Paradise Falls

Showcase (ended 2008)





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  • If you don't live in Canada, at least you can catch the rebroadcast of this little gem of a series on Here! (

    It all seems so prim and proper when it first starts out. If you blink, you may even miss the goings own under the covers in this little Canadian town.

    How can a town this small have this many murders?
    What's with the good witches and lesbians? Did they all move to Paradise Falls?
    Hold on! Did that woman used to be a man?
    What scheming politician is plumbing new depths of public corruption?
    Don't bat an eyelash when people start poppin' out of the closet either.

    The scandal gets juicy, but you still love the characters (even the mean ones). I can't wait for each installment. Moreover, I'm puzzled as to why this was series was considered to risqué for Showtime to put on in the states (okay it has a little T & A), but shortly after that, Queer As Folk was Okey Dokey!