Pantry Raid

Season 1 Episode 8

Sarah Cristoffersen

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Sarah has no confidence in the kitchen. Too bad she's about to marry into a family of fabulous cooks! Her fiance has grown up eating gourmet meals, but lately their late-night dining has consisted of macaroni and cheese and cereal! Sarah is sick of the teasing (especially from her future father-in-law) and she's ready to show them that she can step it up in the kitchen. See what happens when Chef Michael helps this brave wife-to-be whip up an impressive Italian feast of mozzarella sticks with a tomato dip sauce, seared chicken topped with spinach, and chocolate chip canolis. And, it'll all be washed down with homemade pomegranate rum punch! Will her in-laws be impressed by her newfound cooking skills? Or will she still have a long way to go to make her future family happy? Stay tuned!moreless
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