PANIC 9-1-1

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Nov 29, 2012 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/12/13

      A twelve-year-old girl hides in a closet and arms herself with her mother's gun when a burglar breaks into her house; A woman runs to a neighbor's house as her ex-boyfriend pursues her with a knife; An elderly couple with a gun prepare to defend themselves as an intruder tries to break into their bedroom

    • 9/5/13

      A man discovers two burglars trying to break into his house; A young woman is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and locked in the back of a truck; A woman hides in a closet when an intruder breaks into her house

    • 8/29/13

      A cabbie's passenger commits a violent assault and gets back into the cab with her; A teenage boy hides in the closet during a break-in and prepares to defend himself when the intruder enters his bedroom; A pregnant woman trapped in a house fire calls 911 and realizes that her father may also be trapped

    • 8/22/13

      A woman locks herself in a bathroom and calls 911 as burglars ransack her house; A woman calls 911 when she recognizes a kidnapper and his victim from an AMBER alert; A woman calls 911 when her ex-husband attacks her with a machete.

    • 8/15/13

      A sporting goods store employee calls 911 when a man saws his way into the store's gun rack and then opens fire with a shotgun; Two teens are trapped when an ice cave collapses on top of them; An employee at a tanning salon calls 911 as one of her customers struggles with an armed robber

    • He's in My Room
      Episode 1

      A mother and her teenage son hide in a closet as an intruder searches the house for them; A hiker is buried in an avalanche; Bystanders try to pull two crash victims from a burning car

  • Season 1