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Episode Guide


  • Double Trouble in Pappyland
  • Lost in Pappyland
    Lost in Pappyland
    Episode 64
  • Pappy's Alphabet Drawing Adventure
  • Donkey Dan's Goofy Giggles
  • Buddy Bear Joins the Circus
  • The Power Pappy Adventure
  • The Giant Pappy Adventure
  • Oakie Learns to Share
  • Buddy Bear Gets a Honey of a Belly
  • Buddy Bear Learns About Love
  • Trouble at the Pappyland Art Festival
  • The Big Whopper
    The Big Whopper
    Episode 43
  • The Best Doodler in the Land
  • Pappy's Drawing with Number Adventures
  • Pumpkid Learns About Trust
  • First Things First for Binky
  • Donkey Dan's Special Visit
  • A Pappyland Christmas
  • Miss Maple Forgets to be Nice
  • Hollywood Comes to Pappyland
  • Snacker Jack and the Snack Attack
    Pappy teaches Snacker Jack about healthy eating.
  • Pappy's Creative Camping Adventure
    Everyone in Pappyland goes on a camping adventure as only Pappy can deliver! Along the way, Pappy shows his pals how to look around and use their senses to open up to the world around them for greater creative expression. Upon reaching the campsite, Buddy Bear realizes all he brought with him is a jar of honey! Pappy uses a special drawing to help Buddy understand the importance of being prepared.moreless
  • The Search for the Secret Treasure
    Pappy gets an urgent phone call from Elmer who has just discovered a treasure map! This starts a hunt for the most prized possession in Pappyland--the secret to creativity! Pappy and his pals learn how cooperation helps us reach our goals, and the special drawing reveals the last clue needed to find the hidden treasure. Finally, everyone shares the treasured secret of creativity.moreless
  • It's Okay to be Different
    A dejected Buddy Bear hesitates to send a picture to his pen pal because he thinks he looks too "different". Pappy explains that the differences between friends actually makes each of them special. A drawing of three flowers in a garden helps explain the idea to Buddy. Everyone in Pappyland learns that it's not what's on the outside that's important, it's what a person is like on the inside that counts... and being different is really just being yourself.moreless
  • Mailbird Gets Organized
    Mailbird delivers an important letter to Pappy, except it's addressed to Buddy Bear! Soon the Pappyland phone lines are ringing as Chucky Woodchuckles, Donkey Dan, Pumpkin Pop and Pumpkid, and everyone else in Pappyland gets the wrong mail! Mailbird needs to get organized! With a little help from Pappy and his pals, Mailbird learns a lesson about organization. Before long, the Pappyland Post Office is back in operation.moreless
  • Buddy Bear's Bad Dream

    A thunderstorm hits Pappyland and the lights go out in the cabin just as Pappy enters. All Pappy's cabin pals are afraid. Pappy explains why it's OK to be afraid and how the characters can cope with their fear. After the lights come back on, Pappy learns that Buddy Bear is having a bad dream at the hamlet and rushes there to help. Pappy's drawing of a big elephant afraid of a tiny mouse, plus a song about being afraid, helps everyone understand how to face their fears in a positive way.

  • Would You be Woody's Friend?

    Woody is feeling stuck, and not just because he is a tree rooted to the ground. Woody is convinced the only reason his friends visit him is because he's on the main path through Pappyland and they can't avoid him. A heartwarming visit by Pappy and Chucky changes his mind, and a very special drawing makes Woody the surprise star of the show.

  • The Day Pappyland Lost Its Colors

    When Pappy walks into the cabin, everything is in black & white! A Pappyland emergency unfolds when it is learned the "Color Taker", a selfish bully resembling a vacuum cleaner, is loose again and taking all the color out of Pappyland. Pappy does a special drawing that shows Color Taker that being a bully is not the best way to get what he wants-- and Pappyland is saved with all the colors restored.

  • Turtle Lou's Lucky Sneakers

    It's time for the annual Pappyland race and Turtle Lou has lost his lucky sneakers! With the help of his friends, Turtle Lou gains the confidence he needs to run the race even without his "lucky" sneakers. Pappy's pals learn that a sense of community means helping others, and that includes everyone doing their best.

  • Did You Ever Want to Be...

    Mailbird delivers a special letter from a youngster who wants to know how he can become an artist! This leads Pappy and his pals on a fun adventure where everyone learns how to be the best they can be--and how to be open to all possibilities. A drawing of a scientist who keeps experimenting comes to life and encourages the boys and girls to keep reaching for their goals.

  • Pappy's Imaginary Space Adventure

    Inspired by a drawing of a space creature that comes to life, Pappy and his pals use the fuel of their imaginations to blast off into outer space with the cabin as their space ship! This exciting celestial adventure takes them soaring by planets, and meeting up with Sing-a-Song Sam on the moon. Everyone has fun discovering "there's no limitation to your imagination!"

  • I'm Not a Good Enough Artist

    Buddy Bear can't paint the sunset in Pappyland as well as all the other Pappy pals... at least, that's what he thinks until Pappy shows how everything we create is special in its own way. Buddy learns that being a good artist is expressing yourself in ways that make you feel good, and as a result he becomes proud of his creations.

  • The Case of the Lost Watercolor Set

    In this episode, Chucky Woodchuckles is distraught because he has lost the watercolor set he borrowed from Mailbird. Chucky has also borrowed other things from his friends in Pappyland, including crayons from Pappy-- and he can't find any of them! A special drawing from Pappy helps Chucky learn about responsibility.

  • Fish Face and Turtle Lou Talk Things Through

    Turtle Lou is upset at Fish Face. He thinks Fish Face is teasing him by calling him a name he's never heard before. In this episode, Turtle Lou learns the importance of talking things through.

  • Turtle Lou Minds His Manners

    Pappy helps Turtle Lou polish up his manners so he'll be ready to greet a special guest. By the end of this show, Buddy Bear, Elmer, and even Binky the Brush find out that good manners bring good feelings to everyone.

  • Donkey Dan and Buddy Bear Cook Up an Idea

    Donkey Dan and Buddy Bear discover how Pappy gets inspiration for his imagination. Before long, all of Pappyland is joining in a celebration of imagination.

  • Turtle Lou and Buddy Bear Play Fair with Chucky

    Buddy Bear and Turtle Lou are trying to enjoy a game of checkers. The dilemma is Chucky wants to play as well, and only two can play the game. Pappy helps teach everyone the importance of fairness.

  • Chucky Plants Some Clover
    Chucky Woodchuckles wants to plant clover around his place, but he's afraid he might not do it right. Luckily for Chucky, Pappy has a few ideas to help Chucky build up his self-confidence.
  • Turtle Lou Gets a Package
    Mailbird delivers a surprise package for Turtle Lou, but no one can get his attention to open it. In this episode Turtle Lou learns the importance of listening.
  • Eloise and Elmer Compliment Each Other
    Elmer's sister, Eloise, visits Pappyland and teaches Elmer (with Pappy's help) a few things about giving and accepting approval.
  • Buddy Bear and Turtle Lou Trade Places
    Pappy discovers Buddy Bear and Turtle Lou can't agree on a path to take for their walk. In this episode Pappy teaches both about being sensitive to another point-of-view.
  • Donkey Dan Gets a Case of the Jittery Nerves
    The Hee-Haw-Hoedown is tonight and Donkey Dan wants to go, but is nervous because he can't dance. With the help of Pappy, Donkey Dan discovers coping strategies to help get rid of the jittery nerves.
  • Pappy Talks With His Hands
    Buddy Bear's pen pal, Elizabeth, visits Pappyland and Buddy Bear is worried he can't talk to her because she is hearing impaired. Pappy demonstrates there are many ways to communicate, including sign language.
  • Chucky Learns to Keep Trying!
    Pappy teaches Chucky Woodchuckles, who is learning to read, that perserverance is needed to learn new things and that making progress feels great!
  • Chucky Wins At Having Fun
    With Pappy's help, Chucky Woodchuckles discovers from Turtle Lou that there is much more to competition than coming in first.
  • Elmer's Birthday Party Mystery
    Elmer is missing on the day of his surprise birthday party, and everyone in Pappyland learns about the meaning of concern.
  • The power pappy adventure.
    When pappy enters the cabin, Elmer just finish "Power Pete", all of his cabin friends just argue about that they can't see the tv. And then this gives pappy an idea that they can imagining that there on a adventure of power pete. But bell has a different idea for a different hero: Power Pappy. So Pappy & the kids are on an adventure of power pappy to save the day to help Doodle Bug to help his artwork.moreless