Panic Attack

Weekdays 7:30 PM on Discovery Channel Kids Premiered Sep 11, 2000 Between Seasons


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Panic Attack

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Contestants battle against the clock, and their nerve, to stay in control of the game. Can they get all the answers in the time, or will one of the other players steal their place in the seat of knowledge? How will they cope under the pressure? Can they survive the Panic Attack? Contestants compete to get into the panic chair, where they control the game. If they stay in the chair, they get to knock out one of the other six players waiting to take their place. Contestants face quick fire rounds and multiple choice face offs. In the final round, contestants up their prize funds by answering questions correctly, with the chance of winning a large cash prize. But, will they lose their nerve and reach out for the Panic Button in desperation to stop the clock? That panic in itself means they need another contestant to stay calm for one last time. Panic Attack was presented by Catherine Baker at the rest of U.S. and Canada. The series is a syndicated quiz-show created by Stephen Stewart for Lucky Monday Productions and first transmitted on Discovery Kids Channel in September 11, 2000 and last transmitted on May 17, 2002. Discovery Channel promoted Panic Attack for reruns from 2002 until 2003 with full episodes at 8:30 PM.


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