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      Evicted for No Reason
    • Who Wants to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire?
      Bitcoin is the world's leading virtual currency, but unlike real money, it is not backed by a government or properly regulated. Bitcoin is exchanged and held digitally by users - which is attractive to criminals selling drugs, pornography and arms. But now Bitcoin is moving into the mainstream and being openly marketed as an investment opportunity.moreless
    • My Return From Is
      My Return From Is
      Episode 55
    • Addicted: Last Chance Mums
    • White Fright: Divided Britain
    • Trump Voters: One Year on
    • Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed
      Current affairs programme featuring interviews and investigative reports.
    • Myanmar: The Hidden Truth
      In August 2017, 11-year-old Monzur Ali saw things no child should ever see. Military helicopters landed on the football pitch in his village in Northern Rakhine in Myanmar. 'We didn't really want to leave my village but there was a lot of shooting. Some people were hanged from trees and shot. The dead bodies were left hanging', Monzur told Panorama.moreless
    • The Billion Pound Vat Scam
      Current affairs programme featuring interviews and investigative reports.
    • Germany's New Nazis
    • Africa's Billion Pound Migrant Trail
    • Why Mum Died: Britain's Sepsis Crisis
    • Plane Drunk
      Plane Drunk
      Episode 45
      Panorama investigates the growing numbers of British passengers flying drunk. Tina Daheley uncovers footage filmed by passengers, and meets whistleblowers from the airline industry, who reveal just how badly journeys are being disrupted. With figures showing a rise in drink related incidents and arrests, Tina asks how airlines are fighting the problem and meets the Majorcan official sick of Brits arriving drunk.moreless
    • Trouble at the Rspca
    • Trump's Fortress America
    • Election 2017: What Just Happened?
    • Trump's First 100 Days
      We're getting used to seeing a new Trump headline every day - or even several times a day. But we're all still clueless about what to expect next. A missile strike on Syria from an avowed America first president? As the unpredictable president approaches his milestone hundredth day in office, Jeremy Paxman crosses the US for a wry and searching examination of the whirlwind past three months. He'll attempt to make sense of the Trump agenda - and ask if it even makes sense to the man himself. Jeremy asks what America - and the world - will look like after four years of Trump, and wonders if America's unlikely president might even have his sights set on four more.moreless
    • The Spy in the IRA
      The Spy in the IRA
      Episode 41
    • Inside the Litter Police
      Panorama goes undercover inside Britain's rapidly expanding litter police and reveals the methods behind the soaring litter fines - over 140,000 were handed out last year. We hear from people who have been stung with hefty fines for offences like pouring coffee down the drain, dropping tiny pieces of orange peel and even leaving out their weekly rubbish.moreless
    • The Benefits Cap: Is It Working?
    • The Spy in the IRA
      The Spy in the IRA
      Episode 37
      The story behind one of Britain's most important spies since the Second World War. Code-named Stakeknife, Freddie Scappaticci worked for the IRA for decades, in charge of rooting out and executing suspected informers - but he was also spying for the British security services. Scappaticci denies the allegations, but is now the subject of a £35million criminal inquiry.moreless
    • Marine Le Pen: Who's Funding France's Far Right?
    • Westminister Terror Attack
      On 22 March 2017, the UK Parliament came under attack in the most serious terror incident in the country for over a decade. Speaking to witnesses and the injured, BBC Panorama pieces together what happened during the attack that left five people, including the attacker, dead and many more injured. The programme also looks into the life of Khalid Masood to ask what motivated him to carry out this fatal terror attack.moreless
    • Marine A: The Inside Story
    • Britain's Home-Care Crisis
    • Marine A: Guilty as Charged?
    • The Mystery of the Unknown Man
    • Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?
    • John Simpson: 50 Years on the Frontline
    • The Changing Face of Terror
      With their stronghold of Mosul under fierce attack and Raqqa next in the frame, IS has intensified its global propaganda offensive, calling for more lone jihadis - 'lone wolves' - to slaughter civilians using knives and trucks 'plunged at high speed into a large gathering of unbelievers'. In this film for Panorama, reporter Peter Taylor investigates the escalation of this global phenomenon.moreless
    • Inside Britain's Fertility Business
    • Nursing Homes Undercover
    • The Trouble with Our Trains
    • How Rolls-Royce Bribed Its Way Around the World
    • Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes
    • Bhs: How Did It Happen?
    • Aleppo: Life Under Siege
    • Labour: Is the Party Over?
    • Why Are Gambling Machines Addictive?
    • Inside North Korea
      Inside North Korea
      Episode 25
      In May 2016, BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was expelled from North Korea for showing disrespect and 'distorting facts'. He now tells the full story of his visit to the country and explores what his detention and interrogation by senior Korean officials say about this secretive state. He investigates the apparent upturn in the North Korean economy and asks if the signs of improvement are real.moreless
    • Living With Cuts: Austerity Town
    • Britain's Missing Young People
    • Trump's Angry America
    • Iraq: The Final Judgement
      As the country awaits next week's verdict from the long-delayed Iraq Inquiry into why we went to war and what the lessons should be, Jane Corbin returns to southern Iraq. With her are parents who lost a son, a soldier, there and the general who led British troops into battle. Why did it all go so wrong?moreless
    • The Orlando Nightclub Massacre
      It's America's worst nightmare: an armed gunman on the rampage. But what is it like to be caught up in the carnage of a mass shooting? Panorama tells the story of the Orlando massacre from the people who were there.
    • Seb Coe and the Corruption Scandal
      In his first year as president of world athletics, Lord Coe has had to deal with the fallout from the biggest corruption scandal the sport has ever seen. Mark Daly investigates what Lord Coe knew about the scandal and when, and also uncovers links between the IAAF president and the man at the centre of the corruption.moreless
    • Medicine's Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes
      Panorama looks at the breakthrough that could change the lives of everyone and everything on the planet. Gene editing is revolutionising medical research and could deliver new treatments - even cures for a host of diseases. It also gives scientists control over evolution, allowing genetic changes to be forced through species. But some are worried about letting the gene genie out of the bottle.moreless
    • Living with Dementia: Chris's Story
      In a powerful, multi-textured documentary filmed over almost two years, one family living with dementia reveals what life is really like behind closed doors. Using CCTV cameras, video diaries and a small, immersive film crew, the programme follows 55-year-old Chris Roberts from north Wales as he, his wife Jayne and his youngest daughter Kate come to terms with his Alzheimer's diagnosis.moreless
    • Antibiotic Crisis
      Antibiotic Crisis
      Episode 15
      Growing resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics is one of the biggest public health threats of modern times, with the potential to cause 80,000 deaths in the UK over the next 20 years. Experts say the use of a range of NHS 'last-resort' antibiotics in farming is risking the lives of future patients. Tom Heap asks if the commercial pressure to produce cheap meat and poultry is fuelling the rise of superbugs and meets the patients for whom the drugs have already stopped working.moreless
    • Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed
      Panorama investigates the ruthless world of the dog trade. Using secret filming, reporter Sam Poling tracks the supply chain of the country's favourite pet, and uncovers some shocking truths about where and how these animals are being bred.
    • Is Steel Worth Saving?
      As the UK steel industry fights for its survival, John Humphrys is in Port Talbot in South Wales to investigate whether it has a future and asks if taxpayers' money should be used to shore it up in the hope that better times will return.
    • I'm Broken Inside: Sara's Story
      Sara Green was a teenager betrayed by a mental health system designed to protect her. Using Sara's own words taken from her diary, Panorama reveals the failings of a Priory hospital where she was an inpatient and where she took her own life in a misjudged cry for help. Peter Marshall asks what lessons can be drawn from Sara's story.moreless
    • Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed
      Reporter Richard Bilton exposes tax dodgers, criminals and world leaders who have been hiding their money and their secrets offshore. The rich and powerful have hidden billions of dollars in tax havens. They thought their financial secrets were safe, but now a huge leak of documents has revealed a world of secrecy, lies and crimes.moreless
    • Inside Europe's Terror Attacks
      From highly organised cells like the one that killed 130 people in Paris, to lone attackers within our own communities, Panorama reveals how the so-called Islamic State's terror network has been operating secretly in Europe, and Western intelligence agencies' battle to stop it.
    • Too Poor to Stay Warm
      Sixteen years ago, the government promised to protect people from the cold. It vowed to end fuel poverty by 2016, but the deadline has passed and millions of people still can't afford to keep their homes warm. Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam joins some of those struggling this winter and asks why thousands still die each year simply because their homes are too cold.moreless
    • Shaken Babies: What's the Truth?
      Parents face jail or losing their children, if courts find them guilty of harming their babies by shaking them. One doctor who regularly appears as an expert witness for the defence is now herself on trial accused by the General Medical Council of giving unreliable evidence in shaken baby cases. Reporter Alison Holt has exclusive access to the neuropathologist at the centre of a fight about the diagnosis of shaking.moreless
    • The Zika Baby Crisis
      Panorama travels to Brazil to investigate the Zika virus. The city of Recife is at the centre of an epidemic of cases of microcephaly - babies born with abnormally small heads who suffer from brain and limb deformities. Reporter Jane Corbin meets the families living with this tragedy and hears from doctors and scientists who are working to solve the riddle of the Zika virus.moreless
    • Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story
      Organised crime is the single biggest threat to the integrity of the police. With exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, Panorama has the inside story of how an organised crime syndicate arranged a hit on three police officers. Also speaking publicly for the first time are the law enforcement officials who tapped the phones of drug dealers, only to find themselves hearing corrupt police on the line. The programme reveals how Scotland Yard woke up to the extent of corruption and the extraordinary lengths that the criminals would go to in order to undermine the police's ability to catch them.moreless
    • The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II
      Pope John Paul II ruled the Catholic Church for 27 years until 2005. He was one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century, was revered by millions and was made a saint in record time. Now reporter Edward Stourton can offer a new perspective on the emotional life of this very public figure.moreless
    • Gangs, Guns and the Police
      When a seven-year-old boy and his mother were targeted and shot on their doorstep it became clear that a gang war in Salford had reached a shocking low. That came after the assassination of a mayoral candidate, as well as machete, grenade and chainsaw attacks. Panorama asks if the police have lost control of the streets and examines how a community can beat the cycle of guns and gangs.moreless
    • Putin's Secret Riches
      Vladimir Putin has been accused of corruption on a breathtaking scale. His critics say he's used his power to amass a secret fortune, so is the Russian president really one of the richest people in the world? Reporter Richard Bilton meets former Kremlin insiders who say they know how Putin's riches are hidden.moreless
    • Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis?
      One hundred thousand people in the UK have multiple sclerosis, an incurable condition that can result in permanent disability. Panorama has exclusive access to patients pioneering a crossover cancer treatment that has enabled some MS sufferers with paralysis to regain their movement.
    • Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed
      Undercover investigation into the treatment of young people in prison.
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