Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Anime Network Online Premiered Oct 08, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Bitch Girls / Bitch Girls: 2 Bitch
    • 12/17/10
    • Inner Brief / Chuck to the Future / Chuck to the Future Part 2 / Chuck to the Future Part 3
      18: Panty & Stocking fall for a trap and are shrunken. Though Brief loves them dearly, their patience quickly runs out... They do something crazy. 19-21: Day and night, Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt abuse their trusty sidekick, Chuck. But it turns out he's been busy this whole time...
    • 16: The scene is Daten City beach. Beautiful semi-nude girls, glistening in sweat, and fighting to the death! 17: While looking around for men, Stocking falls in love at first sight! However, the man she falls for is absurdly ugly. What does destiny have in store for their relationship?
    • ...of the Dead / 1 Angry Ghost
      14: Panty & Stocking are acting as police chiefs for a day over in Romero Town when a new breed of Ghosts comes attacking. The sisters have to get scrappy when their normal Divine attacks don't work. 15: Panty & Stocking are put through a televised trial for the murder of a Ghost. The viewers at home are the jury! Their extra-crude behavior doesn't win them any mercy from said jury and the lawyer they choose is... what?! Are they going to be able to prove their innocence?!moreless
    • 11/12/10
      12: Panty & Stocking are spending all of their free time fighting. Seeing this, Brief wishes upon a shooting star in the hopes of them getting on better terms. However, said shooting star crashes into the church and launches the two sisters into an epic battle with the entire existence of all the cosmos hanging in the balance. 13: Panty & Stocking work hard battling Ghosts and play hard, spending lots of money on extravagant items. Garterbelt is sick of this and commands the sisters to do something about it in a very self-serving manner. Our heroines, now penniless, begin working part-time jobs on Brief's advice, but...moreless
    • Les Diaboliques
      Episode 6
      11: After a recent large surge of Ghosts, Panty & Stocking return to school, after a hiatus, to deal with them. However they get bogged down by the new rules laid out by some new transfer students.
    • The Runny / Vomiting Point
      9: Panty and Stocking meet a man named Oscar and are invited to a lavish party aboard a floating ship. In the middle of the Oscar Picker Therapy fad, a Ghost strikes. 10: Panty & Stocking are out in the glum Western side of Daten City when...
    • 7: Stocking goes on a diet after gaining some weight in light of her recent sweets binge. But apparently women throughout Daten City have been mysteriously getting fat lately... 8: The "Lingerie Run." One of the legendary events at Daten City School. Panty & Stocking, bored of all the Ghost hunting lately, decide to enter this event - a run around the city in nothing but their skivvies...moreless
    • 10/15/10
      5: Panty & Stocking announce their breakup after one too many meaningless arguments. After they split up, at the worst possible time, a Ghost extinguishing order is issued from above. 6: We begin with a group of young soldiers, on the cusp of storming the hill and releasing their payload, even if it means their demise. At the same time, Garterbelt is seen going mad inside the church, mumbling about being out of tissue paper...moreless
    • When the Anarchy Sisters go back to school, Panty starts a cat fight with the demonic queen bee of Daten High. Too bad the fallen angel's celebrity status is suddenly squashed by a scandalous home video!
    • Toilets are eating many people lately in Daten City. In order to rid the city of the Ghost, the priest, Garterbelt, dispatches the two angels, Panty and Stocking, to the scene. -- Panty, as easy as usual, is engaging in a one night stand with a biker in her regular haunt, the Immoral Motel. While this is going on, Stocking engages in a high speed car chase with an out of control, mysterious sports car on the freeway.moreless