Paper Dolls

ABC (ended 1984)


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  • So bad it's good...

    Okay this is not the best show to ever be on television, but it's certainly not the worst. There was something about this show when I first saw it on SoapNet last year that made me keep tuning in. Perhaps it was the fact that with a cast that had so much talent (Mimi Rogers, Lloyd Bridges, and Brenda Vaccarro-- for starters), the writing just wasn't there.

    I actually think that Nicollette Sheridan and Terry Farrell where really great in their roles as Taryn Blake, the washed out model and Laurie Caswell, the up and coming star. Although, they were both really young, they clearly knew how to act which is something you rarely see on any television show with young people in any decade.

    The storylines were pretty blah. Sometimes, it focused a tad bit too much on Morgan Fairchild's character Racine and how she and Wesley Harper where trying to overthrough his father and brother-in-law. However, the problem with the show was it worked well as a television movie, and might have worked as a limited series, but as a television show in general, it couldn't have worked at all.

    However, if you see it on SoapNet, you should take a look, if only for the camp value alone.

    Final Grade: B-
    Camp Grade: A
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