Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat

Animax Entertainment (ended 2002)



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Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat

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This show is a prequel series to 'Di Gi Charat'. Panyo Panyo takes a look at the gang's younger days. Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema and their new friends Rinna and MeeK visit various locations on their home planet making people happy. However, Deji Devil and Piyoko will try to thwart their happy plans in order to make everybody sad. Episodes last a little over five minutes and are grouped in fours.


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  • Best children's anime ever

    In short cute charatcters enjoyable episode amazing animation and vocie acting for the english dub. And its way better than that horrible oringal. My favorite episode was episode 9 cause its really really funny. I cant belive they cancelled this it could have been good for Nick or Cartoon Network but the english version didnt air on those popular childern's networks at the time. I will review the others too. So my ratings:

    Plot 8/10

    Characters 10/10

    Episodes 10/10

    Animation 10/10

    Music 9/10

    Voice actiong 5/10 for japnese 10/10 for english

    Really awesome show really good to check out soon really really soon its that good.moreless
  • Well not much of a story in this anime. Well Dejiko wanted to make people happy and her new friends goes along with her adventures.

    Well after the failure of Di Gi Charat and they have decided to tryout their luck by releasing their cuter versions of Dejiko and the gang and overall a poorly made anime didn't say anything.


    +Cute As Heck

    +Great Cartoon Style Artwork

    Cons: -Short Episodes

    -Weak Storyline

    -Bland Music

    -Bland Backgrounds

    Well it's a pretty poorly made anime but it's not that great that some people say. Well this is a pretty decent for it's time it hasn't aged well as if for sure. They parody Ghostbusters sometime in the thrid volume and they also parody some other things like Galaxy Angel. Well I may recommed it if your a big Di Gi Charat fan but I shall warn you through you may hate it later like I did.moreless
  • Such an adorable tv series! ^_^

    I never saw this anime when it was on TV but then I discovered it when I was looking threw anime and manga stuff at my favorite comic book store. I wrote down the title and watched several episodes on YouTube. This is one of the most cutest anime shows I've ever seen. It's about these 4 little girls who try to make the world a happier place but a devil wants to make the whole world miserble so the girls have to stop him from doing those bad things. Some episodes are so cute! Especially the ones where the girls help someone else be able to do what they've always wanted to do. I think this show is good for all ages! If you love shows with friend ship, helping people and caring, this is the kind of show for you.moreless
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