Paradise Hotel

MyNetwork TV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Reunion Show
      Reunion Show
      Episode 17
      The cast of Paradise Hotel 2 get together to relive and discuss their adventure.
    • Season Finale
      Episode 16
      The power is in several of the former guests' hands as the final teams, Ryan and Tidisha & Zack and Stephanie, are put in the hot seat. Who will walk away with the grand prize?
    • The Ultimate Power
      Episode 15
      Each of the remaining players must choose one guest to have the ultimate power of sending a couple out of paradise. Meanwhile, several guests return to help decide which of the two final couples to win.
    • Odd Man Out
      Episode 14
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    • 4/28/08
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    • 4/21/08
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    • 4/14/08
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    • A Tearful Farewell
      Episode 10
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    • 3/31/08
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    • 3/24/08
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    • 3/17/08
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    • 3/10/08
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    • 3/3/08
      The guys are nervous when a new girl, a blonde bombshell, arrives. The girl, named Stephanie, makes quite a scene when she gets punch-drunk during a late night party and demonstrates rude behavior. The next day, Stephanie takes two of the men on a hot-tub date. Meanwhile, other relationships continue to develop, while the cast anticipate both the next Pandora's Box and elimination.moreless
    • Finger Painting
      Episode 4
      As the new boy Johnny continues to stir the pot, the contestants face a looming elimination. The tension and sexual games are upped with a steamy body-painting competition judged by Johnny. The contestants all ponder various moves, while Krista contemplates the changing nature of the program. Things come to a head when Johnny, immune from that night's elimination, is required to make his choice of a roommate, sending one man home.moreless
    • 2/18/08
      Coming soon!
    • 2/11/08
      James is mad at Chelsea for hooking up with Ryan. Tanya, the guest in the single room, gets to go on two dates with two guys of her choice. She picks Mike and Ryan, Krista and Lauren's current roommates. She gets along really well with Mike because they have a lot in common. One thing is that they are both very sexual. Tanya has a free pass for the first elimination because she's never had a roommate and nobody leaves paradise without having a roommate. Except that night Mike spends the night in the single room with her. At the elimination ceremony, she learns that since Mike spent the night in her room, she is no longer safe from going home. Knowing that, she decides to go to Mike. Lauren goes back to Ryan, Charte goes back to Nate, and Tidisha goes back to Raheim. Krista goes to Chelsea's current roommate James. With only one option, Chelsea goes to Ryan. Ryan has to decide between Lauren and Chelsea. He picks Lauren, making Chelsea the first person to check out of paradise.moreless
    • 2/4/08
      Single men and women looking for love arrive at Paradise Hotel for the series' second run. There, they learn that while they have the chance at romance, not everything is as rosy as it seems. Each week, one will be eliminated, and to make things more difficult, there are more women than men. The two groups are required to pair off, but one woman is left on her own, a spoiler who must try to break up another couple before the first elimination ceremony. As the games begin, personality-types emerge, with Raheim appearing as a disliked "player" and Mike as a hot man who could appeal to several of the women. After the pairings, the contestants are left in their rooms overnight, though some find more romance than others. Tension mounts as the first elimination draws near.moreless
    • The Return Of
      The Return Of
      Episode 1
      Paradise Hotel is back! Eleven new sexy singles arrive at the luxurious hideaway and pick their first roommate as they start their quest for the ultimate prize. The goal: pair up or go home!
  • Season 1