Paradise City

Season 1 Episode 4

Lions and Cheetahs

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 18, 2007 on E!

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  • Molly wants to make it clear it's her world and that Jenner is a little fish in a big pond.

    I feel bad for Jenner in this episode. Molly knows that Jack and Jenner have something going on yet she decides to vent her jealousy by verbally attacking and belittling her at lunch. She keeps asking Jenner questions but doesn't even give her a chance to speak and/or answer the question before firing another one at her. She acts as if she already knows the answers, has become judge, jury and executioner of Jenner's career and makes sure to mention that she has been crushing on Jack for years. After her actions on the red carpet I don't even know why Jenner puts herself in a position to be around Molly.