwhile the aliens have ordered a device called the orelingual which is able to read people's minds. After trying it on themselves for extensive laughs, the aliens try it on Becky. However, Himeko gets in the way of the blast, and the device overloads, sending Becky and the girls into Himeko's crazy maho dream world.moreless
    • There Are No Classes Among Humans But There Are in Humans' Hearts
      Becky's troubles in dreamland are put on the back-burner when an alien mind-reading device traps her students in the bizarre dream world of their sleepiest classmate!
    • Sayaka Suzuki (aka Number 6) has been cheerfully doing favors for her classmates. Becky finds that rather unfair. Later, a fancy car shows up on the school grounds. One of the students reveals that Sayaka had been seen riding in it with someone and smiling, which leads to the rumor that Sayaka might have a boyfriend, and perhaps it's a teacher! After catching her students disrupting class, Becky learns of the first love and decides to call out for the teacher at the faculty room, but is in for a surprise on who answers.moreless
    • Even a Thoroughbred Has Its Habits
      The end of summer vacation is always a bummer, but this year it could prove deadly! Someone's placed bombs all over the school, and it's a race against the clock to disarm them!
    • Even a Purebred Has Its Habits
      Becky has her students present their individual summer projects, some of which are really strange, while others seem like low-effort assemblies of models. Media joins a class, but Behoimi, who is dressed as a normal brainy girl, is surprised to see her. Apparently they've known each other in their magical girl lives. But problems escalate when someone has placed bomb traps all over the school, so it's up to Behoimi and Media to gather and defuse the traps.moreless
    • An Eight Year Old Sage Beats a Hundred Year Old Bairn
      Becky goes to a jungle island to meet up with her old research professor, and the class 1-D girls join her unexpectedly in the safari adventure. The gang must not only survive traps and scary creatures, but the usual craziness of being with each other.
    • A Sanshou Spice to a Bear is Like Pepper to a Carp
      Behoimi would like to say she's your typical magical girl. Everyday, she saves the little boy and rushes to class, and keeps her magic a secret. That is until she realizes that there are a lot of other high school students who totally outshine her in quirkiness, including the weird pet girl or the clumsy girl. She tries to get a cosplay image makeover but even that doesn't work among her peers. Becky listens to Behoimi's situation, but the class 1-D girls listen as well and try to scheme up ways where Behoimi can show her true magical power.moreless
    • Good or Bad Luck Doesn't Depend on the Day but People
      Becky recruits the girls to clean the school pool. Ichijo's sister appears on campus and asks Tsurugi to help find her sister. Misao Nanjo shows off her new pets but problems arise again. The girls are shocked when they encounter a 50-foot girl thanks to some alien shenanigans, and it will be up to an unlikely hero to save the day.moreless
    • Poking a Bush Only Lures Snakes
      Becky's new laboratory comes with everything a genius could want - including a mysterious door! Once the lab is up and running, the students - and their problems - pay Becky a visit.
    • Submitting to the Snake That Struck From the Scrub
      Becky is granted a room on campus so she can set up her own research lab. Her students join in the fun of helping her locate the room and what dangers lie inside, including a mysteriously placed door. After getting everything organized, Becky receives visits from students, even from other classes. They somehow have the impression that she is the new school counselor.moreless
    • Treasures For a Wish Come True
      With the summer comes the first-years' big camping trip. Kurumi Momose feels invisible and sad since she forgot to include herself in the group allocations, even though she organized the lists. She ends up teaming with Becky, but her group of four also includes the rabbit Mesousa, and a strange "salamander" critter. Meanwhile, Miyako has some really strange forest encounters involving a missile launch, and some caba frog-like creature. But before she could write it off as hallucination, other classmates corroborate her story and they go searching for more clues.moreless
    • It Is a Treasure if It Is Fulfilling
      The first camping trip of the year takes a sad turn when Class 1-C's most overlooked student even overlooks herself. Salamanders and genius teachers to the rescue!
    • Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
      Becky's plans for a surprise exam put the girls of 1-C in a panic, so they decide to blow off some steam with an all-night pajama party!
    • Praising the Fine Weather and Waiting for the Sunset
      After giving a rather confusing history / mathematics lecture, Becky surprises the class by announcing an exam for the next day. The girls panic and look to model student Miyako Uehara, who is irritated by their pestering. They intend to visit Miyako's house so she can teach her to study, but when everyone joins in on the fun, they reorganize the venue to be at a comfy inn room for a big sleepover pajama party, inviting Becky along the way. Will the girls be able to get through the night?moreless
    • It's Always Harder On the Ones Who Have to Watch
      Class 1-C's new teacher may be a genius, but she's got a lot to learn about the potentially disastrous ramifications of ripping a cowlick out of someone's head!
    • Falling Ill and a Body with a Discernable Eye
      Becky arrives late for class and she's wearing a hat. The girls remove the hat and discover she has a cowlick, which Himeko finds instantly appealing as she bonds to Becky. But Becky finds that annoying, and does the unthinkable: she yanks on Himeko's cowlick and removes it! Oh no! Himeko isn't acting normal anymore, so it's up to Becky to find a solution before the situation gets catastrophic.moreless
    • A Safflower Stands Out in Any Garden
      Becky causes an uproar when she gives her new students easy-to-remember nicknames! In other news, a government robot joins the chaotic class!
    • A Pretty, Hidden, and Pure Garden of Crimson
      The students realize that Becky has been giving out nicknames to everyone. One of the girls, Momose Kurumi is especially distressed when Becky called her the boring girl. Meanwhile, other crazy antics go on in the neighboring classes including a zoo full of creatures. A robot from NASA joins Becky's class.moreless
    • Summerwear in the Coldest Season, Winterwear in the Hottest Season
      The students of Class 1-C are in for a big surprise: their regular teacher has been replaced by an eleven year old child prodigy from MIT!
    • A Light Kimono on A Cold Day, A Wadded Cotton Cloth on the Dog Days
      Becky Miyamoto, an 11-year old child prodigy who graduated from MIT the year before, is the new homeroom teacher of high school Class 1-C at Peach Moon Academy. But her first challenge is getting to school, and then dealing with the diverse class of mostly girls who await her.