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    • Episode 25
      Episode 25
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Someone give the guy a medal: Scott has finally realized that his time in Paradise isn't really reality. Dave jokes that after it's all over he should move to Chicago in order to be near his buddy Toni. Maybe they can even do a celebrity boxing match together. Scott and Dave learn that the girls will be preparing their lunch. "This is guys' week!" Dave exclaims giddily. But all is not peachy in the Scott/Dave camp. Scott had heard from Matt and the other evicted guests that Dave has lied to him. Dave confesses that he did set up a Pandora's Box question for Matt. He had wanted Matt to name Scott as someone he could not trust. Dave admits that it was a stupid thing to do. His goal was to get Matt back in, not get him on his side over Scott's. The ever-ebullient Scott feels manipulated. Melanie and Amy discuss how Scott said in the Pandora's Box that he would pick Holly over Melanie. Since she had a pact with Scott when she was first at the hotel, Melanie assumed that they would resume this agreement upon her return. (Maybe if she had put out the first time around, she wouldn't be in this predicament?) Melanie wants to be respectful for whatever "thing" he has with Holly, but she isn't sure whether she is upset or not. Amy is confident that things can change. Beau interrupts the girl bonding session to tell them that he wants Tara out over Charla. Tara had done things behind his back. (Like make out with him?) Then Scott comes into the room, announcing that he'd rather that Charla is booted first. Scott confronts Melanie about what he said during the Pandora's Box. She acknowledges that her feelings were hurt when he chose Holly. Melanie then gets into bed to snuggle with him, causing Scott to hurriedly jump out of the bed. Meanwhile, a full gourmet kitchen is set up in the Grand Salon. Desiree thought that the whole cooking thing was a joke. "I don't do meat," she pronounces, much to the guys' disappointment. The girls prove to be hapless cooks, with Amy being the worst of them all. Charla holds up a knife. "She'd better not stab me in the back," Dave laughs. Keith misses both breakfast and lunch because he is sick. Tara brings him peanut butter and jelly in bed. "Something's going to happen tonight," he says wearily through his illness. "Something weird." Everyone is given a survey to fill out. They each must name one rival and two allies of the same sex. "This has got end game written all over it," Dave muses. Tara is sure that it means she will be kicked out. Scott tells Charla and Dave that his biggest rival is either Keith or Dave. Dave is stunned, because he considers Scott an ally. Later, Dave and Tara map out who they think everyone will list. Over-thinking the whole thing, Dave says he doesn't like to over-think stuff because he is sure that this won't be a normal vote off. Tara complains once again that it will be either her or Charla who goes home. In another bedroom, Amy moans that she will be the one to be voted out. She'd rather leave then prohibit one of her friends from winning. (Um, has she not figured out the weekly competition yet?) Beau yells at her and Amy weeps. "This whole game is about testing our relationships with each other," she cries out to him. Tara and Charla toast their friendship over a couple of Twix bars. They are proud of themselves for progressing as far as they did. Charla says that Tara made her happy because she finally found a friend. Dave knows that Charla is the biggest target, but he promises to send her home if that's what she wants. Charla wants to leave it in God's hands. Amen! Beau still tries to convince Amy to not give up. He doesn't want to lose her and, even more self-centeredly, he needs her help. "Amy, we still have a job to do," he says unconvincingly. Beau tries to persuade Amy further by saying it's not what "HE" would want her to do. (Is Zack God? Or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named? Will Charla then leave it in Zack's hands?) The girls line up as Host Amanda begins the dreaded weekly elimination ceremony. Desiree chooses her roommate first, snatching Tom back from the evil death grip of Tara. No shocker that Amy goes for Beau. Melanie scampers around the men huffing and puffing until she finally picks Dave. The look on his face gives away that he thinks he might have a shot with her. Holly walks directly over to Scott. She's relieved that Melanie didn't go for him. Charla picks Dave. "If anyone's gonna send me home, I'd rather it be Dave," she says. Tara goes to the only remaining guy -- Keith. Keith must be sick because his hair is longer and curlier than usual. It's now up to Dave. Despite any issues that may have arisen between them, Charla has been his friend all summer. Dave will be loyal and select her, but hopes that some kind of twist will save Melanie. Host Amanda does have a shocking twist, but it ain't making it any easier for Melanie. She won't be the only one to check out. Host Amanda asks Melanie to name her rival. Desiree and Amy smile when she says Charla's name. Then Melanie is asked to list her two allies -- Desiree and Amy. Melanie is then told to select one ally to take home with her. Desiree immediately runs to join Melanie in a show of support to Amy's survival campaign. Amy thinks it's unfair, but Melanie agrees that it should be Desiree who will be kicked out. The two girls leave, believing that Amy deserves to win. Knowing that Melanie went after Charla because she gave her the boot in the first elimination, Charla finds it hard to believe that Melanie has held a grudge for this long. Tara tells her to be happy. All these people wanted her gone but she's still there. Beau, Amy and Tom lament the loss of Desiree. Beau thinks that all the good people leave. (Was Desiree that good?) Amy agrees, fondly remembering Zack. It's been a full few days since she's slept with him. Holly is upset that Scott hangs out with Charla and Tara more than anyone else, including Holly. She doesn't understand why he's not bonding with his allies. Scott refuses to alienate Charla and Tara. He brings up the Melanie situation. Scott has respect for Melanie because she gave herself up in order to not put a wedge between him and Holly. "You should have picked her if she's better than me," Holly whines. This makes the milquetoast Scott even angrier. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Charla teases Keith about his incessant flirting with her. Yet she gives it right back to him in a bear hug. Dave sits alone and ponders Charla. Although he told her that he has full trust in her, where does she stand? At breakfast, the guys discuss what the King and Queen will get to do with their power. Dave jokes that he has already kissed a few babies and a monkey that morning to rally for votes. Charla is excited because she's never voted for anything before. Dave takes the campaigning seriously. He makes sure Holly knows that he would make a fine king. Everyone submits nominations, and Host Amanda makes the announcement. It's Alex vs. Dave for king, while Amy will go up against Tara for queen. The four must spend the day campaigning. There will also be a swimsuit competition and a debate. Dave comments that he needs to win the debate because Alex is sure to take the swimsuit contest. Everyone applauds when Smokey is given his own necklace. Tom thanks them for accepting his monkey. They all gather poolside for the swimsuit competition. Alex parades out in a shaving cream-covered Speedo. Amy dons a tin foil bathing suit and colored, spiked hair. Tara sashays out in a wrap. She removes it to reveal a miniature bikini. Dave clods into the pool area wearing a suit and tie. He soon strips down to swim trunks. Everyone gets into the election spirit, making posters for their favorite candidates. Tara thinks that, if Alex and Amy win, all hell would break loose. Dave tells Amy that he truly hopes she will win. But he gives Keith questions to ask Amy during the debate to embarrass her. That night, Scott serves as moderator for the debate. The guys are up first. Dave pledges that he will consider everyone's opinions about who to trust. The floor is opened to questions, and Keith asks Alex whether he knew about the cheating that went on during Casino Night. Alex owns up to it. But he complains that, although everyone knew what he and Kristin did, they all still wanted his money. It only became an issue after the vote-off. Kristin wants to know how Dave will handle the pressures of being King amidst all his childish behavior. Dave thinks it's ironic that the label is put upon him when he's the least immature of the group. Alex displays a poster that charts the fun that has occurred over the weeks they have been in Paradise. It was "scary fun" when they first got there, but slid to only "average" amounts of fun in the following weeks. After Amanda left, the fun level burst back up to "scary." Since then, the fun has dropped significantly. Now the fun is at the "we don't know" stage. Alex vows to bring the fun level back up to a point where "it's so scary, you're afraid for your life." Dave tells everyone that there is something more important than fun. He plans to build relationships based on respect, rather than on the rivalry between Originals and Newcomers. The girl candidates are up next. Alex questions Tara about Beau. She made it seem like she didn't want Beau to leave, but then gave Dave her money to kick him out. Tara explains that she handed over her money to Dave without knowing what his plans were. Keith asks Amy about her grudge against him. Amy says that she won't change what she's said in the past because it would make her inconsistent. Tara claims to be "real," and she pulls the socks from her bra to prove it. Amy's campaign slogan is "Keep it real and have fun." Everyone casts their votes in the ballot box. Alex marks down himself and Tara. Amy writes down the same selections, choosing not to vote for herself. At the Paradise Disco, Host Amanda announces that Tara is the new Queen. As she is crowned with flowers, Charla cries. Dave is named the King of Paradise. He hugs Charla. Alex looks bummed. Host Amanda informs them that they will have privileges only befitting royalty. Tara will be saved from elimination. King Dave and Queen Tara must choose one of the girls to check out of Paradise. Everyone is shocked when they find out that the roommate selection will occur the following night. Champagne is poured while everyone dances. Tom and Desiree get down on the floor. Amy pulls some of her cheerleading moves as Kristin ponies up to Dave. Dave knows that they are all kissing his ass to save themselves. Charla notes that suddenly everyone likes Dave. He tells her that he already knows who he will evict. But Charla says that he made a campaign promise to speak for the entire group. Charla discusses Tara with Keith. She thinks Tara is the weak link in their plan. Tara had told Keith that she wants to ally with him the way Kristin did with Alex. He prepares what he will say to Tara in response. Keith knows that he owes Dave and Charla for protecting him all these weeks. He will not go against them. Charla wants to be one of the last original girls standing. She thinks it's funny that no one realizes that she and Dave have formed a strong alliance. However, she really likes rooming with Keith. Meanwhile Scott and Holly snuggle in their bed. She asks him who he wants off. Scott doesn't give an answer. Holly just might be the one to leave. The next morning, Tara is still overwhelmed that she was crowned Queen. Keith is happy for her, and picks her up in glee. "Things are going to get ugly," he confesses. Kristin is pissed that "they win everything." Alex and Amy listen to Kristin's rant, but neither one admits that they actually voted for Tara. Alex wants to tell Charla off because she is boring and doesn't ever leave her room. He also hates Keith, and calls him a dumb model. Alex can't understand why the others have the power to send him home each week. "This is not Paradise!" Alex screams. Dave comes to Tara to discuss their new entitlement. "We know what we're gonna do," he says. Tara, however, has other ideas. "I want Charla gone," she says bluntly. Dave is shocked. Fortunately, Tara is kidding. Dave sighs with relief. They plan to not meet with anyone so that there will be less suspicion. But Alex is already suspicious. He asks Keith if Dave and Tara have talked to him. Alex thinks it's weird that they are not basing their decision on everyone's feelings. Keith warns Dave that Alex is poking around. He advises him to approach each person. Yet Dave wants them all to come to him. It's not a majority vote. It's his vote. Dave finally does approach, and says that everyone else already told him who they want out. Alex won't answer that, but says that he has a problem with some who don't partake in group activities. Dave is not bothered by that sentiment. He promises that he will do what is best for the 6 or 7 people who voted for him. Alex doesn't think that is democratic. Dave is supposed to represent everyone. Yet Dave feels like he only owes the people who picked him. Right before the bedroom selection, Amy goes to Dave and Tara. She tells them that she is not happy anymore. She misses Zack. Tara tries to convince her that Zack would want her to stay. (Zack's not dead!) "Nothing is worth my happiness," Amy laments. "Take me out tonight. I'm ready." Dave says that they will carefully consider her request because she is someone he cares about. Amy hugs them both and asks them to grant her this favor. "Yeah! I'm going home tonight!" she says as she skips out happily. "This sucks really bad," Tara sighs to Dave. Host Amanda presents the King and Queen to their subjects. However, there are more surprises in store. Dave and Tara will room together for the next week. They will also have to quickly calculate who will room with whom. Dave and Tara go up to the Harem Room to deliberate. Tara already has her sights set on Kristin. "You cheat, you lie, you're out," she tells Dave. They decide that making Amy mad will only cause her to want to leave later on. "This is, by far, the biggest shakeup ever," Dave says to Tara after they make their final choices. The pair comes out quickly with the results. Dave tells Tom that he worked out so well with Desiree that they put them back together again. The royals feel that Keith needs a change, so they select Holly for him. Holly is relieved that she's not getting kicked out. Alex was the most difficult decision. They give him Charla. Kristin and Amy walk over to Scott, the only remaining guy. Scott holds both their hands. Amy seems confident that she is the one going home. Kristin squirms. The King and Queen decree that Scott's roommate will be Amy. She is angry. "That was supposed to be me," she says. "I don't want to be here anymore. That's not fair." Tara explains that she only came to them five minutes before the shuffle. Dave makes it clear that the decision was on behalf of the entire group. Amy is frustrated, and keeps saying that she doesn't want to be there. Amy asks Host Amanda to let her go in Kristin's place. Unfortunately, even if Amy decides to leave, Kristin will still get the boot. Kristin attempts to rationalize with Amy. Everyone else begs Amy not to go. She cries. "Zack wants you to stay. You know he wants you to finish this out," Kristin says. Amy finally agrees. She weeps as she hugs Kristin goodbye. But Kristin is perfectly calm. She says that she has been there a long time and has seen a lot of people go. "It sucks each time," she sighs. Kristin could tell by the looks on Dave and Tara's faces that she would be the one. "They were smart in getting rid of me," Kristin says as she checks out. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Tension's high post-Pandora game ever since Toni accused Dave of claiming he was the smartest person at the hotel. Everyone puts in their two cents, and all the men don't believe anything Dave says because he denied ever saying he was smart. After Amanda was also lambasted at the game, Charla pulls her aside. Charla doesn't like to see people ganged up on, and she convinces Amanda to tell Beau that she wants to stay. Think that'll work? Beau admits to Charla that he is the first person who doesn't want to lose Amanda. Charla grabs Tara and they strategize with Amanda on how to keep her there. They meet with Scott to get him into their plan. Charla wonders what would happen if Tara picked Zack in the bedroom selection. "Crap would go through the roof," Tara answers. Yet Tara approaches Zack and asks for his sage advice. (That's bonus points with Zack! He's part lawyer!) Zack recommends she make her own decision. (Good one!) He recalls his first day when he didn't tell anyone that he wanted to room with them and he got stuck with Amy. Boo! Not that she gets the wrong idea, Zack reminds Tara over and over that he and Amy aren't married. Then he tells her that she is beautiful and that all the guys are psyched that she's there. Tara responds by saying she wants to get to know him better. (BINGO! Triple extra bonus points in Zack's book.) From across the room, Kristin and Amy are annoyed because they can't hear what Zack and Tara are discussing… Zack relays his worries to Amy that they have more of a brother-sister relationship than a romantic one. "Like, it's kind of awkward," he says profoundly. He doesn't know how to give her a hug, only a punch. "What kind of relationship is this?" he asks. "Zack, sometimes you make it so hard for me," Amy says flustered. Amanda does not like to be around people who she has friction with. So when Toni and the Original forces confront her, Amanda becomes upset. Toni yells that Amanda was a sour puss on the beach excursion and that she deliberately cut herself off. Amanda knows that none of them wanted her around and that she was hurt by the accusations in the Pandora's Box game. Kristin thinks it's a joke that Amanda secluded herself when Jason came. "We never saw you for two days!" Kristin exclaims. After Jason left, Amanda was back hanging all over the guys. Now she's glomming onto Tara. It's as if she's always must be attached to someone. Amy thinks she's being sneaky and she doesn't trust her. She feels betrayed by her comment about ripping off Alex's clothes. Zack told Amy that Amanda had a sex dream about him. Amanda denies this, but Amy thinks Amanda is lying. She is sure that Zack wouldn't make that up. Amy leaves in a huff. "I didn't lose a friend. You lost a great friend," she says, as Amanda tears up. Alex wishes Beau would stand up to Amanda. He thinks they are both being deceitful. Beau walks in on this conversation Alex is having with Zack, Kristin and Amy. They confess to Beau that they want Amanda to leave. Beau doesn't know what to do. He's in a horrible position. He wants to stick to his word because he promised Amanda they would look out each other. Zack calls him a sucker. "Her life is not going to be fun," Beau says about Amanda. Amy plans to make Amanda's life a "living hell" if she gets to stay in Paradise. Charla, Tara and Amanda have a group prayer in wishing that Amanda stays. She hopes that Beau will ask her to pick him so that doesn't have to leave. Charla urges Amanda to talk to him. Amanda does, and Beau says that he got drilled by the others. He won't know what to do until Tara makes her pick. Tara knows she has the upper hand in the situation. She is aware that Amy is nice to her now but had attitude with her the day before. She's sure that Amy is jealous that Tara could possibly take Zack away. Tara has a friendship with Charla, but not with Kristen, Amy or Toni. She likes it that way. Host Amanda leads the bedroom selection, but makes Tara wait. Toni is up first. She doesn't go with Beau, but picks Scott because she has a bond with him. Even if it means she'll get the boot. Amanda skips Dave and goes for Scott as well. Was this part of the plan? Toni always looks like she's ready to cry, and she maintains this throughout the whole selection ordeal. Amy doesn't go for Zack this time and picks Alex. She explains that, although she wanted to go to Zack, there was a plan for her to pick Alex and she stuck to it. "This game is all about trust," she says. (Oh. We thought it was about hooking up.) Charla decisively walks over to Dave. "He's nice to me," she says. Dave can barely contain his glee at being chosen. Kristin goes with Zack, and she explains that she already checked with Amy about it. "We're not married," Zack quickly chimes in. Before Tara is given the opportunity to pick her roommate, Scott is forced to make a choice between Amanda and Toni. He bases his decision on what everyone else told him because he "trusts the logic of the people behind me." Oh, Scott! Since Amanda has distanced herself from the group for the last two weeks, he chooses Toni. Toni's calm response shows that she knew this would happen, which is so different from her usual gasps of shock and horror at any twist in the game. Amanda must walk over to Beau, the only guy left alone. Now it's up to Tara. Whoever she chooses will be her roommate uncontested. She hugs Amanda when she picks Beau. Toni, Kristin and Amy yelp in excitement. Their Originals troika has been protected. Tara is most attracted to Beau and she doesn't trust Amanda "as far as I can throw her." Amanda says that she is ready to go home, and tells the group, "You have taught me a lot about myself." She then thanks Beau for his support and their talks. Beau cries. "Good for you. I'm happy for you," he whimpers through the tears. Amanda loves Beau, but the power of Toni, Amy and Kristin wanting her gone was stronger. Amanda knows that it will soon happen to one of them. "Karma's a bitch," she says as she leaves the hotel forever. Host Amanda flies back to Los Angeles to meet the possible new guests. The first of the contestants is J Schiano, a rapper and a "boxer historian." He loves to party, and is worried about Dave. Dave jokes that he is not as tough as he comes off. Keith is a male model who is hot for all the girls in Paradise. He's Italian and is a good kisser (or so he's been told). Dave goes all street on J to make fun of his rapper image. Then Zack tries to smoke Keith by saying he has bad abs for a model, but Keith wins in the ab comparison contest. The chicks must dig abs because Keith gets the nod to join them at the hotel. Plus, Keith will get the same deal as Tara -- he gets to live in the Single and will kick out one of the original guys! -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      It's becoming a game of chess at Paradise Hotel, with everyone anticipating the moves that might send them home. Dave tells Scott that he made a deep connection with Charla (or so he is led to believe), and that he would be disappointed if she didn't choose him. Beau is convinced that Charla holds all the power in the game. Since the other girls would most likely pick one of the original guys, he thinks Charla can be secure by going with Dave. Charla is insistent that she doesn't want to leave Paradise, so she plans to strategize. Will she be forced to decide between more than one guy? She is sure that the others (the "little high school clique," as she refers to them) would be mad if she picked Dave. She doesn't even want to room with him. But Charla is even more certain that no one else would pick her next time around. Charla is grossed out by Dave's toes. However, she has realized everyone here is insincere. Who would she room with? Dave puts the pressure on Charla to form an alliance. He admits that he is used to working hard at obtaining a beautiful girl only to come out the sucker when she dumps him. Will this time be any different? All the boys are notified to pack up their stuff in the likelihood that they are forced to leave. "I'm the only person this stressed out in paradise," Dave says. The guys are bummed, but the girls understand what it feels like. Toni tells Alex not to worry, but then she cries to Andon. "I don't want to lose anybody," she says between sniffles. Beau is still harping over Amanda not accepting that they are "just friends." He doesn't see this show as a game. "It's real life," Beau says to the reality-show camera. Host Amanda conducts the next bedroom selection, and notifies the group of a new rule: no guy can pick the woman they are currently rooming with. Uh oh! The men are lined up to find the ladies of their choice, and Beau gets to go first because he's in the single room. He admits that it's been lonely being the outsider. Beau designates Amy as his suite-mate, which Amanda knew would happen. "I wanted to pick Amanda," he explains, but he hoped to make a statement so that everyone would know that he and Amanda are merely friends. Zack opts to slow things down a bit by partnering with Toni. He even makes a football time-out sign to halt whatever's been happening with Amy. Perhaps he thinks he can trade his nighttime romping partner for a pal to work out with. Dave is required to go with someone other than Amanda, his current bed buddy. He smiles before walking over to his woman. Surprise! He picks Charla. All his scheming paid off… so far. He says that she is the only one who knows what it's like to be an outsider. A wave of fear passes over Charla's face. She's probably concerned that their feet might touch in the middle of the night. Scott is next, and he walks over next to Zack at Toni's side. She is stunned. Zack is bummed that he no longer bagged the sure thing. Scott explains that he had an instant bond with Toni that only got stronger. Toni begins shaking. Now comes Alex, and to Toni's utter astonishment, he picks her as well. Her eyes bug out, and she mutters that she wants to throw up. Don't we all? Manly-man Andon steps forward. He goes for Amy because she is "straight-up fun." Kristin and Amanda sit alone, and Toni cries some more. Then Amy is forced to choose between Beau and Andon. She is tormented, but picks Beau. Amy apologizes to Andon, and Beau hugs him. Toni cries again. Now Toni's got the rough job of settling between the three guys. She is bawling. "I'm gonna need some strength," she whimpers as she puts her necklace on Alex. She cries some more and Alex consoles her. The remaining guys must go to one of the two loser girls not selected -- Amanda and Kristin. Zack picks Amanda (the girl he wanted over Amy the very first week!), and Scott chooses Kristin. Then, Andon goes for Amanda. Now Amanda's got to make the important decision and her reject will go home. Toni crosses her fingers as the two guys stand above Amanda's chair. Zack sneaks a peek at Andon, who looks down at his feet. Zack is confident that he's the one. Amanda makes a nice speech to both of them, but finally tells Andon that she is picking Zack. Toni can't believe it. Zack hugs Andon. Andon is sure that Amanda made her choice because Zack is tight with Beau -- her "friend." Toni and Amy both weep some more. "I'm losing my brother," Toni cries. After the selection is complete, Andon confesses that he does not like Kristin. "She's as smart as a box of wet hammers," he philosophizes. "Charla is an actress. You can't trust her," Andon explains. So is that why he tried to hook up with her? Yet Andon thinks Dave's got guts. That Andon must be a real good judge of character. The hotel guests still in paradise meet the two women who want to join them from Los Angeles. Contestant number one, Desiree, announces that the women would be scared of her while the guys will love her. As a massage therapist, she'd like to "deep tissue" a few of the boys there. Hearing this, Alex feigns a look of horror. Contestant two, Kavita, describes herself as a "whirlwind" and a "heartbreaker." Yet she pronounces the quote of the week when describing her least favorite body part. "Every girl is anal about their butt," she proclaims. Kavita thinks that Scott is cute, and that she would have picked Zack the first week unlike the others. Then Zack asks how Desiree feels about butt massages. She says his deep tissue will be "very, very, very hard." Zack doesn't get the joke at first. Beau wants to see Kavita's butt, and she wiggles it to his applause. Now the two applicants make a plea to the men. Kavita calls all the guys "sexpots," while Desiree says she'll be the hot fudge sundae to cool them down. She'll also bring the whipped cream. Apparently, the boys are satiated in their just desserts, because they decide to invite Kavita to join them in paradise. Kavita is jubilant. Dave claps enthusiastically via satellite. Does he think he has a shot with her? We'll see... -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 28
      Episode 28
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      Host Amanda warns the remaining six that they will now be treated as couples, with a pair going home after the next elimination. However, one person will be granted all the power to force out another couple. Everyone is speechless. Tara makes a toast to the last ones standing. The group is given invites for a 24-hour excursion. They are to pack up for the next morning. Keith is giddy that every person who wanted him out of Paradise is now gone. Dave tells Charla that he really does crave the power position. Tara warns Keith to be careful of what he says. She doesn't want to reveal their strategy to the other four. Keith talks to Scott, telling him that what Dave said in Pandora's Box unsettled him. Scott knows that Keith has never lied to him, but Scott thinks that Keith is merely shoring up his bases. Dave approaches the two guys as they are in deep discussion. They suddenly go silent, and Dave senses the awkwardness. Dave later asks Keith about it. Keith vows to stay secure with their foursome. Holly, meanwhile, is sick of the Barbies, hoping that she and Scott will be separated from them in the excursion. The show's main credits roll again, but this time the individual title cards are changed to couples! Everyone gets their way-too-early wakeup calls. They sleepily pile into separate cars. Scott is matched with Tara on a yacht where they are happily forced to work the sails. Charla and Keith are brought to a suite where they receive spa treatments. She was nervous about going because she thought the evictees were all waiting there for her. Yet they both relax because they know that neither has to manipulate each other for a vote. However, Keith hopes that Tara is working Scott on their behalf. He then admits to Charla that he was hurt by what Dave said in Pandora's Box. Dave and Holly, meanwhile, sip champagne and slurp aphrodisiac oysters together blissfully. Dave drops a bomb by saying that he is not so sure he would send Scott and Holly home first. He thinks Keith would dump him in order to win, even though they are supposedly friends. Holly is still convinced that Charla would kick her and Scott off in a heartbeat. Each person is brought to a Paradise villa to spend the night, but the surprise is that the couples have been switched again. Keith is now with Holly, Scott with Charla, and Dave with Tara. Scott jokes that it's been a long time since he and Charla roomed together. The last time, she tried to get him into her bed. Scott tries to ply Charla with champagne, but the ever-dry Charla stops at one glass. Keith and Holly argue loudly about who Dave would really choose to eliminate. From the room upstairs, Charla and Scott hear them fighting. The next morning everyone returns to Paradise Hotel and are handed another dreaded letter. They are all asked to pack their bags because one couple will be leaving that night after the final Pandora's Box game. Scott later tells Holly that he heard her yelling at Keith in the villa. Then Keith clues in Tara about the fight from the night before. It seems that Holly and Scott are under the impression that Dave would save them over Keith and Tara. Keith calls Dave out on it, and orders him to tell Scott the truth. Dave refuses because he does not want to spoil his current position. Tara and Keith agree that Dave is wrongly fooling Scott into thinking he is OK. They want Dave to clear the whole thing up. Dave thinks he'll be setting himself up for a fall if he does so. Keith storms out angry. Charla admits to Tara that Dave is making her look bad. Scott and Holly discuss the elimination. She originally wanted to kick out Tara and Keith, but now Dave's actions have showed him to be untrustworthy. Scott agrees. Holly says that Dave told her "not to worry." Scott thinks that Dave is playing both sides, and he calls Keith. Keith confirms that Dave did say that he would keep him over Scott. Holly tells Keith what Dave said to her the previous night about her not having anything to worry about. Keith is mad. He and Scott reinforce the fact that they have always been honest with each other. Keith then reports back to Tara on the Dave shenanigans. "I'm done with Dave," Tara says in a huff. Dave comes to Keith and admits that he is worried. Keith feels sold out by him. "Maybe I should be worried?" Keith wonders aloud. Dave says that he has always protected Scott because Scott has had his back from Day One. Keith asks why he is now lying to Scott. Dave doesn't answer. He is wracked with nerves. Everyone files into the Harem Room for the final Pandora's Box game. "Where nobody lies, and everybody tells the truth," Scott laughs. Does Holly still consider Tara a rival? Holly says that both Tara and Charla are now equally her competition. Charla has recently been quiet on her opinion of who should go home. What gives? Charla says she is always quiet, but that she sides with her Barbie buddies by naming Scott and Holly as the pair to leave next. Keith concurs that things have changed with Dave since the last Pandora's Box. He hopes that he hasn't lost trust in Dave. (Is that a threat?) Scott is asked whether he trusts Tara or Charla more. In a most political response, he says that neither has ever backstabbed him. Yet Scott had fun with Charla on their expedition and he would now choose her to stay. Dave is asked why they should give him the power if it's left up to them. He answers that although he has had a lot of power in the past, he wouldn't really relish it this time. Host Amanda comes in to stop the game. She informs the group that, unfortunately, they will have to decide amongst themselves who will be granted the power. Yet they can't pick themselves or their roommates. Everyone becomes stressed. Scott is sickened by the turn of events. He's shaking. Tara decides that she wants Dave out, but doesn't want Charla to go. Neither Scott nor Holly thinks they will get the power. But they make their choice, and inform Keith that they are voting for him because they want him and Tara to stay. Keith feels that his one conversation with Scott turned everything around. Tara tells Charla what will go down, and they let Dave know too. He questions why Scott and Holly would go with Keith instead of him. He is sure they were on his side. Keith admits to Scott that he doesn't know if he can really vote Dave off. They have been through too much together. Scott is angry because they all know that Dave lied. "Everything you've been preaching would be out the window," he tells Keith, reminding him of how Dave turned on him. "This is your time to take a stand." Scott won't talk to Dave because Dave has been equally silent to him. He is sure that Dave feels bad for doing something wrong. The two couples confront Dave. Tara says that she was under the impression that the four Barbies were always each other's #2 choices, even before Holly arrived. Dave tells Tara that she is sadly mistaken. Scott now realizes that the Originals had a legitimate reason for dissing Dave when they returned. Keith never went against Dave, and he now feels like he has been played. Dave yells that he would never put Keith in harm. He thinks Keith only wants to make his own conscious feel better. (Then there's a lot more yelling and fighting, but it's hard to follow with all the double-talk and circuitous answers. Just know that nothing gets resolved…) The three pairs stack up for the elimination process and Host Amanda tallies who they each have selected for the power role. While Keith and Tara name Charla, everyone else picks Keith. He is required to take control of the game, but this power doesn't make him feel good in any way. Since Keith won't eliminate himself, he and Tara get to stay. He is now forced to send home one of his friends, and he has no idea who that will be. Charla tears up, worried that her affiliation with Dave has finally bit her in the ass. Who does Keith pick? -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 11
      Episode 11
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      After the contestant selection is over, everyone congregates by the pool to discuss the outcome of Keith being the next guest. Toni admits that she accidentally voted for a different guy than Kristin and Amy wanted. Is the wrong guy is coming to Paradise? Alex makes fun of them for picking a male model, and Toni leaves abruptly. Zack becomes angry at Toni's actions. The other girls tell him to shut up. Kristin finds Toni back at the room and consoles her. Toni feels like she disappointed both her and Amy. Kristin was only disappointed in the way Toni took off. When Toni confesses that she wants to go home, Kristin says not to tell anyone. Zack and Amy leave the pool because he "can't take it up there." He calls Toni an actress and a faker. Amy defends her, saying Toni's always been this way. Zack then moves on to criticizing Amy. He is pissed that Amy always wants him to be the one to initiate conversation as well as sexual activity. She never shows how she's attracted to him. Zack brings up Keith's comment about how he should be wary of having his girl stolen. Amy tries to convince Zack that Keith has no chance with her. Zack is afraid of people leaving him, and Amy assures him that she won't walk away from their relationship. She's in it for the long haul. To her, it's real and could last. Charla tells Dave that she thinks Zack doesn't treat Amy well. She considers him rude, disrespectful to women and insensitive. That's a big deal coming from Charla, because she doesn't throw those words around very often. She knows Zack doesn't like her because he can't have her. Charla supposes that Zack is intimidated by women who have confidence. She tells Dave that she doesn't trust anyone at the hotel. Especially Zack. Scott asks Kristin why she has kissed every other guy at the hotel -- except him. She leans in and they make out by the bar. From the pool, everyone else cheers on in whispers. Toni doesn't. She becomes jealous and storms off. The others laugh, and Scott dreads going back to his room. When he does, Toni pretends to be asleep. While he's in the bathroom, she climbs into the side bed so not to sleep next to him. Later that night, Kristin and Alex get busy while swimming. She takes off her shirt in the pool. They go back to their room and fool around. The next morning, Scott tells Toni he's annoyed that she is angry at him. She has kissed Alex and a number of other people, so why is she mad that he only kissed one girl? Toni felt stupid and admits to having a crush on Scott. He thinks she holds in all her aggression and then breaks at people. He says he would have said something to anyone else. "Then bring it!" she snaps. At breakfast, Scott informs the guys that Toni feels she has been biting her tongue too much, but now they'll be seeing the "real Toni." "I'm glad the Hulk's coming out," Alex laughs. Dave questions that Toni has been keeping her mouth shut. Strange, since she has done nothing but lash out at Dave. "She goes from Toni into morphing into… the thing," Dave says incredulously. Alex does a Hulk impression, and jokes that if her biggest worry is that she doesn't get to the gym, then she has bigger problems than she knows. At the girls' breakfast, Toni tells her friends that she is now letting loose and will give her opinion at all costs. "Let's keep honesty on the table," she says bluntly. The girls agree to be more open about things. But will they? Host Amanda brings Keith in to meet everyone and places the black necklace around his neck. Keith is floored by how beautiful the women are. Kristin thinks he is hot. Yet he is most attracted to Tara, and he plans to wait her out. When Dave offers up a tour from one of the ladies, Keith wants Zack to show him around. Zack was worried by this at first. What's his hidden agenda? Keith inquires about Tara, and Zack says that Tara might hook up if prodded. Everyone goes swimming that night. Kristin warns Keith about whom he should align with, and he feels the pressure. He takes Tara aside and tells her that he feels secluded from the others. They both agree that it's all about who you can trust. Tara says it would be good for everybody if he broke up the Originals pack. She brings up the option of getting rid of Zack. "That would be crazy!" Keith says surprised. Then Keith mentions that Kristin has already tried to threaten him. Tara assures him that he is safe with her and Charla on his side. When he makes his roommate decision, she will know whom he has sided with. Keith then turns to Zack and Alex about what they think. Zack does not want Scott or Alex to leave. Alex agrees. As he sees the other guys talking without him, Beau tells Amy that he doesn't care to be around people who don't want him there. At dinner that night, the gang makes a toast to Keith's first night in Paradise. He has the power to send home one of the original guys, so they'd better be nice! Tara openly flirts with Beau. Afterwards, she and Beau go back to their room and mess around. Although many of the others are annoyed with Beau, Tara really likes him. Up at the pool, Zack tells Keith that Beau is always interrupting everyone because he wants attention. He enlightens the new guy that Kristin, Amy, Alex, Toni and Scott are the only ones who don't bug him. Soon after, Amy corners Zack in bathroom to inquire what he thinks about Keith. In the other bathroom, Tara tells Charla what Keith had told her earlier. Although they are excited that he could side with them, they don't want to jump to conclusions too soon. Everyone gathers in the Harem Room for the infamous Pandora's Box game. The first card is for Kristin. Is she attracted to Keith? Alex jumps in to say that this wasn't his question! Kristin replies that she is not at all attracted to Keith. Keith, however, is somewhat surprised by this. The next question wants to know if Amy and Zack are in love. Zack looks worried, but Amy answers that, although she is not in love with him, she sees a potential for that in the future. Keith is asked which girl he would not miss. He says Amy, only because they have not gotten to know each other. Alex must name one person who has lied to his face and deliberately disrespected him behind his back. While this is a rough question, Alex chooses Beau because he has heard things that hurt him, regardless if they are really true. Beau comes next, and he is asked how it feels knowing Zack and Alex have lost trust for him. After Alex's response to the last question, Beau is starting to feel the same way about him. They have all distanced themselves from Beau where they once were his friends. "It makes me feel like crap," he says. Zack retorts that Beau always interrupts everyone in search of attention. "It's not Beau's hotel, it's everyone who's here," Zack exclaims. Toni is asked what she thinks about Dave saying he will never forgive her for how she treated him. When Dave tries to say something in his defense, Toni yells at him to shut up. (This is from the woman who turned on Beau for saying the same phrase). Toni turns to Dave, seething. "Game on. I'm so done," she sneers. She wants him gone. Dave had heard she was planning a speech for when he was booted. Toni won't even listen. "This game is temporary. Life is permanent," she snips as she walks off. Dave is speechless. After the Pandora melee, Toni approaches Dave to hash it out. He speaks his mind as Toni cries. "I owe you the biggest apology," she says. She knows he's a good person, but she took it too far. He's always been self-conscious about his looks, and she can relate to that. She never felt she was pretty, and she overcompensated by working out to be bigger than everyone else. Toni pledges that she will never bring it up again. They agree to work on their friendship and not try to push each other out. Dave and Toni hug. Keith assesses the situation at the hotel. "It's freaking hectic around here," he sighs. "These people have been here way too long." He thinks they should instead sit back and enjoy the place. Amy is tired of hearing people talk about everyone else. But she takes it when she and Kristin get derided by Zack for picking on people behind their backs without saying it to their faces. Charla tells Dave that she wanted to submit a question to Amy about Zack, but she didn't have the heart to be mean. Dave thinks Amy is nice, but Charla won't go that far. She cracks that Dave has faith in the people that she feels are the dirtiest ones there. At the pool, Amy admits to Zack that there are things about Beau that irritate her, and Zack questions why she didn't bring any of it up at the Pandora's Box. Amy felt like Beau was already being attacked enough. Beau tells Amy and Toni that he doesn't know if he can trust his original friends anymore. Keith thinks everyone's giving Beau a hard time for nothing, and he wonders whether the Original cluster of Kristin, Amy, Zack and Alex need to be broken up. "I wouldn't want to be them," Keith muses. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Keith calls Dave to see how he is doing. "Dude, it's bad," Dave bemoans, describing the mob mentality that's taken over the hotel. "I can't handle it." Keith says that he's done. He doesn't even care anymore. Everyone comes down for dinner. To Holly's dismay, Melanie wants to sit near Scott. Scott knew that having Melanie back might be awkward. From the next table, Holly overhears Scott tell Melanie that it was difficult when she left. Andon jokes that Charla has not come out of her room once. As she sits in bed, Dave asks her what she's thinking. Charla says that she will soon make her decision on whether to leave. He is sad that she feels defeated. He admits that he is just as terrified as she is, but he knows that those people are only jealous that they were beaten at the game. Dave thinks that Amy has lost perspective on things, and he now knows where she stands. Charla acknowledges that they never rubbed it in Amy's face that all of her friends were kicked out. Yet Amy is the first to lash out at Charla without a care for her feelings. Charla will now only worry about herself. Back at dinner, Amy is ecstatic that the Barbies haven't come out to face everyone. Beau doesn't understand this because people take heat there all the time. Zack quips that he hasn't even gotten started yet. Amanda sympathizes with Dave and Charla. Zack tells Amy that, after the first night, he has grown to care for her. (If you don't remember, that first night was when he told her he was disappointed that she picked him for a roommate. Zack thought he could do better, and even told Amy so.) Zack apologizes to Amy because he regrets what he once said. The next morning, Scott asks Holly if she would pose nude in Playboy for a "Women of Paradise Hotel" spread. She quickly answers yes, and says that she would do it for the money. In one of the guest rooms, Kristin and Andon agree that they don't want any of the four Barbies to win. They'd rather have Smokey beat them. At the pool, Scott tells Dave and Keith that this was not a good reunion at all. Dave is still confused as to what he did to make Andon hate him so much. Dave thinks that Andon is only bitter because he was kicked out. He calls the returning guests pathetic, not only at the hotel but in real life. Dave concedes that Charla is mentally beaten up, but that she is strong. They don't deserve the abuse they've been handed. "These people are idiots," Dave says. Although Dave is usually focused on strategy, he now has a whole new outlook. "Sanity outweighs strategy," he sighs. The guests are invited to a ceremony in the Grand Salon. Attendance is mandatory, which means that Charla is forced to get out of bed. She tells Dave that she feels like she's caught in the tornado of "The Wizard of Oz." Dave assures her that this is not the real world. He knows she has true strength. Host Amanda comes out to the Grand Salon pool and notices that a few people are missing. Suddenly, Toni gallops in, and is followed by Kavita, Matt and Alex. Yet Charla is still in her room. Dave arranges a place for her to sit when she arrives. Toni yells at Tara for supposedly being Charla's best friend and not having her back. Keith defends Tara. Dave gets Keith and Tara in line for Charla's entrance. They escort her to the table. She smiles weakly. Host Amanda comes back to tell the visitors that they will all be going home tomorrow, except that two of them will be checking back in. One couple will win the ultimate prize. She warns the former guests that they should watch what they say because the current guests will decide who gets to come back. Everyone cheers. Charla gets up to leave. Matt asks if he can hug her because he missed her. She tells him to meet her in the room. Kavita hugs Charla too, and she gets the same invitation. Before Charla can leave, Andon approaches Dave. He wants to explain himself. Yet Dave asks for some space. Charla decides that she will not leave today, telling Dave and Amanda that she needs to be there as one more vote in her friends' favor. The others sit down for lunch. Amy gives Keith the evil eye, and he wants to know what she is looking at. Zack jumps into the conversation by taunting Keith. He asks Keith when he will finally come out of the closet. (Like when you hid in Charla's bathroom, Zack?) Keith won't take the bait. "You're nothing to me," he grumbles. Amy and Toni applaud when Zack wittily calls Keith a shoe model that can't get work above his feet. "I'll see you in Arizona," Zack threatens. "With about fifty guys." Keith feigns fear. Tara notes that they were told that if anyone makes threats against anyone else, they will be kicked out. Zack doesn't care if he goes home, because he is sure that Keith threatened Amy as well. Keith heads back to his room, muttering to himself about Zack's ridiculous rant. Keith starts to pack his stuff. He doesn't understand why Zack has to demean people. He was raised to respect people, whether he likes them or not. Keith thinks that Zack is acting like a child who can only deal with things physically. Tara and Kavita come into Keith's room and ask why he is packing. "Because either Zack goes or I go," he says firmly. Toni comments that Tara hopped from the bed of Beau to Alex to Keith. "I think she's just on a jock in general," Alex muses. The other Originals laugh when Toni makes fun of Tara being a bitch who doesn't stick up for her friends. Scott shakes his head. Alex and Kristin make fun of Dave's ears and how they get red when he's fired up. Dave is able to laugh at himself until Alex starts to go too far. Dave gets annoyed when Alex touches him. Alex apologizes in a condescending way. Still hiding out in her room, Charla tells Kavita that she doesn't feel like being there. Kavita wants her and Dave to be the winners. It's all a mental game. She urges Charla to reconsider because she will regret it if she left. She is not weak and has accomplished so much by outsmarting the popular group. In the real world, it's the Originals who look stupid. The television audience likes Charla because she's real. Tara comes in to check on Charla. Kavita recounts for them how Zack pointed his finger at her and freaked out on her unnecessarily. She jokes about Zack calling himself a lawyer, a debater and a country boy. Tara and Charla laugh at how ridiculous he sounds. Matt comes to Charla's room. He liked that Charla wore his t-shirt to the disco night, and she was shown on television dancing in it. He says he replayed it in slow motion over and over. Charla smiles. She notices that Matt is in a good mood. He explains that it's because he's not trying to win the game anymore. When he first arrived in Paradise, everyone else ignored him. Yet Charla talked to him about real life things, and not about the game. She was nice to him and he missed her. Matt knows that they survived a lot to get there. "They're evil," Charla says. Toni tells Dave that she only came back to get him. She calls him a dirty (bleep) and says that he can go to hell. Dave notes that she is showing her true colors. "Am I being a bitch?" she asks. "That's my middle name. Kind of like ‘pinky swear.'" (A reference to Dave and Charla pinky swearing to protect each other.) Toni warns him not to be condescending to her. Dave is not swayed, and refuses to stoop to her level. She says she is disgusted by him. Dave calmly keeps a smile on his face until Toni walks away. Dave comes to Charla's room with an update of what's going on outside. Toni told him that America hates him. Charla says that Toni is a 30 year old. All the 30 year olds that Charla knows are responsible people who don't waste time telling off some 20 year old. Dave doesn't want to live in a country who admires Toni! Charla thinks the Originals don't deserve a second of her time. Dave knows she's feeling better because she partakes in some ice cream. Dave informs her that their group has a nickname: the Barbies. "They should call us the smart group," Charla laughs. Dave goes to debrief Holly, who has camped out in her room alone all day. Holly doesn't care what's going on in the hotel because she feels that no one cares about her. "I'm sick of it here. My opinion doesn't really matter," she laments. Dave assures Holly that she does matter. Meanwhile, Scott takes Melanie to see his room. They snuggle on the bed. He hopes she gets to come back, and she says that she would if she was voted back on. Yet she is aware that he is with Holly now. "Who knows what may happen in the future?" Melanie says. Alex thinks Tara is an idiot and a hypocrite. He cares nothing about her as a person. Amy says that Tara told her about how he voted in the King and Queen contest. Alex had chosen Tara instead of Amy. She's annoyed that she wasn't aware of this at the time. "I'm gonna vote for who I want to," he says glumly. Amy was behind him 100%. Alex says that he fell for Tara and believed her. Amy is pissed that Alex lied to her. Yet he argues that he never guaranteed her anything. "I'll just keep that in mind," she says sternly. Desiree is given an invitation for Pandora's Box. The hotel guests will get to ask questions of the visitors. Everyone gathers in the Harem Room for the biggest game they've ever had. Toni is first. She came back talking smack and pointing a lot of fingers. What makes her think she is better and not worse? "I am better, and that's all I need to say about that," Toni says bluntly. (Nice avoidance technique!) Amanda is asked why she should be trusted considering her lies in the past. She answers that she only lied to Beau about her feelings. Amanda hopes that he will give her a fair chance. Andon is next. Someone wants to know who he would vote off after he was the first guy to leave. Andon says he would vote off Keith, because Keith knows how to work things. He is more powerful than he knows. Kristin is asked what she thinks of the visitors' behavior. Not surprisingly, Kristin doesn't feel embarrassed because she feels that no one's done a thing wrong. They have not been outspoken. (And we all know that's not true.) Beau chimes in to state that he has respect for Dave for taking a lot of crap and standing his ground. Dave comments that everyone there feels like they need to scream their hostility out loud. He is sick of people not using common courtesy. "Common courtesy in this setting is only gonna get you stepped on and kicked off," Andon says. Dave thinks that the people who are still there have been the most courteous. Beau takes offense at that statement. Dave makes an exception for Beau. (Which seems to satisfy him.) Zack says that Dave and Keith are taking the heat for Tara and Charla. Zack tells Tara that she has no dignity, pride or class. "What I saw was trash," he says. Charla says she is not pretending to be innocent. She is just playing the game. "I'm here for a reason," she adds. Desiree speaks up for the first time to say that she lost respect for Charla the first week she arrived. Charla was constantly in her ear, passing judgment. Charla disagrees, but Dave cautions Charla not to respond. The questions start up again, and Matt is asked who he would trust if he was invited back to the hotel. "I don't trust anyone," Matt answers solemnly. Host Amanda comes in to end the Pandora's Box. She announces that the current guests will choose two former guests to check back in. The men will select one female, while the women will pick a guy. However, there will be one exception. Since Zack made some comments to Keith earlier in the day, he will not be eligible. The rules of the Hotel state that threats of physical violence are unacceptable. Amy is mad. Everyone else is stunned. This is the last night in Paradise for Zack and most of the other visitors. Keith has one final word in his confessional about Zack: "I kicked him off again." -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 15
      Episode 15
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Amy is frustrated. Last week it was Zack who went home. This week it's her friend Toni. Yet Amy is happy to room with Beau because they are "on the same page." Dave happily notes that there as many new people as there are Originals. Holly hates the division between the groups and Alex vows to stick with the Originals to the very end. Each guest is handed an invitation to attend a "friendly competition." They are brought to a bowling alley, and the winners get to go on an excursion with the new guy. As a former league player, Dave takes his bowling quite seriously. Unlike the others, he refuses to drink alcohol while he bowls. Dave is sure that he, Keith and Beau are the best players. Amy still can't stand Keith, yelling "gutter" every time he tosses the ball. Keith seems to bowl a strike each time. Scott senses the pressure that Dave's put upon himself, and Amy fuels the fire by heckling Dave. Beau and Keith win the game, and Dave accepts his fate like a good loser. Amy continues to be vocal about her animosity toward Keith. He keeps explaining that his eliminating Zack wasn't meant as a personal attack. Amy says that she took it personally. She pledges revenge until Keith's gone. Beau, however, refuses to jeopardize his own future by deliberately being mean to Keith. He warns Amy that she can get her point across by not making enemies with Keith. Meanwhile, Alex conveys to Kristin his concern that Beau will try to influence Amy. Host Amanda informs the group that it's time to bring in another contestant. As par for the course in Paradise, there's a surprise: there is only one contestant and he is someone they are already familiar with. Tom, who competed and lost out to Dave in Week 2, comes down from the Harem Room to boos and cheers from the gang. He is joining Paradise Hotel without opposition and he gets to select his own roommate. Dave is pissed because he worked hard to beat Tom all those weeks ago. Beau, who almost came to blows with Tom via satellite in the studio, is convinced that the new guy is insecure. Everyone else is completely shocked by the arrival. Tom is quick to chat up Charla at the bar. "I like your eyes," he says to her. Dave and Keith are at least pleased that they are joined by another East Coaster in the hotel. They toast Tom's arrival. Alex tells Dave that Beau is looking like a fool for now trying to be Tom's best friend after he dissed him in the L.A. studio round. Dave reminds Charla that, if Tom picks her then he will be sent home. "Doy," she answers. Drunk Charla can't comprehend the whole strategy thing Dave is trying to lay on her, but she agrees. She wouldn't throw away their whole plan. Dave is amazed that Charla admits to liking Tom's New Jersey accent. Dave warns Tom that the Originals will always pick each other over the new people. Tom asks which girl he should pick as his roommate. Dave tells him to go for Holly. Then Keith advises Tom to beware of the cliques. Tom says that he respects what Keith did because he would have done the same thing to Zack. Kristin, Amy and Alex are worried. They now need to work even harder to keep up the Originals' status quo. Alex wants either Keith or Tom to go next. In their room, Scott and Holly become more affectionate. He wants her to give Tom the cold shoulder so that she doesn't become his roommate. Scott and Holly seal the agreement by taking a shower with each other. Charla drunkenly attempts to flirt with Keith in her room by suggesting they bathe together. "I was gonna' see if you wanted to take a bath," he laughs. But he doesn't because Matt already used that line on her. "It didn't work," she says about that incident. Keith tells Charla that Tom took him aside to talk about the game. "Do you want me to take YOU aside?" she says coyly. Reminded of the time Scott rebuffed her advances, Charla becomes frustrated when Keith does the same. Yet Keith doesn't want to take advantage of her inebriated state. Charla sulks. "You're not mad at me?" he asks. She starts to cry. Keith feels bad and attempts to console her. Dave interrupts when he comes into the room to report that Tom's two favorite girls are Amy and Charla. That night, Dave gets into bed at 4 am. Alex and Tara crawl into his room. Dave wakes up unalarmed and sees Alex on the floor next to his bed. Then Alex and Tara sneak into Beau and Amy's room. Hearing noises, Amy freaks out and thinks that she's being haunted by a ghost. Alex and Tara scream to surprise them. The next morning, Tom sings and talks to himself while he dresses. He later plays basketball with Dave and Scott. They want to know who he is going to select as his roommate. Tom isn't sure yet, but he feels bad for making another guy move out. Everyone gathers in the Grand Salon when Host Amanda enters. Tom announces that he has chosen to live with Holly. She doesn't seem pleased. And neither is Scott. But Holly smiles gamely as the two guys trade necklaces. Everyone learns that Tom brought a stuffed monkey named Smokey to the hotel. They all think it's weird. Tom talks to Smokey in his room when he's alone. He designates the side bed as Smokey's. Holly can't take Tom's antics and leaves her room to go to Scott. They kiss in Scott's bathroom. The guests are invited to partake in a Casino Night at the hotel. The guy with the highest winnings will be saved from eviction, and each girl can give all her money to any guy she wants. Dave is so excited he can't see straight. He thinks it's the best idea that Paradise Hotel has ever come up with. Dave warns Tom that he might be the next target for elimination. He and Keith try to give Tom advice on how to team up with the other guys. After Tom leaves, Dave and Keith agree that Tom is kind of clueless. The girls dress up and the boys don tuxedos for Casino Night. Each person is awarded 5000 Paradise Hotel dollars to play with. They will not cash out their earnings until the next day. The winning guy is also given the option to select the woman of his choice and send home another guy. Charla hands over all her money to Dave. He hugs her gratefully. Yet Dave loses at the blackjack table. Much to Alex's chagrin, Keith is up for the night. Alex tells Kristin that is stealing chips in order to prevent Keith from winning. He adds chips to Amy's hand when the dealer isn't looking so that she'll beat Keith. At one point, Alex whispers to Kristin that he has stolen a thousand dollars. Dave starts to improve his pot by racking up $3600 at the roulette wheel even though Kristin is trying to distract him. Alex is annoyed with Dave, and Amy becomes mad that Keith keeps winning. When the time is out, Host Amanda closes the Casino down. She tells the women that they have until tomorrow to hand over their money to any guy they choose. Alex and Kristin sip champagne confidently, believing that they will succeed in winning the Casino Night contest. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      The show has reached its final and the winners of the show are revealed. But first the ramining contestants must face up to some of their actions
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Party girl Melanie proposes that they all have a "butt check" contest. In other words, she wants to squeeze all the men's asses without being sued for sexual harassment. Not surprisingly, all the other women agree heartily. Zack takes the prize. (Did Amy stuff the ballot box?) Beau and Alex commend themselves for not even making it into the top three butts at the hotel. There was also a contest for the best female booties. Amanda tells Beau that her mom will think he's adorable. That loud ringing you hear is the sound of wedding bells in her head. Beau sweats profusely, and it's not from the tropical heat. He says that he knows that they "connected," but that he also wants to "connect" with other women. Beau asks for at least one week when they are not joined at the hip. Amanda is rightfully pissed off. She was under the impression that he was into their pairing as much as she was. Amanda answers by sleeping in the side bed. Beau has to walk out of the room to get away from her. Sitting by the pool, Zack asks Charla to go to her room. They get under her covers and she kisses him. Suddenly, Andon casually strolls up to Charla's door in his boxer shorts. His knock interrupts whatever was about to happen. Zack hides out in the closet, as Andon climbs into Charla's bed to talk. Andon tells her that she is gorgeous and that he and Toni are definitely not a couple. He hopes that it is Melanie getting kicked out instead. This is another proof of Andon's subtlety in action. Meanwhile, Zack is still in the closet while this late night conversation occurs. Place your bets on whether Zack is flexing to himself in the closet's mirror. The next morning at breakfast, Charla is given an invitation. She is being sent on a private luxury excursion with the man of her choice. Whomever she picks cannot refuse. She approaches Andon -- right in front of Toni. Does Charla not understand that Toni can snap her in two? Andon, the big lug, is pleased that Charla chose him. Toni is angry and does push-ups to blow off steam. She is still saddled with worry over Charla hooking up with her Cro-Magnon man and forcing her to leave. On his date, Andon is psyched that he gets to ride on a big, shiny yacht. He's even more excited that Charla is all touchy-feely with him while they're alone. She's got her red-taloned hand on his thigh the entire time. But when the boat pulls up to an island, Charla gets sick and hurls four times in a row. Sexy! She asks Andon for help and accidentally calls him Alex. Does Charla not understand that Andon can snap Alex in two? Either way, Charla is not impressed with Andon's behavior. She deems him too self-centered, and decides that she doesn't want to get any closer to the tattooed wonder. Back at the hotel, Amy tells Zack that she thinks he is cool but that she feels awkward around him. She's still not over the fight they had when he was disappointed that she picked him. "Sorry that I wasn't good enough for you," she says. Zack questions that notion in light of them having sex the first night there. Zack says that this conversation is like "talking to a mime." What? Amy calls him an ass. At least that comeback makes sense. All of the girls are given notes explaining that they will have to pack up because they may have to go home. Charla goes into overdrive, and turns her affection on Scott. Can he smell her new perfume? Eau de Desperation. Host Amanda leads the group through the next bedroom selection and the first elimination. She informs Charla of a surprise rule that says no one will be kicked out if they have not yet had a roommate. Charla definitely gets to stay! She will now break up a couple by making her own selection from the men. Charla goes for Scott, telling Melanie not to take it personally. None of the women are allowed to pick Scott because of this new surprise rule. The rest hook up with the men that brought them there. Toni sticks with Andon, Kristin grabs Alex, Amanda squeezes Beau, and Amy returns to Zack, even though he was a complete jerk to her. With no guys left and Scott removed from the equation, Melanie must go to one of her girlfriend's men. Melanie chooses Beau, much to the dismay of Amanda. Beau is speechless. He likes them both but he ultimately places his necklace on Amanda. Melanie walks off alone, exiting Paradise Hotel for good. Charla cries. Alex wipes a tear. Toni bawls relentlessly. The next evening, the cast is transmitted live via satellite to Los Angeles where a studio audience has been watching the shenanigans. Charla describes why she chose Scott, and when she reaches back to lovingly touch him, she almost grazes a forbidden area. We are introduced to the two possible male replacements for Melanie. Tom is a bartender from New Jersey. He adoringly shows off his two girly-dogs. Tom claims that none of the guys at the hotel would be competition because he could get any girl he wanted. Dave is a marketing consultant from Boston. He just lost 69 pounds last year and is feeling good about his body (except for his nose and ears, which he hates). The guests now have a chance to grill the potentials. Amanda gets Tom to shake his rear, and Zack accuses Tom of using alcohol to lure women. Tom calls Zack a baby for hiding in Charla's closet. Good thing Zack doesn't understand the joke. Beau and Tom almost come to blows via satellite. Innocent Dave makes a sweet, heartfelt plea to the hotel guests. Tom gets aggressive and says that the other guys are afraid of a challenge because he wants to come there to stir things up. The girls giggle, but it is ultimately their decision because they have the power in picking the man. Amanda is the spokesperson, and tells Tom that, although they like his dogs, they are welcoming Dave to their humble abode. The guys all applaud. Host Amanda informs Dave that, when he arrives at Paradise Hotel, he can choose any one of these girls and she will be automatically be his roommate. Dave is ecstatic. But will he fit in with the tight-knit gang? -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 26
      Episode 26
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Over breakfast of Dave's specially-ordered huevos rancheros, Tom pleads for his safety. "Maybe you can manipulate somebody?" Tom sarcastically asks Dave. Too late for you, monkey boy. It took Tom this long to figure out that it was strategically wrong of him to send Desiree to the single room. Everyone else in America second-guessed that one the moment he did it. Amy storms down to the girls' table sans makeup, moaning about the company. "This is too weird for me," she says. "This is not my paradise. I miss Zack." Charla and Tara are uncomfortable with Amy's barbs and they get up to leave. "Bye, Bobsey Twins," she yells. Tara and Charla amuse themselves alone at the pool by painting each other's bodies. Is this sexy? Amy wonders aloud if she could drown them both in the pool. She and Beau walk out because they can't stand the sight of the Barbie girls. Amy whines to Beau that she's ready to quit Paradise. "It's not worth it to be miserable," she laments. In his usual feeble manner, Beau tries to convince her that she's wrong. Later at lunch, Charla and Dave praise Tara's cute outfit. Amy looks as if she's going to puke. The guests are invited to a séance that evening. No one knows what to expect, but they'd all like to know who's gonna win this damn game. They liquor up in preparation. The Spanish-speaking psychic lady is asked what's going to happen to each person after they leave Paradise. Tara will be afflicted with love problems. Amy is told something about coming out of this with a better understanding of personal feelings. Although the answer is hazy, Amy is comforted. It's a good guess she equates it to Zack. Scott is pleased to learn that he will have a lot of surprises that bring about money. Holly will become a woman of politics. (Does becoming a politician's mistress count?) Keith is destined to have a lot of power and the ability to finish whatever projects he has started. Charla is told that she is at a higher level than other people. Amy and Beau grimace when they hear that Charla will be triumphant over her enemies. Tom wants to know about his dead grandfather. He starts to cry and is given the chance to say goodbye to him. The next day, Holly and Scott argue about their semblance of a relationship. She is mad that he only talks to her when it's about the game. Scott claims they don't see eye-to eye on a lot of things. (Making out doesn't count.) She thinks they are stuck in a rut. They are more than friends but still not a couple. Woe is them. As Charla primps before the mirror, Dave asks her to accompany him to lunch. He says that she could never look unattractive in his eyes. "Thanks Dave," Charla says blankly to his love-stained compliment. With his mood lightened, Tom throws a party for the hotel guests along with Smokey. Everyone does shots and plays with silly string. Charla gets bombarded. "I guess I learned people's true feelings about me," she grumbles. Charla thinks it's pathetic that the others feel the need to take out their anger with silly string. Charla babe, it's probably better than listening to their dim-witted attacks. Beau acknowledges to Dave that he is ashamed of the way he acted when he returned to Paradise. Dave felt guilty that he couldn't save him and that he had to be the one to kick him out. That night, Beau, Tom, Dave and Amy sit at the bar. Charla phones Dave to tell him she is lonely. Dave promises that he will return to the room soon. Everyone teases Dave for having an unrequited crush on her. They jokingly give him advice on how to make his first move. Embarrassed, Dave heads for the room and tells Charla that they are giving him a hard time about being whipped. Tom calls Dave and says that they are all coming over. When they barge into the room, Charla informs them that Dave is scared. Tom slips a condom under Dave's pillow. Unfortunately for Dave, he hasn't yet needed one for months. Charla slips out for Tara's room. Dave is upset and tries to lure her back. Charla just wants to go to sleep without any commotion. Dave doesn't understand why she won't stay in their room. Charla gives in, and goes back. Dave is already in bed, but he is sitting up and watching her. He asks if she's mad. He only feels that he would be more comfortable the night before a vote off with them both together. Dave comments that everyone thinks their friendship is one-sided. He starts to wonder if the others are right. The next morning, everyone is on edge when the guys get invitations to pack their bags. Dave apologizes to Charla for overreacting the previous night. She looks at him vacantly. "What are you talking about?" she says. Beau and Tom discuss how they would both like to stay. Even the bipartisan Scott admits that he doesn't want to go. Tara is convinced that Dave will be the next one eliminated. It's a sad day for Barbies. The regular line up forms for Host Amanda, but there's not as many people this time around with only 9 left standing. First comes the roommate selection. Tom clamps his hands on Charla's shoulders because she was the only person he hasn't tried to room with yet. How romantic! And strategic! Dave joins his side by also going to Charla. The rest are obvious: Beau to Amy, Keith to Tara and Scott to Holly. Charla must choose, and not surprisingly, picks Dave. She sends Tom off politely. A choked-up Tom hugs each of the guys, but Host Amanda stops him from walking out because he won't be leaving alone. The others squirm. "Tom, who do you think that other man should be?" Amanda inquires. "None of them," he answers. But the Host presses him to name someone, and he says Dave. Dave shakes Tom's hand and accepts his defeat. Then Host Amanda reveals YET ANOTHER twist in this wretched game -- she hasn't given Tom the power to vote anyone off. Host Amanda hands Dave an envelope. He reads out loud what it says. Dave won't be leaving, but the man of his choice will. Tom runs out of the hotel with fists raised ala Rocky. Now Dave will need to choose between Scott, Keith and Beau. One of them is going home. Before Dave even names anyone, Beau mumbles that he won't ever trust Dave again. (Will Dave ever care?) Dave sadly picks Beau. "You're just not a man of your word," Beau says from his honorable lofty pedestal. Beau claims that Dave told him the previous night that he wouldn't kick him out like he did a few weeks ago. Dave says that he meant that he wouldn't let others make the decision for him. Beau took it the wrong way. Beau dons his martyr robe and announces that he hopes only good people will win the game. Beau later admits that he didn't want to come off like he was pissed at Dave. He really believed that Dave would have picked Scott instead. Sucker! Tara tells Dave and Keith that it's a miracle that they are both still in Paradise. Dave wants Holly to understand that he only kept Scott there for her. Meanwhile, Holly is alone in her room, while Scott comforts Amy somewhere else. Again, no time for Holly. Dave then tells Holly that he feels bad for Amy. Scott comes to Dave. He thought Dave would have eliminated him. Yet Dave felt that Scott and Holly would protect Charla more than Beau. Scott still seems mad that Dave had deliberated for as long as he did. Amy reluctantly tells Holly that she now trusts Keith more than Dave. "I never thought I'd say that one," Amy sneers. Charla notes that all of Amy's friends have been eliminated one by one. "I'm not expecting to win," Charla sighs. She is sure that Amy will take this whole game.moreless
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Toni confronts Charla. She warns her about how she is turning everyone against her. Amy does the same, and tells Charla that the relationships they have made there in paradise are "real." Meanwhile, Amanda talks strategy with Beau about the Dave situation. She would be sad if her husband Beau was forced to leave. On the sly, Dave makes a pact with Charla. He admits that he has been in love with her since the first time he saw her. (Maybe Dave missed the first episodes?) Charla says that she doesn't want to stay with Scott, but that all the other couples don't make time for her. Perhaps that's because she looks perturbed anytime she's with someone else. Charla cautions Dave not to trust any of them, and yet she doesn't give the same advisory about herself. Dave swears to her that the person he ultimately chooses is not who he wants to room with. He is trying to tell her that, although he digs her, he is not going to pick her. Does she get the hint? Dave later tells Toni that he likes her too. Then he grills the guys in the pool on what he should do, and becomes flirtatious with Amy. The new guy is making the rounds on his first night. Host Amanda leads Dave through his selection process. "You guys have all been totally awesome," Dave tells the gang. But to everyone's shock, he decides to go with Amanda. Beau shakes Dave's hand as he hands over his wife-to-be. Afterwards, Dave explains himself over and over to Beau. He says he is not planning to take Amanda away. Beau becomes annoyed with Dave overly trying to justify what he did. Andon tells Scott that he is "floored" by the selection, and he questions whatever connection Dave thinks he had with Amanda. Andon thinks the new guy is getting too big for his britches. At dinner, Alex gives a toast to Dave, but it seems like they're going to need a lot more liquor to welcome this guy. Dave asks Scott about his job, but when Scott describes what he does for a living, Dave talks over him and tells him that he is wrong. Everyone at the table becomes irritated by Dave's antics. Then, in front of the crowd, Dave wants to know how many people Amanda has slept with. She is pissed. Dave turns to Charla, and informs her that she should be hooking up with her roommate. He has managed to alienate everyone in only one night! Beau and Toni discuss how Dave has no manners. They should know. Later, Dave asks Charla if the others like him. In hushed tones, she tells him that the group didn't expect him to be so "aggressive." Beau packs up from the Bird Room, and Amanda is sad that he's leaving. Dave tries to apologize to Beau for having to make him move. Dave then makes a crack about the two of them being married. Both Amanda and Beau snap back at him. That night, Amanda has a talk with Beau. He tells her to give Dave a chance to prove himself. Back in the Bird Room, Dave gets into the side bed alone and goes to sleep. Beau escorts Amanda back to her room because she is not comfortable rooming without him. Beau is just as unhappy. He doesn't like being in the single. The next night, the group plays a game called Pandora's Box where they each submit pointed questions to their friends. Alex asks Beau if there's someone besides Amanda at the hotel that he'd like to be with. He replies that he would choose Amy because she is fun and is cool. Andon asks Kristin whether it is her or Alex who is the tease in their relationship. She admits to flirting, but says that Alex has never made a move on her. Alex makes a crack that she is passed out every night when they turn in. Zack asks Amanda if she'd ever cheat on Beau with someone else at the hotel. Amanda makes it clear (again) that she and Beau are just friends. However, she might hook up with someone if her partner wasn't keeping her happy. Beau is alarmed. He had hoped she would break up with him if she wasn't fulfilled. "Pandora's Box tells the truth," he sighs. Amanda walks away, upset with Beau. "I'm just happy we're not the married couple anymore," she says. She wants to know if Beau is angry with her. He says that he cannot give 110% to her if he knows that she could possibly cheat. Amanda is disheartened to learn that Beau once thought of a future with her and now he doesn't. Dave is invited to take two of the girls with him on a shopping spree and dinner. He selects Amy and Charla. They buy formal dresses, and at dinner, Dave tells them why he picked them. He thinks Amy is cool, and he was pleased that Charla made an effort towards him. Charla says that she didn't want him to feel like an outcast the way she does. The three return to the hotel all dolled up. The others cheer them as they walk in. Amy greets everyone individually. Yet Zack is a bit jealous. When Amy comes to him to make him feel better, he is mad because she came to him last. "Just letting you do your thing," he says under his breath. Amy has to assure him that Dave is not into her, but likes Charla. She apologizes to Zack and says that she only greeted him last because she wanted to sit next to him. Perhaps the testosterone is clogging up the logic in his brain? Andon tells Toni that Dave is bringing him down. Andon is worried that he is the next to be eliminated because everyone's having bad dreams about him. Toni later tells Beau that she is sad by the fact that one of the guys will be kicked out next. Beau says that he is scared about the same thing. At dinner, Toni raises her glass to her friends. "To all those who don't believe we're a family… They're wrong," she says. Such poetic words about people she's known for two weeks. Dave approaches Charla again, but she avoids him. He watches as Charla goes over to Andon. "I feel like no one likes me," Charla cries to Andon. Watching Charla get a backrub from Andon, Dave becomes convinced that she played him over. Charla then straddles Andon and kisses his cheek. "This is absolutely ridiculous," Dave says exasperatedly to Amanda. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Charla has no idea how the Barbies made it this far into the game. She doubts that their lucky streak can continue, believing that Amy will win. Yet Amy feels lonely. "It's been nothing but a struggle since Zack left," she bemoans. However, she is not averse to scheming in her misery, calling Dave out as a liar. He had told Beau that he wanted Scott to get the boot before Beau. Scott is annoyed when he hears this, and takes Amy's side. (Has Scott realized that he's still there and Beau isn't? Dude! Dave's on your side!) Dave feels like Amy's attack means she hates him again. So insightful. Keith sticks to his rational principle that the goal is to kick everyone out so that he can ultimately win. Charla wants to throw a surprise party for Tara's birthday. Dave composes a song, and an appalled Charla cuts him short when he rehearses it for her. Everyone but the sick Scott hides in the Paradise Disco to surprise Tara. Dave enlists Keith to accompany him on the song. Well, at least there are no other men in the room to make fun of them. Charla gives Tara Barbie doll gifts. Amy reluctantly toasts the birthday girl, and then is shocked when Keith gyrates around Tara. Perhaps this is a precursor for a new relationship, because Keith and Tara make out in their room later that night. The next day, a belly dancer comes in with a letter. Dave is quick to snatch it from the woman's bikini top. That evening there will be a costume ball followed by everyone's favorite truth game -- Pandora's Box. Each guest is gifted an Arabian Nights outfit. Amy calls Keith a wuss when he is afraid of the live performing snakes. But Charla likes the feel of the snake on her neck. (Unlike Dave's clammy hands.) The girls perform their own belly dance for the guys' applause. The beaded group sashays into the Harem Room for the Pandora's Box game and the questions are fired. Does Amy want Keith out now that they are getting along so well? She answers that she'd still like to see him gone. It's a safe bet that's what the beloved Zack would want too. Who would Tara send home first -- Amy or Holly? Because of all the crap she's given her in the past, Amy is the one. Holly is shocked when Charla admits that she once seduced Scott, even though he rebuffed her advances. Dave is asked why he sent Beau home. He says that he protected Keith and Scott because they were most likely to cover his and Charla's backs. However, he could have just as easily sent one of them home instead. Keith is surprised that Dave would have picked him over Scott, considering they are so close. Dave concurs that he really has no idea what he would do in that situation. A question is posed to Keith about the ease in which he eliminated Zack. Could he do the same to Dave? Keith answers that, if it was down to the end game, he would have no problems dumping Dave on his ass. Later, Dave tells Charla that he feels bad about Keith and Tara getting beat up during the Pandora's Box. Yet Keith and Tara both feel that Dave was a jerk in saying that he would not choose Keith. Dave comes to Keith to assure him that he would indeed save him over Scott. "You're saving face," Keith snarls. "But that's OK." The girls get their "pack up" letters from the hotel before they sit down to breakfast at the now-too-big table. Charla makes it known that she thinks Amy will be staying. Charla and Tara practice the walk of shame up the stairs of the Grand Salon. Then Amy admits to Scott that she will be sad if she is eliminated. She doesn't feel that Charla, Tara or Keith deserve to win. Yet, oddly, she wouldn't mind it if Dave won. There's tension between Scott and Holly as she packs her belongings. Trouble in Paradise? Tara lets Charla know that Dave is acting strange towards Keith. It's as if he feels guilty. It's known that Dave submitted the Pandora's question for Tara that put her on the spot. Tara is sure that Dave was setting her up to pull all of Amy's hatred away from Charla. Charla tells Dave that Keith and Tara are scared that he will turn on them. Dave is convinced that Keith has no problem sending either of them home. Charla disagrees. The girls line up for Host Amanda in what is the final roommate selection. Amy states that she will choose wisely. Unwisely, she goes to Keith. "Why, why, why?" asks Host Amanda. Amy says she wouldn't put Scott in the position to turn against Holly. She is confident that, if she were to turn to Scott, he will pick her over Holly. (Talk about a false sense of security! Amy doesn't seem to know where Scott's allegiance lies. One hint: it's below the belt.) Amy refused to go to Dave because everyone goes to Dave when they have no choice. So Charla goes to Dave instead. She's always known that she wanted to be with him till the end. Just not in "that way." No big surprise when Tara picks Keith. "He is very sweet, very caring and thoughtful," she explains. (Does that mean "I heart him?") Amy turns green, and it's not from envy. In another non-shocker, Holly selects Scott even though they have hit hard times. Scott answers by sweating profusely. Keith is forced to make a not-so-hard choice. Although he thinks Amy is a "good girl," he stays with his Barbie-protectorate Tara. Since all of Amy's happy memories have occurred SO LONG ago, she's now fine with leaving. Will there be a twist? Not this time. Amy is sent to the walk of shame. She hugs everyone, including Keith. "I love Zack, and it's the greatest feeling in the world to come out of here and say that. And mean it," she exudes. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Beau makes a joke about the new girl coming in, but takes a swipe at Amanda while he's at it. "Something crazy always happens," Toni says about the entrance of the new guest. To pass the time away before Kavita's arrival, the gang orchestrates a kissing contest. Toni mauls all the guys (except Dave, whom she only pecks). Charla pounces on Scott and makes out with Zack. Everyone else gets little butterfly kisses from her. Kristin takes control and straddles all the guys -- including Dave. Amy and Zack show some PDA that they've only saved for the bedroom. Alex comments that this should have happened on the first day. Amy and Toni pretend to kiss. Zack witnesses this and becomes angry. "Zack is a prideful person," Amy says as she runs after him. They argue on the stairs, and she attempts to explain that she really didn't do anything with Toni. As everyone else listens from the Grand Salon, Alex thinks the fight is about him because he's the only other boy Amy kissed in the game. "I'm the one who's in shape. I'm the better looking one," Zack says, comparing himself to Alex. "I'm the man!" Back at the room, Charla makes herself "completely available" to Scott while her roommate Dave sleeps alone. Scott, however, turns her down. "Get your hands off," he whispers. The rejected Charla complains. "Why does this always happen to me?" Scott assures her to trust his reasons, and he gets up to go to the bathroom. "You can't perform when you have to pee?" she asks. Later, Dave awakes to hear Charla crying. She is unsure how she is going to stay at the hotel. Dave has his own problems, wondering if he can get the new girl to pick him from among the hot guys. Charla brushes off the idea. "They're all Backstreet Boys," she says. Dave comes over to her bed to comfort her and she quickly shoos him away. His toes must have scared her off. Meanwhile, Zack and Amanda kiss and snuggle in their bed, as Beau and Amy sleep silently in the next bedroom. The next day, Amy questions what really happened between her friend Amanda and her "friend" Zack. She isn't sure of who hit on whom. Amy says that she is hurt, but Zack insists that nohing happened. Then Amy tells Amanda that Zack denied the whole thing. Amy still doesn't know who to believe, but she cares about Zack. She is ready to mistrust Amanda to take Zack's side. "I'm stuck between a rock and a hard stone," she sighs. Kavita arrives amid the chaos to the newly instated Paradise Hotel tradition: a toast from the current guests. Kavita's already formed some ideas about everyone. She is sure that Zack is self-conscious and likes flattery. How come Amy hasn't figured that out yet? Zack and Beau discuss their options with the new girl. Zack hopes that Kavita picks him as her roommate because he doesn't like the inconsistency of Amanda. Beau is rendered silent. (Hooray!) Later, Beau confronts buddy Alex about his budding closeness with Amanda. He is convinced that Alex flirts with Amanda even though he knows that she is only doing it to make Beau jealous. Alex counters back that Beau always complains that he doesn't really care for Amanda in "that way." When Alex starts to raise his voice, Beau tells him to talk like a man. This comment really sets Alex off. How dare he question his manhood! Amanda watches horrified as the fight escalates. Amanda cries to both Kavita and Toni that she is not playing games with Alex, and that she is only trying to make the two guys happy. (It seems Amy's way of making a guy happy isn't working out too well either.) As the argument continues in the Monkey Room, Amanda comes in to shower and listens from the bathroom. "I could care less about her!" Alex exclaims. "Tell me what you want, Beau, and I'll do it." Amanda chimes in that she is not flirting with either of them ever again. Alex storms out, and goes to Kristin and Scott to ask them for advice. They think Amanda is dividing his and Beau's friendship. They suggest he talk to her. Alex pulls Amanda aside later. Although she is still claiming that she and Beau are "just friends," she tells him that Beau only sees her flirting. He seems to ignore the fact that he hangs all over every other girl. Alex is annoyed that he has gotten sucked into this whole situation. "I'll blow the f*%$#ing roof off this place if it ever comes back to me again," he says. Beau becomes enraged when he sees Alex and Amanda talking. He corners Amanda in the men's bathroom, saying, "the drama's got to end." Yet Amanda tells him that he doesn't realize that it's a two-way street. Host Amanda gathers the group for Kavita's roommate selection. When Kavita picks Zack, Amy looks unhappy. She admits that she is a bit upset, but that she knows it's only a game. This shuffle puts Amanda into the single room. "I'm used to controversy by now," she laments. While Amanda packs up, Zack is silent because he doesn't want her to move. He must be thinking hard. "It sucks," he finally pronounces as he hugs her. Kavita senses that Zack is kind of bummed about her arrival in his room. However, his bummed out state doesn't last as the new roommates settle in for the night. The restless Kavita can't sleep. "Can you help me be tired?" she asks Zack suggestively, holding out her arm for him to rub. Zack takes the bait, and the two cuddle and make out. Feeling sleepy, Kavita turns over leaving Zack in the cold. The next evening, the group is invited to add questions for a game of Pandora's Box in the Harem Room. Beau asks Scott why he hasn't hooked up with anyone at the hotel. The abstinent Scott laughs. "Things might change," he says. Amy asks Dave if he and Charla have hooked up. When Dave says no, Alex questions what Dave's definition of "no" is. Dave says that they haven't had sex. They have kissed, but not in their own bedroom. Kavita is up, and she asks Charla why she talks badly about Dave but is nice to his face. Dave is alarmed by this, seeming to be the only one who doesn't know this fact. Charla answers that she doesn't like Dave touching her bare skin, but she will try to be more honest with him. Dave looks hurt. He's finally realized that he's been designated as the ugly guy. Back in their room, Dave asks Charla why she told everyone that she doesn't like him touching her shoulders. Outside, Zack and Beau giggle as they eavesdrop. Charla hears them, and Dave chases them away. Dave then opens his heart to Charla, explaining that he made an extra effort with her because he really liked her. He was embarrassed by what she said. "Nobody came to this show to find love," Charla bitchily responds. The next day, while playing paddle tennis, Scott asks Dave how things went with Charla. "We have some trust issues," Dave bemoans. Charla confides in Kavita that Dave was unhappy that she wasn't going to have sex with him. Kavita thinks he should be happy that he even slept in the same bed with a girl! But Charla says that she makes him sleep in a separate bed. At dinner, Zack tells Kavita that he is learning about people's flaws. Amy overhears this and overreacts. She cries to Toni, and Toni counsels her to leave Zack alone for the rest of the night because he is juggling his multitude of emotions. Zack's never had a girlfriend before and he can't show his feelings. "He doesn't know how to word it," Toni says. You can say that again, Toni! But just as Toni finishes advising her, Amy disobeys and goes right over to Zack to hug him. Zack shows no emotion, and Amy is fully dissed. "I don't get it," she says, walking away. Later, Amy has a one-on-one conversation with the he-man wordsmith. Zack tells her that she should have just said something about her feelings. Now she is making him out to be a bad guy. "No one asks me about my story and what I went through!" he exclaims. He then goes on to tell her that his mother dropped him off at a grocery store and left him there. He never had a female growing up to tell him what to do. He hides from things by working out. Zack wonders why Amy never asks him questions. Apparently, "what's wrong?" doesn't count. Yet, Amy, ever the lap dog, accepts his stories and apologizes. She gets on his lap and they hug. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Everyone's in an uproar over the fact that one of the original girls is going to be sent home next week. "Women are shaking in their boots!" Dave exclaims. Toni screams at him to shut up and she storms off. Isn't this the same girl who yelled at Beau for telling her to shut up? Kristin and Amy plan to be nice to Tara… only in order to save themselves. Kristin tries to convince Toni to do the same. "Maybe it's time to start playing the game," Amy wonders. It's Toni's birthday, and the gang wishes her well. Yet Toni is not so good. She doesn't trust Dave because he's saying crap about her behind her back and he thinks that he is the smartest person in the hotel. Toni wants him to own up to these things. But first, she's angry at the new girl Tara for arriving on "her day." Toni makes fun of Tara not only before she's even met her, but behind Tara's back. Hypocritical much, Toni? Meanwhile, the men challenge Dave to be the first one to kiss Tara. For at least two seconds. Before midnight. However, someone else has to witness it. If he fails, Dave must give Toni a lap dance. If he succeeds, Dave wants them all to admit on camera that he's the only one with balls enough to kiss her. Zack advises him to ask Tara to borrow her Chapstick. Tara finally arrives, bearing gifts for her fellow hotel guests. She made leis with suckers on them. Is that a hint? All the guys believe that the other women are nervous because Tara is so hot. While Dave works over the new girl, Alex and Scott question whether he is up to fulfilling his dare. Dave hopes she's not afraid of hooking up. In a secret confessional, Tara admits that Dave is not her type and that he tries too hard, which makes him even less attractive. Before Toni's birthday party dinner that night, Amanda thanks Tara for greeting her so warmly when she first came. The dolled up gang files into the Harem Room for a game of truth or dare. Kristin admits that she has slept with over 40 men. She then dares someone to lap dance Toni, and Scott is the unlucky culprit. Toni is moved to tears -- not by Scott's moves, but by her cake (and possibly some form of alcohol consumption). After the party, the guys sneak into Tara's room and hide in the closets. With less than 15 minutes until midnight, Dave lures Tara to her bedroom. He asks her to trust him, but doesn't make a lip-lock move. Dave then asks her for Chapstick. As the clock strikes 11:57 pm, Dave mentions that there was a kissing game at the hotel. Tara is confused. Then, much to Dave's chagrin, the other women enter the room. The guys tumble from the closets, calling Dave a loser. They tell Tara about the bet, and force Dace to strip tease and give a lap dance to Toni. He's man enough to face the consequences, causing Toni to squeal in horror. Later that evening, Kristin jumps into the pool fully clothed to make out with Alex. Charla once again hits on Scott without success. Toni cries to Beau that she is getting old. He is annoyed to have to repeatedly tell her that she is beautiful. The next morning, Tara consults with Dave and Charla about who to pick as her next roommate. They tell her there is an "in" group of girls consisting of Amy, Toni and Kristin who influence the other guys. This group is trying to eliminate Charla, who doesn't want to leave. In another bedroom Amanda gives Alex a massage, and they discuss how she could pick Scott in order to stay. She doesn't know that Kristin and some of the others are ready to kick her out next. The guys devise a plan, called "terminate-her," which will put the Amanda boot into action. Alex knows that Amanda will choose Scott. They have schemed for Kristin to automatically pick the same guy as Amanda does. Scott will then go for Kristin. Meanwhile, Charla and Tara make a secret pact to protect each other. The entire group is invited on a luxurious beach excursion. There is also a special surprise for Tara and Scott. As everyone else frolics on a banana boat in the water, Amanda confides in Charla about her fate. The clique of Toni, Kristin and Amy don't want her there. Feeling like an outsider himself, Dave joins their conversation. He is more than happy to see one of those other three girls leave. Later, the whole gang is brought to a mud pool. Since Tara had challenged Scott to a mud wrestling contest in the studio, they are lubed up with oil and sent to grapple in the pool. Alex wrestles Toni next, and surprisingly, he pins her down. Dave bears his man-boobs and challenges Toni as well. She is pissed when she loses. Returning to the hotel, a Pandora's Box game is set up in the Harem Room. Beau is asked if there is a guy he does not trust. He says that Dave is acting fishy, and he warns him to be careful. Tara is asked why she is being rude and hasn't made any attempt to get to know certain people. She answers that she felt out of place coming in to the tight-knit crew and was only being observant. Dave is grilled about his claims that he is "smarter" than everyone else. He responds that he never said that. Toni calls his bluff because she overheard him make those assertions. She calls him a liar and says that he puts everyone down. Then Zack jumps in because he doesn't want to be labeled as dumb. Good boy! Toni is offended that she is put into the stupid category. Dave apologizes if anyone's feelings were hurt, but he didn't mean it in that way. They move on to Amanda. Beau wants to know why she should continue at the hotel even after she committed herself to Jason. Amanda answers that, besides the one kiss with Beau, she refused to hook up with anyone else. (Yet she forgets that she had some cuddle/kissing sessions with Alex, Matt and Zack?) Alex chimes in that she just recently told him she wanted to rip his clothes off. Amanda says that she was only joking. She wants to stay at the hotel just as much as anyone else. "I'm not ready to go," she cries. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Keith is bummed out that one of the guys is going home and that he's the one who's going to send him. Although he's only been there for a little over two days, Keith already sees the alliances that have formed. He tells Kristin that he was angry that she threatened him and the way she called him unattractive at Pandora's Box. She apologizes, and says that she does think he is hot. According to Kristin, the longer she's there, the better people have come to look. Yet Keith is convinced that most of the crew in Paradise is a bit "sketchy." Amy is frustrating Zack. "I want you to open up to me so bad that I'm willing to risk my reputation 'cause I yell at you 'cause that's the only way you'll communicate with me," he pleads. "I can't guess about you all the time." Zack wants her to be there for him, saying it's like digging a "treasure" to find the real Amy. "You are my best friend here," he says. "And you're mine," Amy answers. Keith is invited to go on an excursion with one of the girls. There will be a photographer accompanying them to shoot modeling pictures. He first asks Charla and Tara what they think about him taking Kristin, but they don't give him much in the way of advice. When Keith approaches Kristin, she is thrilled to go. He then turns to Toni to see if she's mad. She was his second choice. (Always the bridesmaid, that Toni!) The other boys are floored by Keith's decision of Kristin. Kristin doesn't know why Keith asked her. But Amy is worried. "I don't want him to pick you as his roommate," she tells her. Amy can't read Keith because he's not giving away any clues. Zack advises Kristin to stick to their plan and save Alex in the bedroom selection. Alex is sure that Keith wants him gone. Kristin admits that she has hurt Keith twice and she feels bad about it. She doesn't know what to do now. Zack is convinced that Keith is jealous of him. "I'm his biggest threat," Zack says. "He thinks he's going to be the ripped-ass dude. I'm more ripped than him. I'm more everything than him." Then Zack becomes even more overindulgent. "When I get my power back, it's on," he boasts. After Keith and Kristin leave for their excursion, Alex voices his anxieties to the others. While he feels comfortable with Kristin, she has the freedom to hook up with anyone she wants. He is sure that Keith is breaking up his trio of him, Zack and Scott. Zack thinks Keith is leading everyone astray by choosing Kristin first in the excursion, and then going with another girl in the bedroom selection. Scott is surprised that Keith is playing the game perfectly. As they sip champagne on the sailboat, Kristin tells Keith that if Alex or Zack is sent home, then people will be pissed off. She says that everyone wants Dave out. Everyone also wants Charla gone next, followed by Beau. When Kristin and Keith giddily return to the hotel, everyone becomes concerned, especially when the pair calls it the best time they've ever had. Kristin assures Alex that she didn't do anything wrong. Now Alex is even more convinced that he's on his way out. The next morning, the guys see the pictures from Keith and Kristin's sexy photo shoot. Scott admits that everyone -- including himself -- is freaked out about Keith. Keith tells Charla and Toni that he has no interest in rehashing the roommate selection anymore because he has no clue what he is going to do. Keith walks away from the girls to head to the guys' table, but Toni calls him back. Keith doesn't answer her, not wanting to hear from the women anymore. The old Toni would have let this go. However, this is the new Toni. She walks to Keith's room afterwards with Charla and slams him to "not disrespect the females again." Toni's pissed at the way Keith acted at the table. She thinks he was rude. Keith asks her not to yell at him. "You're not always right," he says. Toni thinks Keith is abusing his power, and she doesn't want him to pick her in the roommate selection. She is scared to lose Scott and Alex. "It's not going to be good" she sighs to herself. In a battle of tennis, Zack and Dave play to see who will have to wear a thong at dinner. Amy cheers for Zack as everyone else watches. Sore loser Zack refuses to wear the thong. Then Alex challenges Dave to a game. Dave beats him as well, but at least Alex shakes his hand like a man when he loses. Smarty pants Dave gets his way by thinking ahead -- he got them to both sign contracts that stipulate they would wear the thongs. As they dress, Alex offers Zack some tissues to stuff his thong. Yet when the boys come out, they're not wearing thongs. They've got on briefs in stead. Tara calls them on it too. Dave comes to dinner gleeful, and they shake his hand. Yet Alex vows to get Dave back at some point. The group enters the ominous roommate elimination ceremony under the cover of rain and thunder. Host Amanda explains that all of the guys except Keith are in jeopardy tonight. However, Keith gets to choose last. Before anything happens, Toni begins to whimper. Alex is first, and he goes directly to Kristin as planned. Beau walks right to Tara. (Was her kissing that good?) He says that he sees truth and honesty in her. "And I respect that," Beau asserts. Scott picks Toni and she hugs his hand on her shoulder. Zack chooses Amy, and she is very pleased. "It's obvious how good me and Amy get along. She's a good influence to be around," he explains. So far the Originals' plan is going according to schedule. Dave selects Charla (of course). Now it's up to Keith. Toni begins the overdramatics and Dave grows worried as usual. Keith slowly goes over to Amy, and she curses at him. Amy bows her head and cries. The now booted Zack stands silent. Are there any thoughts in his head? "I'm just trying to play the game," Keith says. Amy hugs Zack, and when she goes to the couch, she won't sit next to her new roommate Keith. Zack knew that Keith was coming for him because he was intimidated. Zack then tells the gang that he loves all of them, and he hugs each of them as Keith sits stoically. Zack kneels down to console Amy. "It's just a game," he tells her. "It hurts me even more," Zack says to her as he walks off alone. Keith goes back to his room to consider the preceding events. Toni comforts Amy outside. "This is not fun," Amy cries. She knows that her relationship with Zack is not a game. "It's real," she says. Toni goes in to yell at Keith. "What were you thinking?" she screams. But Keith has nothing to say to her. He's not sheepish, but adamant about his decision. Toni storms out. Dave comes to talk to Keith, asking why he decided to kick out Zack. Keith explains that he needed to break up the "foursome." They were out to get him from the start, so how could he trust any of them? From the safety of his own room, Alex calls Keith a creep. Beau thinks Keith doesn't even deserve to be here. (Yet Beau doesn't seem to realize that his own head was on the chopping block not too much earlier.) Charla tells Tara that Beau needs to shut his mouth, and that it's in her best interest to be Keith's friend. Keith wonders if Tara and Charla have his back. He was brave enough to break the foursome, but will they be tough enough to finish what he started? Charla advises Tara that they should merely remain the "dumb models" who control really control the outcome. Toni vows that she will get rid of Keith. Dave, on the other hand, thinks everyone is out of control because Keith is merely playing the game. Who will win?moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Welcome to Paradise Hotel! The dream resort where you'll need to hook up in order to stay. If not, you'll have to check out and return to reality. Someone from the audience at home could fly off to Paradise to take their place. Eleven sexy single guests have already arrived. Who will be sent home packing? The girls show up first and toast to their newfound friendships. They get to know each other, but the only thing on Toni's mind is "What will the guys look like?" Meanwhile, the men wait in the hotel's Grand Salon and size up the competition. "Where are the girls?" Alex wonders. The women are ushered in, and the guys are relieved that they're all beautiful. Scott is already convinced that the girls will go for Zack because he doesn't drink and is a bodybuilder. Maybe he has insight into the female mind? Beau already has his eye on one girl in particular. Amanda admits to liking both Beau and Alex, while Amy thinks Zack is cute. Toni likes them all. The group cheers each other with shots of tequila. Host Amanda tells the gathered guests that there are many surprises in store. Their stay is not guaranteed, with one girl leaving this week. Next week, a guy will leave. But first, they are all welcome to jump in the pool. They retreat to the bathrooms. The boys gossip about who they think is cute. Then they get down on the ground to do push-ups in order to look buff in their shorts. Zack does some extra pumping up after everyone has left. In the pool, the chicks rate the guys' bods. The guys check out all the bikini-clad beauties, and make decisions. Andon tries to work over Charla, but she is not interested. She admits that there is no one in this gang that she is physically attracted to. However, Charla does later snuggle on Beau's neck while swimming. Toni is hot for Andon, and as she checks out him playing up all the women, she comes to the conclusion that she'll be voted off first. That evening, it's time to pick roommates. Host Amanda leads the group in the selection process where the ladies get to select their mates. The men will place a matching necklace on the woman he's connected to. There will be one girl without a special bed partner, and if she is still alone at the end of the week, she will go home. Zack believes that Amanda and Kristin are his "types." But when given the chance, Kristin chooses Alex to be her roommate. She thinks he is Abercrombie-cute and the "chill one." Charla's up next and she picks Beau. She says that she can tell who all the other girls would go for. Since Amanda had annoyed her, she chose the guy that Amanda wanted in order to piss her off. Is this a catfight already brewing? Toni goes for Andon because they have a lot in common. Working out might be the number one topic. Zack begins to look worried. Shouldn't he have been the first one gone? Maybe in his mind, but not to the ladies. Melanie gravitates toward Scott because they communicated well. Zack is now seemingly angry at being passed over once more. Amy dances around the guys, but ultimately selects Zack. What a relief! We don't need to see him mad. Or confused. Amy says that Zack makes her laugh. Maybe it's his rock hard physique. Amanda is last, but all the guys are already taken. Whichever guy she chooses will have to decide between the two girls. The loser girl must spend the week alone in the single bedroom. Amanda goes for Beau, as Charla had predicted. The guys place their necklaces around their partners' necks. But Beau needs to decide between Amanda and Charla. Does he like the girl-next-door or the ice queen? He goes for Amanda. Don't count Charla out for long. She may put the moves on another man soon to stay in the game. At dinner, Zack bitches to Amy that he wasn't selected first because he knows he is better than the other guys at the hotel. He had wanted either Amanda or Kristin to pick him. The bad thing is that he is telling this all to Amy -- the one who wanted to room with him in the first place. Beau hints to Amanda that their pairing may be a step leading up to other things. Is love already blooming in paradise? Toni secretly advises Charla to get to know all the guys better so that she can stay there. Charla doesn't want Toni's strategic help. Yet Toni knows that Charla could go after Andon and would probably stab her in the back. Everyone gets to their rooms, and they are all psyched by the accommodations. Everyone except Charla. She is annoyed that her stuff was unpacked into her single room. Then she complains about the drapes. While each couple retires to separate beds, Amy invites Zack to sleep next to her. Is sleep what she had in mind? The next morning, the pair discusses their "activities" from the night before. "How do we play this?" Zack asks, assuring Amy that whatever they did was "awesome." They agree not to say anything to anyone else. The girls eat breakfast together in the Grotto. Amanda jokes that Beau called her "wifey." At the table in the Banyon area, the guys tease Beau that he's already married. Later, Zack and Andon work out in the gym and discuss their living situations. Zack admits that he had his eye on two others, but that he and Amy had slept in the same bed. Andon asks if they cuddled. "No," Zack says. "Just kicked it." Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? Meanwhile, at the pool, Toni grills Amy. Amy confesses about what she and Zack did the night before. Toni does not seem shocked. Charla comes to Melanie's bed, and Melanie tells her that Andon thinks she's funny. Charla decides to become more of a flirt to make the guys want to room with her. Melanie encourages her to go after Andon, regardless of what that means for Toni. Back at the pool, Amy asks Toni if she is bothered that Charla may go after Andon. "We've got to cover our own tails because now the game is being played," Toni says. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 13
      Episode 13
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Amy attacks Keith once again. She calls him selfish and not willing to take "everyone's" feelings into consideration. Kristin accuses him of deliberately going against her threats. "What did WE ever do to you?" Amy implores. Keith keeps answering that he only wants to win the game. Amy tells him that he kicked out the most respected person in the hotel. (Is she talking about Zack??) She wants to know why he stabbed his buddy Zack in the back. Keith puts an end to the group bitching by saying that only one person even has a right to be angry, and it's Amy. He then asks Amy to name the guy who should have taken Zack's place. She won't say it. Dave wants to know too. "Who are you? Are you God?" Amy says to Keith. Alex chimes in about him telling Keith who he wanted to keep at the hotel. Beau wasn't on the list, and Beau calls Alex on his getting him out. Keith stands up. He's had enough, and orders them to calm down because they are acting like two-year olds. But Amy isn't finished. "You've taken no consideration of any of our feelings!" Amy yells, vowing to get rid of him. "You've been very selfish and very cocky and very inconsiderate. We will make your time here a living nightmare!" Keith doesn't buy it. "Do you think you scare me?" he counters. When Amy tells him that he'll want to leave, Keith confidently says, "We will see…" It's time to bring on a new girl, and Host Amanda talks to the guests via satellite. But there's a hitch. She's not at the Los Angeles studios. She is really in Paradise. Everyone is surprised when she immediately walks into the hotel! Host Amanda has brought the two female contestants with her, and she introduces them one by one. Holly is seen washing her car in a bikini and showing off her holly leaf tattoo. Then Holly walks down to the guests from the Harem Room. Number two is Whitney, who says that she is easy-going and laid back. She only wants to be away from work and bills! Whitney enters the Grand Salon as well. The female guests are sent to "chill out" in the games lounge. They will rejoin after the boys have made their decision. What the guys don't know is that the girls are watching the whole Q&A on a video screen. As per the usual Paradise tradition, Dave tries to get some nooky from one of the contestants, but no go. Thinking the other girls won't hear him, Alex asks which female guest the contestants would not get along with. Holly picks Charla, because she's so quiet. Whitney says that she and Amy probably wouldn't be buddies because Amy has never been friendly to the new girls. In the games lounge, Amy is annoyed by that answer. Scott wants to know if Holly will come over to him to "do anything." Holly happily obliges, and sits on Scott's lap while the other guys cheer him on. Toni is mad. "How come she can get that, and I've been trying to get him drunk for three weeks now!" she exclaims. Then the two contestants get to grill the boys. Holly asks the men which girl guests are their favorites. Keith answers that no one probably likes him, but that he thinks Charla is down to earth and doesn't B.S. From the lounge, Amy makes a mean remark every time Keith opens his mouth. Alex says Charla is his least favorite because she isn't fun. Then Whitney asks the men which girl is playing the game the best. Beau thinks it's Toni, since she goes from lovey-dovey to antagonistic in one second. "Welcome to my world," Toni says under her breath. Keith can't answer because he doesn't know anyone well enough. He is skittish anyway since everyone who was nice in the beginning then turned on him. Amy continues to make cracks at the monitor about Keith. Dave replies that, although everyone is playing, he thinks Toni is the worst of all. She continues to be sweet to his face while plotting his eviction. "You son of a bitch!" Toni yells to the screen about Dave. "I'm gonna drown your f*@%ing ass!" After the questioning is completed, the guys are stunned when they learn that the girls had been listening the whole time. Charla sarcastically tells Alex that she'll try to be more fun and interesting for him, but she really doesn't care what people think of her. Toni informs Dave that she won't kiss his ass anymore. She repeats what has become her catch phrase: "Game on!" Now the women get to interview the contestants. Still bitter about Zack, Amy wants to know if one of them will come in to stab her friends in the back like Keith did. Holly smartly answers that someone will get hurt no matter what happens. The men are left to make their decision as the female guests chatter among themselves. Kristin is sure that they'll go with Holly because guys like big boobs. (You should know Kristin!) Scott is the one to welcome Holly as the next guest at the hotel. (Was it his mini-lap dance that won him over?) The guys wish Whitney well as she leaves Paradise forever. Host Amanda gives Holly the news that she will be rooming alone for the week. As the men go to congratulate her, Scott steps up to kiss her first. Later, Alex leads the toast to welcome Holly as Toni begins to suck up to her. (Does she think she can sway her away from Scott?) Amy finds time to belittle Keith once again. "You took away the one person that everybody looks up to," she says. "The person that people respect the most." (Is she talking about the same Zack we all know?) Keith tries to defend himself to Beau that he was only playing the game. Then Toni comes in with her own brand of smack talk. She says that the niceties everyone is showing toward him is only superficial. "You're not gonna win," she says. As Amy warns Holly that she is going to fight back, Dave feels bad for the new girl coming in at such a tumultuous time. Keith goes to Dave and Charla's room late that night. He can't believe how mean the Originals are and how self-centered they behave. Charla tells him that they want to get him to stay. Keith and Dave both think that they need to get Holly on their side in order to be effective. They want Charla to work on Tara, because they know Holly will listen to her. Charla doesn't trust Tara because she has no backbone. Meanwhile, Tara gives Holly warnings about being the new girl at the hotel. The next morning, strategies ensue. Keith corners Holly about helping the new people put a stop to the Originals' domination. Charla asks Tara if she's finally ready to play the game because they need her to oust the Originals. Tara agrees to save Keith, but she knows that Holly has the "overall say." Holly is invited on a luxury excursion for a romantic night away from Paradise Hotel with a guy of her choice. She is also given another excursion the following night with a different guy. Scott is pleased when Holly invites him to be her date. Keith and Alex think that her picking Scott was out of left field. Now Holly has become the wild card. That evening, Scott and Holly are taken to another hotel where there is a champagne feast waiting for them. They pop the bubbly and kiss in the private pool before spending the night alone, away from everyone else. Back at Paradise Hotel, Beau, Amy and Alex plan a toga party. Everyone twists white sheets into knots to don their Roman attire. They each must bring gifts to Alex in order to enter, and they parade around to model the togas. Hoping to win the costume contest, Toni bears her breasts. Then the gang has fun putting whipped cream on each other's bodies. Tara lets Alex and Beau lick their creamed initials off her butt, while Toni allows Beau to get the treat from her chest. Everyone comes to breakfast the next morning hung over. Scott and Holly return, and he escorts her to the girls' table. Beau gives him crap about not coming to the boys' table first. Holly describes the night to the jealous girls. Beau wants to know if Scott likes Holly. Scott says that Holly is cool. "Is she cooler than Toni?" Beau asks half-jokingly. Keith secretly meets with Charla and Tara. The other people at the hotel don't know that they are plotting against them. Keith loves it that the Originals are scared for the first time. Meanwhile, Toni has an alliance session with Amy and Kristin. She is sure that Dave, Charla and Tara want to get rid of them. "I can feel it. It's in my stomach," she says. Kristin is convinced that it's a "Charla plan," because Charla has always clung to the new people. Toni thinks Charla plays up the dumb innocent act. "I can play the game too. I'm gonna play hard," Toni says. Kristin names Charla as next on her hit list. The three make a pact to defeat Charla and rid her from Paradise. Toni swears that if she gets to stay, someone else is in a lot of trouble. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Pre-newbie arrival, most everyone thinks Matthew JC is probably cool and nice. Beau makes fun of the moniker that Matt's a rocker, because when he sang to Amanda via satellite, it was only a ballad. Thanks, Beau, for noting the technicality. Zack is already jealous. He's angry that the women picked Matt. The group is unanimous in their worry for Dave after the two contestants harped on him. Dave just wants them to drop the discussion altogether. Charla goes to her room to make Dave feel better, but he doesn't want to talk. He's convinced that he shouldn't have even come on the show. He is sensitive about his physical self and his ability to relate to women. Charla feels so bad that she sits on Dave's bed. Their bare skin may possibly touch. It's a full Welcome Matt when he lands in Paradise to the traditional toast by the other guests. Does he wear his welcome out as soon as he arrives? He states that he can already tell there's emotion beneath Toni's tough-guy exterior. Matt then points out that his friends back home assumed he would clash with Zack. They watched with the rest of America while the guys did pushups in the bathroom on their first day. Zack had gone back for seconds. From the far-off look on Zack's face, it's obvious that he doesn't like Matt already. However, that expression could mean something else. Amanda and Charla jiggle over to Matt to take him on a tour of the hotel. Toni is sure that Amanda is trying to make Beau jealous, but Charla brushes that off. She thinks all of the guys get jealous when a new guy comes in. (Note that Charla is grouping Toni with the men.) Matt grills the boys about the girls. They describe Amy as fun, Amanda as cool, and Charla as the player. Only a few minutes in Paradise, and Matt can pinpoint the obvious: Dave is infatuated with Charla. Yet Dave is caught up with worry over Matt's roommate selection. Host Amanda rallies the group together to hear Matt's decision. The new guy starts out by praising all the girls individually (it seems he already has plans to let Toni work him out). Yet he picks Charla, who says "Wow" when she hears the news. Dave is stunned silent. It's the black room for him and his man boobs. Charla tells the other guys that she is flattered, but she doesn't know yet if she'll get along with her new roommate. Matt admits to Toni that Charla is like a little sister to him. He merely wanted a roommate who would give him the freedom to meet everyone else. Scott quickly lets Charla know that Matt's not into her. Devious! Poor ol' Dave is saddened that he's no longer the "new guy," and that, even worse, everyone else loves Matt. Beau confides in Toni that he would never backstab someone there. He is giving Alex the benefit of the doubt because his friend already told him he wouldn't go for Amanda. Gullible? While Beau's away, Alex joins Amanda in her room. Although he flirts with every girl there, Beau doesn't like it when it's with Amanda. As much sexual tension there is between them, they can't do a thing because of Beau. "What would happen if he left?" Amanda wonders. Alex says he is ready to do whatever it takes to stay on the show, regardless of the sexual dreams Amanda is having about him and the sexual frustration he is feeling. Stroking his hair, Amanda admits that she wants to hook up with him. Alex wishes they could. Amanda feels so close to Alex that she is sure she will keep in contact with him after the show. She convinces Alex to sleep in her and Beau's bed. "We're in so much trouble if Beau walks in right now," Alex laughs as they cuddle. Amanda asks him to stay, but he kisses her on the head as he leaves. Beau arrives just in time to see Alex scuttle out of his room. The next morning, Beau doesn't speak to Amanda. Dave snores all alone in the single room. In their first night together, Matt swears to Charla that he'll be a gentleman. He's gentlemanly enough to give her a sensual massage. Charla is smitten. "Eight hours, and you already broke me down," she confesses. "It's crazy. I never thought I'd feel like this here." The next day, Toni tells Amanda that Beau is questioning his trust for her. Dave says that he is not a big fan of Matt because he didn't apologize about taking his room. Yet he plays tennis with him. Dave is now annoyed that Matt not only got a massage from Charla, but also kicked his butt in tennis. At the pool, Matt asks Charla to take a bath with him. She doesn't turn him down. Charla goes to the room for a nap and Matt promises he'll join her after his swim. As soon as she leaves, he jumps in the pool and flirts with Amanda. Beau watches cautiously. After their swimming, Matt finishes the song he serenaded to Amanda on his guitar. She is impressed, but Beau looks pained. Beau quickly pens a song about a cow. Only he and Toni think it's funny. Amanda takes Matt to her room. He is concerned that Beau will be mad, but he is man enough to ask her to take a bubble bath. Fortunately, Amanda is not tempted by the offer. Amanda gets another non-Beau cuddle session, but this time with Matt. They stop just as Beau enters the room. Beau goes in to shower, and Matt gives Amanda a sweet kiss. Zack yells at Amy again. It seems no one at the hotel has gotten to know him. Don't we know enough? He had hoped that at least Amy would want to learn more about him since she claims to like him so much. Zack doesn't want to be known only as the workout guy. "I have a colorful personality," he says. He goes into the men's bathroom by the pool and bemoans this same thing to Kristin and Amanda. Zack feels like he can relate to Kristin because he too would not cry if one of their fellow guests left. He admits that he only cried when he was a kid. Suddenly, Zack breaks into tears. That night, everyone is invited to play the infamous Pandora's Box game. Dave is asked who he would send home if given the chance. Taking the very high road, Dave says that he would give the boot to Scott and Charla because he knows them too well. He'd like the chance to bond with the others. Is this Dave sucking up or what? Someone wants to know which girl Matt thinks is most trustworthy. He picks Toni because she is his "den mother" (and we're not talking Boy Scouts here). Toni is then grilled on what is going on between her and Amanda. She felt that Amanda was not on the up-and-up with the whole Beau and Alex flirting thing. Although there is still some distrust there, she is OK with Amanda now. Kristin is next, and she owns up that, if she was a guy, she would trust Toni the most and Amy the least. (This might be the brewing of an alliance!) It's Beau's turn, and he confesses that he may be less talkative lately because he is busy analyzing who is being truthful to him. "Actions speak louder than words," he decrees. Amy is asked how she REALLY feels about Zack. She calls Zack "amazing," but it's not clear in what context she is referring to. She says she already has more feelings than she expected to have for him, which is why she didn't ask him more about himself. Amy assumed that they would get to know each other better after they left Paradise Hotel. Alex is then asked about why he is so two-faced when it comes to Amanda. He acknowledges that he has said bad things about her in the past, but that they have grown closer. They now have a real love-hate relationship, but will that stop them from hooking up? Amanda is questioned about the possibility of Beau getting evicted. She gives her pat answer (let's all say it together): "We are just friends." But Amanda also reveals that she is not attracted to Beau anymore. The love triangle continues. Beau thinks Amanda is playing dirty. She lied to him about not flirting with Alex even though Alex told him they do. "The past is haunting them," Beau pronounces wisely. Beau confronts Alex, who says that he refuses to stop flirting. He does apologize for whatever he may have done in the past to hurt Beau. All this doesn't seem to stop Amanda from flirting of her own -- with Matt in the pool. Then Beau deals with both Alex and Amanda together. He can't trust their word. Alex says that whatever is going on with them is only between them and has nothing to do with Beau. Amanda cries because Beau is making her upset. She tells him that he can not control her. Beau is mad that Alex cuts down Amanda and then is all cuddly with her. Alex just wants him to stay out of it. Beau questions whether Alex is no longer a friend. Can this triangle get any more jumbled? Let's make it an octagon. Host Amanda arrives unexpectedly with a surprise guest for Amanda. It's her ex-boyfriend Jason. She dated him for over a year but broke up when he moved. "Why are you here?" Amanda says tearfully. Everyone is shocked, but what's more shocking is Charla, who cries as well. "I love you," Amanda says to Jason as she kisses him in front of Beau, Alex and the other men vying for her affection. Zack asks Beau if he's officially divorced now. He then sings a song about Amanda. We can add comedian and songwriter to the list of Zack's titles (we've already got colorful, lawyer, debator, not-just-a-workout guy…) Beau and Alex agree that they will tell Jason EVERYTHING if he gets in their faces about his woman. Amanda tells Jason that Beau is the only guy she kissed. There was no one else. She seems to have conveniently forgotten about making out with Zack, coming onto Alex and working over Matt. Jason says that he's not mad at her. She wants to know if Jason will ask her to leave Paradise and go home with him. We'll all find out that answer next Monday! -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • The Blonde Bombshell
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The guys are nervous when a new girl, a blonde bombshell, arrives. The girl, named Stephanie, makes quite a scene when she gets punch-drunk during a late night party and demonstrates rude behavior. The next day, Stephanie takes two of the men on a hot-tub date. Meanwhile, other relationships continue to develop, while the cast anticipate both the next Pandora's Box and elimination.moreless
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Everyone partakes in dessert in the Grand Salon. But there's something even more sweet in store. Host Amanda comes in unexpectedly to inform them of another surprise. All of a sudden, Zack comes down the stairs. He's here for a special, two-day visit. Amy jumps into his arms. "This is the best surprise anyone could ever have!" she exclaims. Zack shakes Keith's hand warily. They all ask him how the show is playing out on television. Zack points out who is being underhanded. He singles out Charla, Dave, Keith and Tara as working against everyone else. He names Dave as the ring leader. Zack asks Keith why he didn't just tell him to his face that he wanted to vote him off. Keith doesn't understand what he is talking about. Zack notes that Keith sat with Tara at the bar and told her it would be "crazy" to vote off Zack. Keith tells him that some of Zack's own friends were in on it too. Zack and Amy sneak away to talk. He says that he doesn't trust Scott and won't speak to him. "I will go to L.A. with you," he tells her. Meanwhile, Charla knows that Zack is there to stir everything up. But Keith thinks they have nothing to hide. Charla doesn't care if Zack likes her or not. Zack goes to confront Dave and Tara, as Amy chimes in with agreement. Tara tells Amy that she wasn't nice to her when she first arrived. Charla was the only one who was nice to her. Amy is insistent that Charla needs to join the group, not the other way around. Later, Zack takes Amy back to the bedroom. He says that everyone watching at home likes her and hates Charla. He admits that he cried when he left. He recently had a nightmare that Amy really didn't like him. "Not true, never will be," she assures him. Zack gives her a necklace so that she'll have him wherever she goes. Amy is touched. "I love you," she says. They have sex that night. Charla is sure that, with all these Originals ready to cause trouble, she will have to wait things out. Amanda arrives at the hotel and goes first to Charla's room. Charla does a little happy dance and hugs her. She informs Amanda that Beau was voted out, and that the returning Zack is already causing drama. After watching the show at home, Amanda knows that Amy, Kristin and Toni had been plotting to get Charla out. Dave is excited when he sees Amanda there. They bring her to Keith and Tara's room. Amy and Zack come in to greet Amanda. She admits that she broke up with her boyfriend Jason because the long distance wasn't working. After everyone leaves, Amanda tells Keith that he's been treated like crap and that he doesn't deserve it. She says that she saw how mean Amy and Kristin have been. She thinks that Amy will get a kick in the ass once she sees herself on television. She will be especially mad when she realizes that Zack kissed Kavita. Keith still has no clue what's coming next for them. The next morning, Kristin and Beau arrive at Paradise Hotel. They are told that all of their friends are in the Grand Salon. "‘Friends' is not the right word," Beau mutters. They come downstairs, and Zack and Amy greet them first. Beau and Kristin do a Barbie imitation for Charla and Tara. Neither is amused. Amanda stays at the breakfast table as everyone surrounds Beau and Kristin. Beau sees Amanda and goes over to her. Away from everyone else, they share a private hug. Beau thanks everyone for voting him off because he had a great vacation. "The annoying one's back!" he screams, as the gang sits down to breakfast. Host Amanda asks Zack if he wants to elaborate on what he did the night before. He sheepishly says no. Host Amanda warns the new arrivals that their time in Paradise is limited, so they should act wisely. Beau jokes to Zack that they should act like dumb models -- like Keith, Tara and Charla. Keith and Zack start to argue. Keith comments that Zack had said things about Amy in the past as well. Zack threatens Keith that, in the real world, he would have smacked his mouth off for talking like that. Keith tells Tara and Charla that he's upset that Beau was so mean. He doesn't like being called a dumb model. They don't know why Beau is mad at them because they never did anything to him. No one expected him to be so angry. They are all convinced that Amy is eating this up and that Kristin will be super nasty. But why is Desiree so happy to see the returning people? It's tough for Keith not to argue back with Zack. "These people have issues," Tara sighs. Then Charla cries in the bathroom to Tara. She wants to leave. Tara tries to convince her otherwise. Tara needs her there, and vows to leave if she goes. Amanda comes in and comforts Charla. "I can't handle this anymore, Amanda," Charla cries. "I've lost my mind here." Tara calls the other people hypocritical sore losers. Kristin asks Amy what has been happening since she left. According to Amy, Tara and Charla have become too cocky. She always had a feeling that Charla was conspiring behind closed doors. Now she's happy that Charla feels stupid. Desiree tells Scott that it will be easier for them to "get to" Dave because Keith is wrapped up in Charla and Tara. Beau cautions Dave to be careful of Charla. He says that he will be on Dave's side, and that he can rely on him because he is trustworthy. Hearing all this talk about Charla, Dave turns to Keith. He wonders if what they are saying about her going against them is true. "Give me a break!" Keith cries out incredulously. "It's Charla!" Keith thinks Dave is crazy for listening to their accusations. Dave says that Charla is in the mode she had in the beginning when everyone hated her. They should show her that's not true. Kristin wants to call Charla, who hasn't come out of her room since they arrived. Zack thinks she is pouting after being hit in the face with reality. Kristin notes that none of them were ever plotting like Charla has been. (Of course, Kristin is full of it.) Kristin jokes that she is a bitter bitch. (Kristin's not full of it with this statement.) Zack plans to toy with the Barbies. He boasts to Beau that he called Keith out. Dave and Keith go to Charla's room where she's been crying in the bathroom. She asks Dave whether he'd be mad if she left. He says that he would be mad if she made a decision without consulting with him first. Keith wants to "talk" to Zack like mature adults in front of everyone. They try to dissuade him from doing so. Amanda tells Charla that they will all back her on whatever she decides to do. Charla asks Dave to leave the bathroom. She is afraid of him being mean to her in her emotional state. Dave thinks it's ridiculous that she would feel that way. "He's so high maintenance," Charla says when Dave leaves. After all, he's been the guy who defended Amy for the last three weeks. Dave goes to Zack's room. Zack says that all the new people confirm what he is claiming. Zack vows to screw with Keith's life while he's there. Amy tells Dave that she doesn't hate Charla. She just doesn't like her. She thinks that Charla is crying because she feels guilty. She should grow a backbone and defend herself. "Would that make people happy?" Dave asks skeptically. Amy firmly states that she wants Charla and Tara out because they want her out. The next day, Keith tells Dave and Tara that he is sure something huge will happen. To everyone's surprise, Melanie arrives. She greets Scott warmly. He is happy to see her, and he describes her as wonderful. Holly is a bit put off by the easy manner between Scott and Melanie. Keith feels like now they are merely visitors to Paradise Hotel. "It was ours," Tara moans. Then another Original shows up -- Andon. He introduces himself to Holly because he isn't sure if she knows who he is. "I've heard some stories," she sneers. Andon has come prepared to "take the gloves off." Dave is annoyed because he's worked all summer to stay there and now he's coming close to losing ground. The other Originals are excited to see Andon. "This is awesome!" Amy yells. Beau screams in delight. Amanda tells Keith and Tara that she is uncomfortable and scared for them. The others are ganging up and she doesn't want to be a part of it. "They just don't get it," Amanda sighs. Andon doesn't even want to lay eyes on Charla. "I've seen enough," he says. "I know what's up." He thinks Charla is an actress and a liar. He also calls Dave a liar too, just as Dave comes in to say hello. Andon jokes that Dave is pale because he's been hiding in his room and scheming. Andon, who has a bone to pick with Dave, makes fun of him to his face. He says that Dave is never truthful. Dave takes offense and warns him to stop. Dave admits that he felt threatened when he first came to Paradise. Zack orders Dave to get his "partner in crime" Charla out from her room. Andon lets Dave know that Charla has said things about him. But Dave won't listen, saying whatever it is, is between him and Charla. Andon wants to wake Dave up to the truth. Dave thinks that the Originals are only full of anger and hostility. Yet it's starting to bother him. "It couldn't get any worse than this," he says. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      We begin, typically, with a pissed-off Charla. She doesn't like Dave hinting to the guys about what they might have done in the bedroom. He found her thong and made a joke, ala Clinton and Lewinsky, saying, "I have not had sex with that woman." Charla wants to make it perfectly clear to everyone that the ONLY THING they have done is peck during the Kissing Game. She forces Dave to tell that to the guys. And Dave thought he was embarrassed at the last Pandora's Box game? Dave counters that he forgave her for what she said at that game. He wants her to calm down about this thing. After Charla's outburst, Dave turns to the guys and laughs that Charla is "out of her mind" crazy. He continues to be angry, feeling that she still embarrasses him. Dave corners Kavita later that night to tell her that they can strategize to have her choose him in the next bedroom selection. He is worried that Charla made him out to be creepy for not wanting him to touch her. "You didn't look like a perv!" Kavita exclaims. Yet she doesn't answer about being his roommate… Amanda is handed an invitation for a luxury excursion where she can bring any guy she chooses. All the other girls are sure that she'll pick Beau, but Amanda is reluctant to ask him because of their history. All three weeks of it. She finally approaches him and he gladly accepts. They are taken water skiing off a speed boat and delivered to shore. Beau says he is happy to get away from the hotel in order to experience Amanda on a personal level without interruptions from everyone else. As they frolic on a beach, Amanda says that she and Beau are merely helping each other stay in the game. They are not a couple. Toni apologizes to Scott for breaking their trust because she chose Alex and not him at the last roommate shuffle. Scott seems to be OK, saying, "It is what it is." He's a man of few but powerful words. When Zack labels Kavita a cheerleader, she rightfully takes it as an insult. Yet Zack doesn't quite grasp why she is mad because he dated the entire cheerleading squad in high school. Or so he claims. Then Kavita calls Zack rude when he sticks his finger in her face. He has no clue why she finds pointing to be rude. "You sound dumb and cocky," he retorts. Zack leaves to complain to the dishrag Amy that no one can tell him what to do. "I'm a country boy," he says in his famous non sequitur way. Then he confidently proclaims, "Don't try to get proper with me because I'm way smarter." But he doesn't stop there. "I'm way more intelligent. Don't debate me. I'm a debater. I have lawyer in me. I'm 24. I do whatever I want," he rants. Zack goes back to his room where Kavita is alone in bed. He apologizes to her bluntly. "Sorry if you're mad at me." Kavita merely turns over to ignore him. Zack says that he doesn't want her to feel uncomfortable. Kavita dishes it right back to him (so unlike Amy, who will yes Zack to death). Zack returns to Amy and Beau's room enraged. "I'm not sleeping with that bitch," he grumbles. Beau lets him stay the night in their room, and Zack takes the side bed. Not wanting Zack to be jealous and argue with her again, Amy goes to the couch leaving Beau in the big bed by himself. The next day, everyone's got the roommate shuffle on their minds. Beau tells Amanda that he finally accepts her, but that he is scared that she might not be able to pick him in the selection. She says that she has someone else in mind too. Amy phones Charla because she can't remember who they all decided she should go with, and she wants to know who Charla is picking. Charla doesn't remember either, and suggests they ask the "plan makers" -- Toni and Amanda. Beau overhears this phone conversation and asks Amy if she knows whether Amanda is choosing him or not. Since it's the guys who have to decide which girl goes home, the consensus among them is that it will probably be up to Dave. Yet Dave has his own anxieties, even after Zack calls him to say that they all have finally realized that he is cool. Zack has concluded that it will probably come down to Dave choosing between Amy and Charla, and he lets Dave know that the group would all rather have Amy over Charla. Dave tells Zack that he concurs. Dave hangs up, and says to Charla that he is unsure whether or not Amy would pick him. Charla tells him that she wants to room with him, but that she knows she has hurt him. Dave thinks the others will get rid of him if he picks Charla over Amy. After losing to Dave in paddle tennis, Scott is forced to wear women's clothes to dinner that night. The jokes about his stuffed bra are overshadowed by the fact that everyone is concerned about the roommate selection. They begin, and Host Amanda has guest Amanda take the first turn because she's currently in the single. Amanda goes for Beau, and explains that they now get along and understand each other. Amy's up next, and Zack's worry is all over his face when she picks Alex. The guilty Toni runs right over to Scott with no hesitation. She says that when she didn't pick Scott last week, she broke a bond that they agreed upon. Now her conscious is cleared, regardless if she is sent home tonight. Kristin is fourth, and she strides over to Zack (which seems like part of the plan that everyone was referring to). Charla skips Dave, and goes directly to Beau. But wait… It's only a joke! She puts her hands on Dave's shoulders because he accepts her for who she is, and according to Charla, "That's awesome." Kavita is last, and she joins Toni at Scott's side. Now Scott is in the uncomfortable position of kicking someone out of Paradise. He tells Kavita that he likes her, and Toni starts to freak out with her bug eyes. Yet Toni is most relieved when Scott picks her as his roommate. Kavita hugs Toni as she leaves. See ya,' Kavita! The next night, Host Amanda chats with the hotel clan live via satellite from Los Angeles. Zack expounds on his relationship with Kavita. "I couldn't talk to her without falling asleep," he says. Is it because of the big two-syllable words she uses? Alex is asked about his fight with Beau. Amanda is shocked when he replies that they let a stupid girl come between them. "Apparently, I'm the stupid girl," she assumes correctly. Cold shower Dave is questioned about his session with Kristin in the Kissing Contest. "You take what you can get," he sighs. Now it's up to the ladies to decide who gets the next ticket to paradise. The first contestant is Matthew JC, a musician from Dallas who looks like John Travolta. He thinks he'll clash with Dave in any athletic competition. Bryan is a real estate investor from Atlanta. He's been watching the show and is convinced that the other guys look like they live in the gym. Bryan also gangs up on man-boob Dave by saying that he can out-drink him. The guests start the grilling process. Amanda has Matthew JC make up a song about her, and he sings it over the airwaves to her. Host Amanda drools. Charla boldly asks the bald Bryan if he shaves any other places. Why would she want to know that? Toni says that Matthew JC has some "Travolta flavor going on," and she wants him to do his best Vinnie Barbarino impression. He shows off his leather-clad butt to the video screen with a Travolta-esque strut. This final act wins him the competition, because Matthew JC is heading for Paradise! -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      The morning after the Casino event, Dave is convinced that both Keith and Alex ended up the big winners of the night. Whoever has the most money gets the power to send one of the other guys home. Dave asks Scott for his money to build a monopoly. Charla and Tara both agree to entrust their money to Dave as well. Tom arrives at breakfast first, unaware that everyone else is scheming about their Casino money. He waits impatiently. Back in the rooms, Alex wants to know how much Dave has in his holdings. Dave tells him how annoyed he was about Kristin trying to distract him by announcing how much he was winning. Later at breakfast, Tom is handed an invitation. As champions of the bowling tournament, Keith and Beau will accompany Tom on a deep sea fishing trip. On their trip, the guys drink beer and shoot the breeze. Unfortunately, the breeze is full of hotel gossip. Keith mentions that he heard that Alex and Kristin stole money from the Casino. He is bothered by that. It makes him wonder if they can ever be trusted. Keith thinks that he won the most money, fair and square. Beau reiterates his stance that lying and cheating are not right. There are very few people that Beau can truly trust. He has faith in Amy, but not Alex. Keith reminds him that both Alex and Amy had wanted Beau gone from the hotel. Back at the hotel, Scott and Holly flirt in his bed. "Do you like a little spanking?" he asks her unabashedly. She is embarrassed, but answers, "I like different things at different times." Charla has noticed another couple flirting, and she confronts Keith about his crush on Tara. He says that it is just innocent repartee. Then Keith goes on to flirt with Charla in their bathroom. Kristin proudly admits to the others that she stole a thousand bucks at the end of the night. Keith tells Scott that nobody trusts Beau now. Alex announces that he has $45,000 in his winnings. Acknowledging that he has no reason to mistrust Alex, Keith has him give all his money to Dave. The plan is to evict Beau. Dave confesses that Charla really wants him to drop Alex, and Keith dares him to do just that. Dave goes up to Amy to find out who she wants out. When Tara walks over to them, Amy yells at her for intruding. Amy tells Dave that Scott is being shady and that she wants him gone. After her talk with Dave, Amy confronts Tara for "hanging around" to listen to their conversation. Amy claims that Tara does it to everyone. Tara maintains that she wasn't eavesdropping and didn't do anything wrong. Later, Tara asks Dave what he and Amy were talking about. He tells her that it was about who to eliminate, but that he can't say more because it is confidential. Dave doesn't defend Amy, but he explains to Tara what Amy's problem was. Amy complains to Beau about Tara, saying that she tried to interrupt the first honest conversation she's ever had with Dave. While everyone is getting ready for that evening's Pandora's Box, Dave and Keith conspire that either Kristin or Amy should be the next to go. Charla listens to them from the bathroom as she puts on her makeup. She demands that Dave tell her what he is saying to Keith. Keith makes a crack about Dave allowing her to walk all over him. Dave becomes angry, and asks Charla to treat him with more respect. "I respect you a lot, Dave," she says bluntly. Dave wants her to hug him and tell him that he's her best friend. Charla ignores Dave's open arms. They go to Tom's room and meet his stuffed animal, Smokey. Charla is sure that someone will definitely steal Smokey. Tom says he would freak out if someone took him. At Pandora's Box, Tom is asked which girl and guy are playing the game the most. From what he's seen on television, Tom names Dave and Tara. He explains that Tara had agreed to save Amanda and told both Charla and Amanda that she would do so. She did the opposite. Someone asks Holly about how she makes Tom look like a jackass by running off with Scott all the time. Scott laughs. Holly says she is not making Tom look like anything, and that no one else stays with their roommate 24 hours a day. Beau has said that he wants both Keith and Alex out this week. Which one does he choose? As Beau begins to answer, Kristin interrupts him (just like everyone accused Beau of doing in Pandora's Box!). Beau cuts her off so that he can finish. Beau owns up that he told Keith that he thought he was acting suspicious. Yet he believes that Alex has been the most untrustworthy, so Alex is at "the bottom of the totem pole." Beau states that anyone he doesn't trust he wants gone. The next day at the pool, Beau tells Dave that he is in the same boat as him. He feels that Dave is the only neutral person there. "It's not about Original vs. New anymore," Dave asserts. Alex conveys his worry to Kristin. Beau had told Keith that he wants him gone. Alex asks Kristin if it's OK for him to give Dave their money in order to eliminate Beau. Kristin tells Keith and Alex to do whatever they want with the money. Keith wants either Tom or Beau to be the next to go. Dave knows that if he sends Beau home, Amy will go nuts. Amy is happy because she is under the impression that Alex is using their money to dump Keith. Dave is extremely excited and power hungry because everyone gave him their money. Now he controls the game. Dave asks Scott why no one made a big deal when Alex and Kristin cheated. Dave is friends with Beau, and he worries that Alex will target him later on. Before the bedroom selection, everyone gets ready. Tom dons one of Tara's dresses, and Dave tries to talk him out of it. "I have a bad feeling," Dave says. Dave tells Keith and Alex about Tom's cross-dressing. They all laugh at Tom's monkey too. After Tom takes off the dress, Tara calls Kristin to tell her. "He just keeps getting weirder and weirder," Kristin sighs. Host Amanda gathers the group to announce that money-winner Dave has the power to send someone home. Yet Dave still doesn't know what to do. Should he proceed with the plan to take out Beau, or remove his biggest threat, Alex? "It's been a lot harder than I thought," Dave comments. Issues arising from Casino Night have affected his thinking. The rest of the guys choose their roommates. Alex picks Kristin again. Tom goes for Amy. "It just keeps getting better and better," she mutters under her breath. Beau also goes to Amy because he "loves her to death and trusts her." Scott walks confidently to Holly. Keith picks Charla for a second week in a row. "She's a good girl," he explains. Amy has to decide between Tom and Beau, and without hesitation, she goes for Beau as her roommate. Tom would like to get to know her better anyway. "That could still happen," Amy says unconvincingly. Dave is last, and he will kick out whichever guy he displaces from the selection. Beau nods when Dave walks to Amy. Beau is the odd man out. "These people are pathetic to me," Beau says. "They've shown their true colors." Alex smiles happily. Host Amanda kisses Beau. "It seems like you've been here forever," she says sadly. Beau doesn't seem all that upset. "The hotel is awesome. The guests here, I can't say too much about," he says almost sobbingly. Beau then makes accusations to everyone, saying that he thought some of them were his friends. Others that he looked up to had actually put him down. Scott looks at his feet. "The number one weapon is the truth," Beau says. "If you're truthful, you've won. So I've won." Kristin thinks he that Beau insulted everyone, calling it the worst exit she's ever seen. After the eviction, Holly cries to Tom. Beau was the nicest and most honest one there. Holly now realizes that people are lying to her. She is upset that she didn't know about the whole plan. She becomes worried that she might be kicked off next. Dave consoles Amy. He feels horrible because Beau was one of his good friends at the hotel. Amy is speechless. Dave acknowledges that he did not feel like Beau should be the one to go. He had wanted Alex out, but Alex handed over his and Kristin's money to kick out Beau. Amy cackles. It was her money too, and she was never informed where it was going. She calls it "dirty money." Amy heads upstairs to raise some hell and confront Kristin and Alex. Amy tells them she is disappointed. Kristin assumed that Amy knew about the plan. "That sucks so bad," Amy says. Kristin defends herself by explaining that Beau's actions caused them to plot against him. Amy had never thought of plotting against Kristin. Kristin only supported Alex, and Beau was working against him. Amy asserts that Alex pussyfooted around, which she thinks is shady. Amy had faith in him. She vows to never become a backstabber in order to win. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Are You Calling Me a Liar?
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Coming soon!
    • The First New Guest
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Coming soon!
    • Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      The alliances are becoming solidly formed. Charla and Dave hook up with Keith and Tara. Dave is convinced that Scott is not only playing the game, but rallying for the Originals. Holly tells Scott that she's on neither side. Kristin is sure that her female troika can win because they have enough guys in their corner. Amy doesn't think Charla is strong enough to pull off a palace coup. Charla, alone in her room, weeps when she thinks about the weight of her actions. "It's hard every single day," she cries. Toni comes in to console her, agreeing that they are under a lot of pressure. Toni encourages Charla to let it out with a good cry. Holly gets to invite another guy on an overnight excursion. Everyone is certain that she will ask Alex, but she calls for Beau instead. He's excited, and he phones Amy with the good news. Amy warns him to steer Holly in the right direction -- the Originals' direction. Beau doesn't even want to think about that. When they are alone in their private suite, Beau asks Holly who at Paradise Hotel she would hang out with. Holly likes Toni, Kristin and Keith. Beau lets her know that the other girls are scared, and that Toni is sure that Holly has it out for her. Holly rejects that notion. She instead wants to think about a little S&M, offering to pour candle wax on Beau's stomach. He screams when she does, and asks to do her belly button next. Holly has a higher pain threshold and doesn't flinch when he pours the wax on her chest. As they toast champagne in bed, Beau tells Holly that he is comfortable with her. He gently kisses her on the forehead as they go to sleep. Back at the hotel, Alex asks Keith to explain himself about eliminating Zack. For the hundredth time, Keith says that he was only playing the game. Since the Originals wanted their own to stay, he was forced to take one of them out. He put aside all emotions and decided to break up their happy group. Alex agrees that, since the game has now changed, he will have to adjust to the new rules. Amy, meanwhile, sobs because she misses Zack. She finds it hard to stay there without him. Amy can't stand Keith and wants him gone before her. She cries herself to sleep in the bed alone because Beau's off with Holly. The next morning at breakfast, Alex recalls for the guys that he dreamed he was on a date with JLo and that they drove in a Hummer. (Is this Freudian?) Beau returns from his evening with Holly, and Scott asks how it went. Beau quickly assures him that they did not kiss. Beau says that Holly is not targeting anyone, and he wants to tell Toni to shut up because she's not at risk. At the girls' table, Toni confronts Charla and Tara. She has a gut feeling that they are conniving something against her. They are shocked. Toni warns them to leave Holly alone so that the new girl can make up her own mind. Later, Charla tells Dave what Toni said at breakfast. Dave thinks Toni is paranoid. Charla is angry at herself for not asking Toni why she deserves to stay there more than anyone else. Dave hopes that Toni's not getting to Holly. Meanwhile, Toni does her best to suck up to the new girl. "You're way prettier than the other contestant," she says to Holly. She lets her know that everyone thinks she's cool as hell because Holly was able to form a bond with each of them. Toni also gets a jibe in at the opposing crowd. "Dave would love to have me kicked out," she says, playing the victim. In another room, Scott tells Beau that he wants Holly to stay. Tara too. That means that he wants Charla gone. Scott has a sit down with Charla under the pretense that he merely "wants to see if she's cool." Although they haven't talked in a while, Scott asks how she's doing. "Still the same ol' Charla," she answers perfunctorily. Scott doesn't want her to think he's being strategic. Charla admits that she now feels threatened by him because he won't have anything to do with her. Where she once trusted Scott, that bond is not there anymore. Scott tells her that he trusts her 100%, and that he hopes she feels the same way. He waits for her response. Charla doesn't say a word. Toni is shaking when she gets her invitation to pack up her stuff. She decides to change the Originals' plan, instructing Amy to pick Beau. Amy turns to Scott and warns him to cool things off with Holly to protect their friends. But Scott is pissed at being told what to do, especially when it concerns someone he's interested in. Toni becomes paranoid that he wants her out. Scott grows even more annoyed that Toni and Amy think he is only befriending Holly in order to save his own hide. Amy pleads that she has always wanted to room with Scott. Toni admits that she feels like Scott wouldn't pick her anyway. She becomes angry and says that she wouldn't go to him because he wouldn't keep her. Scott can't believe that Toni doesn't trust him. Beau phones Toni's room twice. Since she is in the middle of this discussion with Scott, she blows Beau off. Beau is angered, and he tells Tara that they are trying to pull Scott into their alliance. Beau confronts Amy that all this secrecy reminds him of what came up in Pandora's Box. Since he's being kept in the dark on their scheming, he plans to take care of himself first. He's sure that the Originals are hiding something from him. At the bedroom selection, Holly goes first. She picks Scott, and now no one else can choose him. Toni smirks uncomfortably. Tara is next. Although she loved living with Beau, this time she wants to room with Dave because she feels safe with him. Kristin unclasps her hands from Amy and Toni to walk over to Alex. Host Amanda comments on their pairing. "You do make a lovely couple," she says. Toni is up, and she remarks that she will do anything to make sure that Amy is safe. Toni goes to the one guy she is sure really doesn't like her: Keith. Host Amanda notes that the pair haven't exactly seen eye to eye. Toni explains that Amy doesn't deserve to go. "Baby girl, it's my turn," she cries to Amy. Next comes Amy, who sarcastically says to her current roommate Keith, "It's been a blast." Before she makes her selection, she runs over to hug Toni and they weep effusively. Charla tears up too. Amy makes the safe move and selects Beau. Beau nods in agreement when Host Amanda asks if he promised Zack that he'd look after her. Amy says that she trusts Beau 150%. Charla is last, and she's broken into full-blown lip quivering and watery eyes. However, her makeup doesn't run. Although Charla had wanted Amy or Kristin gone first, she decides to go to Keith because she feels safe that he'd choose her. Toni hugs Charla. Host Amanda tells Keith that the pressure is on him again this week, but everyone is sure who he'll pick. Keith apologizes to Toni, and explains that he bonded with Charla from Day One. As Charla breaks down, Toni comforts her more than the other way around. Host Amanda tells Toni that the hotel won't be the same without her. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be better," Toni says bitterly. Yet Amanda calls Toni a "true, loyal friend" for protecting Amy. Toni's back is covered in sweat as she makes the rounds to kiss all her friends. She barks at Charla to stop crying. "I'm gone guys, but I'm still gonna be here in heart," she sadly says as she walks off. Charla confides her guilt to Tara. "It's my fault she's gone," she says about Toni. Kristin shows emotion for the first time, crying to Alex in the bathroom that she had no other choice. "Can it get worse to send your own friend home?" she asks. Amy is over the whole ordeal. She wants to just blow up. Dave knows the percentages are becoming more in his favor. Keith thinks that the game will only get a million times worse. Alex sums it up for the newbies: "We're all about the Originals," he boasts. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Alex reflects upon the change of mood in the hotel. People had been upset when Zack and Toni left, but no one seems to be mad now that Beau is gone. According to Alex, things got more relaxed and fun after he left. Not for Amy, though. She cries to herself because she can't stop thinking about Zack. She needs to find reasons to want to stay in Paradise. Meanwhile, flirtations ensue with everyone else. Scott knows that he and Holly are physically attracted to each other, and they prove it by kissing on the bed. Charla admits to Keith that she misses her ex-boyfriend, Jessie. Jessie thinks she's the most beautiful girl in the world. As she and Keith playfully tussle, the framed photo of Jessie breaks. Charla gets mad. Everyone assembles to select the new guest. Host Amanda explains that there's yet another surprise. She's brought back two contestants they have already met. Desiree is a massage therapist from Las Vegas who lost to Kavita. Lauren is a bartender from Texas who Tara originally beat out. Lauren tells the gang that what she's seen on television doesn't affect what she thinks about them. Desiree says she would have definitely made a better guest than Kavita. The women leave so that the boys can make their selections. Of course, the girls watch from a monitor upstairs. Dave asks Lauren to show him some of her dance steps. He clomps his way through, but manages to elicit a hug from her. Go Dave! Keith picks up on Zack's previous question to Desiree in the past selection. He asks Desiree for a butt massage. She proceeds to wallop his ass. "That was a little funky," a rattled Keith says when he gets up. Then Host Amanda addresses the women watching from the next room to solicit their questions. Tara asks Lauren about what she said to Amanda all those weeks ago. Lauren had called Amanda the show's drama queen. Who has taken her place? Lauren names Amy as the new drama queen. Amy inquires to why she's now casting judgment after she said she wouldn't. The guys watch annoyed as the girls get catty with the contestants. But here's the twist: now it's the girls' decision and they have to do it immediately. Host Amanda takes a poll from each individually. Although Holly votes for Lauren, the consensus goes with Desiree. As everyone welcomes Desiree with hugs, Charla lounges sleepily by herself on a side chair. Amy is sad, telling new girl Desiree that she is more emotional than she's ever been before. She explains that the hotel was so much fun for the first five weeks until everyone cracked down. Amy feels like now she has to be the "Toni" of the group. She warns Desiree to publicly state where she stands all the time so people won't question her and walk all over her. Yet the others don't think Amy is practicing what she preaches. Tara notices how Amy is making remarks about leaving even though she really wants to stay. Alex tells Kristin that he's pissed off at Amy because she's constantly changing her stance. Charla, however, has something else on her mind: Keith. "He thinks he's the man and I just can't handle it," Charla sighs. She tells Tara that she is confused. As much as she raves about her ex-boyfriend Jessie, Keith still won't leave her alone. As Tom and Dave play tennis, Desiree suggests they turn it into strip tennis and she calls Tom "Monkey Boy." Holly adds that she got along well with Smokey. Tara says that Smokey had groped her. Desiree splashes cold water on Tom's sweaty back. Tom jokingly threatens to shave Desiree's head if she chooses him as her roommate. Is there something brewing between these two? In their bathroom, Charla comments on Keith's body hair growth patterns as she touches his chest. "You just don't like my body at all, do you?" he inquires. "Quite the contrary," Charla answers. However, she says that she is not attracted to his personality. Keith doesn't understand why Amy is still mad at him. He is sure that Zack isn't waiting around for her. Charla wonders if she'll be eliminated this week. Keith assures her that she has two good guys on her side. Charla was jealous of how Desiree massaged Keith's butt. He comments that she didn't have any problems with letting Matt massage her. Keith knows that Desiree is just playing the game. He calls Charla a flirt, and she denies it. As they lay entwined on the bed, she asks him what he is thinking. "How irritated I am by you," Keith says. Dave makes a toast to Desiree at dinner that night, and he suggests that she host a housewarming party. She agrees. Dave throws a smaller pre-party while the other guys help Desiree set up her room. Desiree works the door like it's an exclusive night club with a guest list. She breaks out cans of whipped cream, instructing everyone to lick off whatever they spray on someone else. Tara sucks on Alex's nipples, and Holly rolls her tongue all over Scott. Kristin gets Tom's stomach. Tom devours whipped cream from Amy's underarm. Charla confesses to Dave that she's sick of talking to everyone there. Dave, who considers Charla to be both "beautiful and sensitive," tells her that he has trust in her. He would rather spend time with her over anyone else. Dave hopes to have Charla by his side at the end when they both win. "I just want to get away from this life," Charla complains. She tells Dave that she never came here to find love, and that no one else did either. Dave doesn't answer. (Was that his mission?) "I want to go. Nothing here matters," she says. Dave is insulted by that and leaves abruptly. But he's not that mad, because he goes to the hotel's chef to request some of Charla's favorite foods in hopes of lifting her spirits. Deep fried things! As Charla mopes in her bed, she is given a note from Dave. She will soon be served fried chicken with gravy and fried steak. "I don't want fried steak, damnit," she yells out selfishly. Tara is convinced that Desiree will pick Keith as her roommate. Keith says he would tell Desiree the truth to not send Tara home. Tara wants to know who he would pick if forced to choose between her and Kristin. Keith is both offended and worried. They have a plan and he would never go against that plan. She should be doing the same. He is nervous when Tara agrees to wax his chest. Tom warns Keith not to do it because he will be scarred. Keith comments that Tom might be attracted to Desiree. Tom is sure that Desiree is not going to pick him, and he jokes that he doesn't want to come between her and Keith. Keith becomes scared that he will definitely be the one she chooses. The guests come together that night for Desiree's roommate selection. Host Amanda notes that it seemed like Desiree was attracted to Keith's bottom when she massaged it. Keith blushes. Yet to everyone's surprise, Desiree chooses Tom. He is ecstatic. "Third girl this week!" he exclaims. Desiree explains that she thinks he is nice, and that his eyes are "grabbing her." Tara is ousted from her room. She now feels like an outsider in the single. At dinner that night, Desiree is handed an invitation. Tomorrow night she will crown a king and queen who will reign over Paradise. The nominations will be made at breakfast. Desiree has noticed that some of the people have been there too long, and she senses that the cliques need to be broken. She hopes to align with someone in order to ensure her stay. Charla and Tara think that they will be targeted next. Scott is worried about all the alliances. Yet Dave is beyond excited. He claims that he is ten times more excited about the king and queen coronation than he was about Casino Night. (He was always involved in student government, wouldn't you know.) The plan is for Keith, Charla and Tara to nominate someone from their group. They will secretly meet to strategize the attack. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • The First Elimination Ceremony
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      James is mad at Chelsea for hooking up with Ryan. Tanya, the guest in the single room, gets to go on two dates with two guys of her choice. She picks Mike and Ryan, Krista and Lauren's current roommates. She gets along really well with Mike because they have a lot in common. One thing is that they are both very sexual. Tanya has a free pass for the first elimination because she's never had a roommate and nobody leaves paradise without having a roommate. Except that night Mike spends the night in the single room with her. At the elimination ceremony, she learns that since Mike spent the night in her room, she is no longer safe from going home. Knowing that, she decides to go to Mike. Lauren goes back to Ryan, Charte goes back to Nate, and Tidisha goes back to Raheim. Krista goes to Chelsea's current roommate James. With only one option, Chelsea goes to Ryan. Ryan has to decide between Lauren and Chelsea. He picks Lauren, making Chelsea the first person to check out of paradise.moreless
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Tom rises early and goes down to the bar to pick up trays of food. He brings each girl breakfast in bed. "So sweet!" Tara exclaims, as her roommate Dave looks on dumbfounded. Even Amy gives Tom a peck as he serves her. Desiree asks Tom if he trusts Amy. Keith assures her that Dave, Tom and himself all have her back. Keith comes to Tara. He was pissed about the immunity choice. Why is Amy controlling everything? He wants her out of there so badly. Tara is just as mad at the decision. She would have rather saved Tom. Charla divulges to Dave that she hasn't had sex in 2 ½ months after getting it every day. Dave says that she could have had sex with anyone she wanted. Yet Charla hasn't felt emotion for anyone the whole time she's been there. "Who the hell am I gonna love here?" she asks. Dave thinks that she is responsible for the way she feels. "I care for you, Dave. You know that," she says. Dave smiles, but is not so sure if she knows his feelings. Later, Dave assembles all the men in the bathroom. He wrote a song for the girls that he wants to sing at the eviction. He previews it for the guys. Alex can't hold in his laughter. Everyone gets to go on a yacht excursion. They dive off the boat into the water and then have a champagne lunch on the beach. Unfortunately, the sea air has not helped Amy's acne. She asks Keith when it was that he decided to kick off Zack. (Oh, Amy! Give it up already!) Keith answers that it wasn't until he arrived at the hotel and realized he needed to do it to survive in the game. Amy still holds a grudge against Keith. Even Charla goes in for a swim, and she hangs all over Keith in the water. Dave watches this sullenly. He admits to Holly that he is jealous, but that he doesn't want to be. He sees Charla and Keith flirt some more. Holly advises Dave not to say anything because he'll look like an idiot. "Just let it go," she says. As Charla sits on his lap, Keith puts his hands all over her. Dave can't take it anymore and abruptly jumps into the ocean. Back at the hotel, Scott comes to Dave's room to see how he's doing. Dave doesn't want to talk about it. Scott recommends that he not drill either Charla or Keith about their flirting. Scott knows what Dave is thinking. He orders him to hold his tongue. Charla phones Dave from her room. She was worried because he looked irritated on the excursion. Dave says that he's OK and slams the phone down. "Psycho," Charla mutters as she hangs up. Alex jokes that Dave needs to loosen up. Tom and Desiree discuss their situation. They wonder if they will be the first to go because they are the newcomers. They promise to protect each other. Alex tells Charla that, since they are the youngest, they are in the same boat. "I think everyone's going to be a better person when they go back home after this," he comments. Alex asks Charla what she thinks will happen at the eviction. She says she doesn't know. He thinks it will be either him, Keith or Tom who will go home that night. Alex realizes that he's never consulted with Charla before about any of the vote offs. She'd rather he didn't ask her about it at all. The boys are given an invitation to take the girls out for a night of dancing. As Desiree shakes it for Dave, Scott corners Holly. "I would rock your world so hard," he promises her referring to if they were to ever have sex. Keith takes off his shirt to entice Charla. She blushes. Dave is mad when he sees this. After they return to the hotel, Scott warns Keith to watch out for Dave because he really likes Charla. Keith feels that Dave gets too sensitive when he's drunk. He doesn't think he did anything wrong because nothing happened with Charla. Charla comes to Dave. She asks him if he trusts Keith. He does, but he trusts her even more. Dave admits that he's always had a crush on her. Charla wishes things were more "smooth sailing" between them instead of always having to be so serious. Now Dave feels stupid for liking someone who doesn't like him. Tom tells Dave with conviction that he trusts both him and Keith because they've never done anything to harm him. Yet in his confessional, Tom calls Dave a goofball. In another bedroom, Tara and Alex make out under the covers. In still another bedroom, Keith and Dave have a heart-to-heart talk. Keith explains that he is only friends with Charla. Dave apologizes, and Keith says he has no reason to be sorry. He still feels like he did nothing wrong to make Dave angry. The boys are told to pack their bags in preparation for the eviction. Charla jokes that Dave better pack well because he's out of there. He nervously laughs. Tara tells Charla that the whole time Alex was cuddling with her she was thinking, "Sayonara!" Charla inquires whether Tara will really give him the boot. She doesn't answer. Meanwhile, Alex tells Amy that he thinks he has Tara's trust. According to Alex, once Keith's gone, Tara will have nothing. Dave talks strategy with Charla in another room. They can't sit around waiting for Tara to decide if she has a crush on Alex or not. Dave wonders if she'll change her mind at the last minute and save Alex. Dave only cares about protecting him and Charla. He's sure that Desiree will be the swing vote. Keith is forced to lay his trust in Tara. If she suddenly decides to betray him, he will go home. He hopes that she won't turn her back on him. That night, the guests come to the Grand Salon for the elimination. Even though Scott is immune, he thinks that the game is getting harder. Host Amanda offers the guys the option to say something to the women as a last-ditch plea. Dave starts singing his song as the other guys snap in time. The women giggle. Host Amanda then asks each girl who they want to leave Paradise. They will have to say their pick out loud! Not surprisingly, Charla picks Alex. Holly names Keith as the one to go home. She has no reason why, but she acknowledges that he is a good roommate. Desiree picks Alex as well. Although she thinks he is nice, she has a stronger bond with the other three. Amy, of course, chooses Keith. He wants her out and she wants him out. Now with two votes for Alex and two votes for Keith, it's up to Tara. She has been getting along well with Alex this past week. Tara tells him that he is wonderful and that they have the same sense of humor. She also says that she and Keith have gotten closer. Although this isn't personal, she decides to send Alex home. The guys all hug him. Alex lets Tara know that he doesn't take it personally. He knows it's part of the game. Alex is polite to Charla, but warns everyone else that she isn't as innocent as she seems. He later admits that Tara's vote surprised him a bit because he thought they got along well. He thinks everyone needs to let loose more. After the eviction, Desiree cries to Tom. She doesn't trust Charla and Tara anymore. She really liked Alex. And Charla is constantly in her ear. Tom admits that he doesn't like Dave. People laugh at him behind his back, and he's not as perfect as he thinks he is. Charla makes her confessional. She thinks that, if Desiree and Tom were smart, they would align themselves with Scott and Holly. Tara thinks that Tom and Desiree will go down if they vote against them. Keith says that it is hard for him to fathom what kind of power they now have. "I like it," Charla giggles. Desiree goes to Amy. She sees that Charla will stoop at nothing, and is making moves on Tom too. Desiree tells Amy that she has her back now over Charla and Tara. Amy cautions that Charla and Tara will try to suck Desiree into their sphere. "It's not gonna work this time," Desiree says confidently. Tara is sure of herself in her own confessional. Regardless of their kissing, she knew Alex would be out. She doesn't have any sympathy for liars, cheaters or stealers. Scott says that he was sure that Alex had an idea that Tara would pick Keith over him. But there still might have been a little bit of hope. Amy compares Tara's actions to what Keith did when he sent Zack home. "Zack. That's my paradise," she sighs. Suddenly, a limo pulls up. Zack walks down to the Grand Salon and enters Paradise Hotel. Everyone is shocked. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Finger Painting
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      As the new boy Johnny continues to stir the pot, the contestants face a looming elimination. The tension and sexual games are upped with a steamy body-painting competition judged by Johnny. The contestants all ponder various moves, while Krista contemplates the changing nature of the program. Things come to a head when Johnny, immune from that night's elimination, is required to make his choice of a roommate, sending one man home.moreless
    • The Return of Raheim
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Coming soon!
    • A Tearful Farewell
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Coming soon!
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      "This is real," Beau announces. Not according to Amanda. She confides to Amy about Jason, her visiting ex-boyfriend. Jason wants her to go home with him because he is anxious to start up their relationship again. For so long, Amanda waited to hear him make this declaration of commitment, but now she is reluctant to leave the hotel. Beau can tell that Jason is head over heels in love with Amanda. But he is even more sure that she will cheat on her man soon enough, especially considering that she had tried to start something with Beau when she first arrived in Paradise. No one will want her now that she has a serious boyfriend. Beau tells Amanda that she has distanced herself from everyone else since Jason's been there. She admits that she still has feelings for Jason. She liked Beau, but she was never sure she wanted a relationship with him. This is all news to Beau. He drinks with Jason at the bar, and lets him know that Amanda cornered him when they first arrived. She told Beau that, after eight hours of knowing each other, she would have been jealous if he had talked to another girl at the hotel. The two guys also agree that her nagging is annoying. Matt passive aggressively wants Charla to give him a massage, but she isn't into touching. She also doesn't trust him with his shifty eyes and hands. Charla tells him that she is uncomfortable with him, and he responds with, "You're just so cute." That night, everyone files into the Paradise Disco. Charla considers it the most fun she's had at the resort. Is that because she was on the dance floor grinding with Scott? Dave has the same idea about the night, but his reason is because Beau told him that he was finally "officially part of them." Yet Dave is still convinced that he will be the next to be sent home. Toni, meanwhile, mauls Alex, telling him that she wants to do "anything." They go back to the bedroom and make out. Alex quickly gets up from the bed and pukes in the bathroom. This is not a positive chit for Toni's reputation. She jokes that Alex can now claim, "I made out with Toni and then I threw up." The guys all hope that Matt goes before Dave. Matt notices the tension everyone is feeling and the cliques that are forming. Amanda does not see this because she's still huddled away with Jason. Beau is pleased about this set-up. Jason's presence has taken the pressure off of him. All the girls will realize that Beau is now available. Alex prepares to pick Kristin in the next bedroom selection. Although Beau is aware of this, he pulls Kristin aside to let her know that he wants to room with her. How can they prevent Alex from picking her? Beau and Toni get into an argument started by a pet scorpion. For someone worried about his fate, Beau is hindering his own trustworthiness. Scott strategically advises Dave to pick Amanda. Scott and Zack both agree that there will be some twists in the night's elimination. Although he's looking out for Dave, Scott needs to look out for himself. He says that he doesn't trust "that f***ing girl Amanda since day one." Dave feels the same way, but he thinks that Charla has already agreed to pick Scott. He doesn't know what to do. Jason can't understand why Amanda wants to stay there so badly. He asks her one last time to come with him, but she will remain in Paradise. They say their goodbyes. "You know that I love you with all my heart," she says tearfully. Although she wants to go with him, she has made a decision to see Paradise Hotel through. That night, Host Amanda leads the group through their bedroom selections. The boys must choose the girls they want to room with. Dave goes first. He doesn't know what to do about Charla because he is positive that Scott will pick her. Dave walks over to Amanda, and Charla glances over to him warily. Dave mentions that he heard that if he chose Charla, he may be sent home. Matt heads for Toni and she smiles. Beau is next and he looks scared. Yet he too picks Toni. "Man, why me?" she cries. Beau has an answer. "She's awesome." Scott decides on Charla, and she is happy with that move. When Zack definitively picks Amy, everybody says "Awww!" Alex is last, and he goes for the one girl standing alone -- Kristin. Alex says that, although he macked with Toni, he does not feel he has to room with her. (Maybe he knows he can have her anyway?) Beau and Matt wait by Toni's side. She knows the drill all too well. She's also wearing the same dress that Amy wore for one of the last bedroom selections. Despite the fashion faux pas, she wants to keep Beau under her mother hen wing. "That's just the way it works," she says to the forlorn Matt. "It's been a blast," Matt sighs as he leaves the hotel forever. Host Amanda goes back to Los Angeles and introduces the hotel guests via satellite to the two newest contestants. Tara is a real Sporty Spice who plays golf and rides motorcycles. She's into the funny guys, and is looking forward to hooking up with Alex. Lauren hoofs it up on the bar while working at Coyote Ugly in Texas. She's hot for not only Beau, but Zack and Alex as well. Beau asks Lauren to show off her exhibitionist side, and she pulls down the waist of her jeans to reveal a butterfly tattoo on her hip. Zack wants to know about the machine between Tara's legs. What else does she like to ride? "It's a secret," she says coyly. Amanda asks Lauren how she would last at the hotel when no other female newbie has done so. "I'm not much of a drama queen like some people," spunky Lauren answers. Tara challenges Scott to mud wrestle. "I love mud!" she screams. Dave has Lauren put on a clogging act. Beau wants to see Lauren's belly button, and her top accidentally pops open. Then the witty Beau stands up and does his best Michael Flatley impersonation. Dave wants to know how willing Tara is to hook up. Desperate much? She pleads that she would be "completely honored" to join the boys in paradise. Lauren thinks the guests all seem genuine and that it would be a blessing to come out there and know them. Has either of these girls been watching the show? The men decide on Tara as the next guest. But Host Amanda has a surprise twist. Tara will spend the first week there without a roommate. That means, at the end of the week, she will pick a roommate unchallenged. One of the original women will definitely go home. The hotel guests are all shocked, via satellite. It seems their scheming has all gone to waste. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • High Stakes in Paradise
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Coming soon!
    • Episode 23
      Episode 23
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      With only two weeks to go, it's time to step up or go home. Andon tells us he thinks Zack harbors a lot of ill emotion toward Keith. Andon also says it's his turn to start conniving and scheming. He meets with Zack to explain his nefarious plans. Zack says he has Holly and Desiree's votes, and he'll turn them over to Andon. Backdoor dealings! The group wonder if Zack really technically threatened Keith, and Zack argues that "I wasn't even looking at him." Then he says he's going to approach Charla, Dave and Keith and tell them not to give him their phone numbers. By the bar, Toni is calling Tara a liar and saying she disgusts her and that she wouldn't have Charla's back if it came down to it. "Do I like you? No. Do I think you deserve to be here? No." Toni then lambasts Tara for saying on tape she wouldn't be Toni's friend and wonders why she's sitting there talking to her. Then she continues talking until she gets up and leaves. Zack and Amy cuddle in bed, and Zack wants to clear up a few things. One, he's never loved anybody like he's loved Amy. And Amy says she's never felt so stable in a relationship. Zack doesn't know where he'd go in life without her. They cuddle some more and Zack keeps his hat on. At the bar with Keith, Charla wonders why people keep asking her to speak to them, then cut her off to yell at her. Tara joins them, and Charla says that the other group lies so much they start to believe their own lies. Keith vows that they're going to win this. Charla and Kavita confer in the ladies room, and Kavita tells her that the other group is in for a big surprise. Charla says she wants a guy that's not conniving there, and Kavita recommends Andon. Charla meets with Andon and says she still likes him. Behind the scenes, Andon opens up that he hates all the new people and if he can get Charla's trust and stab her in the back, he'll feel great. Charla continues to listen to Andon's rap. Perhaps she's being charmed by his trucker hat or ever-growing tattoos. Again behind the scenes, Andon says he can't wait to rip Charla's group apart. Beau, sporting a new headband from the Zack collection, tells Holly he's definitely thinking Keith, Charla and Tara should be the first to go if he comes back. Holly agrees. Andon then tries to sweet talk Tara. He also mentions that maybe this is all a little too much for Dave to handle. Lying in his bed, Dave wonders if this is all a little too much for him to handle. With Scott, Holly complains that she sat in her room all day and not one person came in to see her. Scott says he was hanging out. Their storybook romance is probably in the last chapter. In Dave's room, Charla asks him what he would do if Andon was voted on. Dave says he would avoid him so he could feel safe. Charla would rather have Amanda than Kristin or Toni. Charla then tells Dave to stop spending so much energy worrying about what the others think of him. Put that energy into us, Dave! At breakfast the next day, Amy says she's not happy around these people and won't pretend to be. "When I'm happy, I'm happy and when I'm mad, I'm mad," she succinctly says. Amy says she's only staying because Zack wants her to and she's on a mission to get rid of the people that made life hard for Zack. No word if his mother is on that list. Behind the scenes, Kavita says one day people like Amy might find out what true tragedy is and gain some perspective. After breakfast, Melanie apologizes to Charla and Tara for what happened and later confides to us that she wants to do whatever it takes to stay this time, even if that means pretending to cozy up to Charla and Tara. Later in the pool room, Melanie asks Holly if Scott's a good kisser. Then she tells her not to worry if she stays and she hangs out with Scott. In their room, Zack confesses to Amy that he wanted to go out looking good and now he's going out looking terrible. Zack tells the camera that the people know who the real winner is. The lesson here is, backstab and lie to people, and you'll turn out to be a great American citizen, he says. Zack would not be himself and a proud Scotsman if he didn't stick up for himself. Just watch Braveheart to see how proud his people are. "I can take it though, I'm Zack," he tells us. Amy just holds her head in her hands, unable to process the grief of Zack's imminent departure. Keith, borrowing Andon's trucker hat, says he got rid of Zack again and hopes Amy is soon to follow. At the bar, Dave is surrounded by Beau, Alex and the rest, who tell him not to have faith in Charla. Zack says it was embarrassing when Charla says she doesn't like being touched by Dave. Dave says Zack's behavior has been embarrassing. Zack goes on a rant, saying he's "well-loved" and that's why he's back here. How could I be such a bad person if somebody loves me? Zack wonders. The fact that it's Amy's love doesn't enter the equation. Zack further posits that everybody feels threatened by him because he's so well-loved and that if he came back he would definitely win. In another room, Holly tells Scott that Melanie thinks she's rooming with him if she comes back, and Holly doesn't want that to happen. Scott coyly asks why she cares. At dinner, Zack stands up and says he has to make a speech before dinner starts. He apologizes for the bitterness and says it all ends now. Zack came to Paradise to see what it was to like to be a rich person and be "pampered on." He's now leaving with a new love, some new friendships and his "honor and dignity." Tepid applause greets the end of Zack's monologue. The existing residents are instructed to cast their ballot for who they want to return and deposit their votes in the Harem Room. The process goes down and everybody meets once more. Amanda says the votes are in and two people will be checking back into the hotel. Also, the ultimate prize they're competing for is still a secret. Matt, you did not receive any votes. Alex, you did not receive any votes. So it's either Andon or Beau. Ladies, please reveal who you voted for. Amy? Beau. Desiree? Beau. Tara? Andon. Charla? Andon. Holly, it's up to you. Who do you vote for? Beau. Ladies, now it's your turn. Amanda, you didn't receive any votes. Kristin, you didn't receive any votes. Toni, you will not be returning. Kavita and Melanie, one of you will be going home. The other will be checking in. Scott? Melanie. Tom? Melanie. Dave? Kavita. Keith? Kavita. Since the gentlemen are split, ladies it's down to you. Make your choice…right now! Amy? Melanie. Desiree? Melanie. Tara? Kavita. Charla? Kavita. So again it's Holly to decide. And she chooses…Melanie. Toni ecstatically pumps her fist and yells "Yeah!" repeatedly. Does she have something up her sleeve with Melanie? And why did Holly bring back her love rival? So many questions! The visitors say their goodbyes. Toni hugs Scott and says, "I'm so proud of you. Do it!" In a bedroom, Charla and Dave gloat that they're staying and their rivals are getting back on a plane. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      The girls pack up and switch rooms as per Dave and Tara's new assignments. Charla reluctantly moves into the Butterfly Room with Alex. But Alex gives his new roommate a present -- a kit of quickly applicable press-on nails so that she doesn't waste her time in their room doing her nails. Charla mutters the word "Jerk" under her breath. Yet Alex is impressed when Charla orders champagne from room service. Dave comes to visit her, and Charla admits that he and Tara had to do what was best. However, she doesn't know how she's going to fall asleep at night with Alex in the next bed. Keith is convinced that Dave didn't want to have him room with Charla for a third week in a row because Dave was jealous of how close they have become. Tara tries to persuade Charla that Alex isn't that bad, and her room situation could only be for one week. Scott tells Amy that he needs her energy and spunk to help him get through all this. Holly listens to this conversation with trepidation. Alex contemplates how cool it would be if one of their past friends gets voted in that night. Desiree asks about her former studio rival, Kavita. Alex tells her that Kavita was not prettier than she appeared on television. Desiree asks why they even picked her. Dave says that, a week after she arrived, they all wondered the same thing. Keith wants Scott out before Alex, but that it must be either of the two of them in the next vote off. "It's gonna get dirty. I'm excited," Keith says to Charla and Dave. Host Amanda rounds up the troops for what they all think will be another new contestant selection. But the surprise is that there will be no new guests checking in from now on. This week, the women will vote which guy will be leaving. "It's Boy Toy Week in Paradise," Host Amanda says. She advises the guys to suck up to the girls to ensure their stay. That night, under the girls' command, Tom jumps in the pool naked. Then everyone but Charla goes in. From the sidelines, Charla watches annoyed as Tara removes an ice cube from Alex's mouth with her tongue. Alex plays "pass the ice cube" with the rest of the women. They continue the game out of the pool too. "Some girls are really annoying," Charla complains to Tom. She compares the antics of Paradise Hotel to high school. As Tara and Holly climb on top of Alex, Charla wonders how she ever got here. Tara and Holly continue to attack Alex on the daybed in the Grand Salon by the pool. "I take it I'm not being voted off this week," Alex says happily. Charla jokingly tells him that she's jealous. Alex takes Tara and Holly to the vacant Single Room to continue ice kissing. Scott comes in and comments that Alex is always in the best predicaments. Holly passes the ice cube to Scott, and he joins in the game. "Kristin who?" Alex laughs. Scott returns to the Grand Salon bar to inform Charla about what her roommate is doing with Tara. "Better her than me," Charla says. Charla tells Tom that she feels bad for Tara. Charla has never been one to get drunk and do something embarrassing. (Does hitting on both Keith and Scott while drunk count?) Back in the Single, Tara is alone with Alex. She shuts the light and removes Alex's shirt so they can get busy. "Alex is the king," Tara giggles. He worries that they will get in trouble and he ends their kissing session. Tara is frustrated. Meanwhile, Tom walks Charla to her room. She chastely hugs him goodnight. At breakfast the next morning, everyone wants to know what happened in the Single. Alex says that, since he never got to go on an excursion, he had to make up for it. Tara explains that she wasn't worried what her mom would think if she watched her on television because all she and Alex did was make out. The women are invited to ask the men questions for Pandora's Box. No questions will be posed to them. Charla and Desiree discuss the vote off. There are only some people they trust. Charla says that although a lot of people trust Scott, she doesn't. Desiree knows that she will choose either Scott or Alex to be sent home. She swears that she won't tell anyone of her decision. Charla trusts Desiree, and the feeling is mutual. Charla advises her to play dumb. "If you, Tara and I vote for the same person, that person is gone," Charla says knowingly. Meanwhile, Amy and Alex talk in the gym. She tries to convince him that Scott will go before he does. Amy thinks that Desiree is the wild card. Alex refuses to let Tara and Charla walk all over him. Yet he is sure that he will be the next to get the boot. It's either him or Scott Later the men are handed an invitation. The hotel is providing them its spa offerings at the pool in order to pamper the women. Dave carries Holly to the pool in his arms. Scott massages Charla's back. Dave paints Amy's toenails and rubs her down. Alex and Keith double team-massage Desiree's legs. Scott spits ice on Holly's stomach. Alex places the press-on nails onto Charla, as Keith brushes Tara's hair. Dave presents every girl with cocktails. Keith brings out fruit and ice cream. He hand-feeds Amy and Desiree. Desiree thinks women should be constantly pampered like this Desiree comes to Charla's room with Tara. They consider who they want to advance. Tara likes Scott better than Alex. Charla doesn't want Alex to win, and she can't fathom helping him do so. Charla feels strongly that Alex should be the one to go that week. The other two agree. Later, Scott asks Tara if there's some sort of conspiracy going on. Tara denies it. He tells her that he trusts her, but wonders if there's a "gang up" on him. "You don't have to worry," she says. However, Tara can only be positive for her vote. Charla tells Keith that Scott is less of a threat than Alex. He disagrees. "You're going on personal feelings right now," he says. "You're not going on the game." But Charla defends herself by explaining that she would rather see Scott win over Alex. Keith still thinks that they have to get rid of the top dog, and that's Scott. Keith is sure that Alex has no one on his side and has no power. Keith is adamant. It will be better in the long run if they take Scott down. Everyone comes together for Pandora's Box. The guys are surprised when they learn that the questions are only for them. Dave is asked about Keith deliberately kissing his ass. Why does he let him do it? Keith chimes in that he doesn't kiss anyone's ass. Dave doesn't know if he even made that statement, but he is confident that Keith is merely playing the game. Tom is asked which of the girls he can trust. He immediately names Amy, to her surprise. If he got another chance to get to know her better, he would. Dave is asked about his relationship with Charla. It does not appear like they are as close as they used to be. Dave says that it only seems that way because they haven't roomed together in a few weeks. He has nothing to worry about with Charla. Scott is asked which girl he would pick if he was trapped on an island. To no one's surprise, he says Holly. From the minute she arrived, Scott feels that they have connected both physically and emotionally. Everyone laughs. "She's got your back. And she's also very trustworthy," he explains. Someone wants to know who Keith would like to see win with him at the end if the choice was between Charla and Tara. He answers Charla because they have been close from Day One. Dave looks worried. Alex is asked which two girls he trusts now that Kristin is gone. Amy seems unhappy when Alex says Desiree and Holly. He explains that he and Amy have discussed the things that they have done to each other in the past that have not been trustworthy. Charla is shocked by his answer. Amy says later in her confessional that she and Alex are really strategizing. They planned ahead of time not to reveal that they are aligning. They don't want anyone else to know that they are as close as they are To everyone's shock, Host Amanda comes in to the Pandora's Box proceedings. It is unusual that she is there. She informs them that the women will have even more power than they expected. They will also get to choose which one of the men will be safe from elimination. Host Amanda asks the men to go down to the bar to let the girls come to a decision. Tom notes that he hasn't won anything and won't win this. Neither has Alex, and he has been there 10 weeks. In the Harem Room, the girls go through the list of men. Everyone likes Tom. Amy requests that they vote for either Scott or Alex to be given immunity. Charla doesn't object because she is sure she can easily target one of them for elimination. Desiree agrees that either Scott or Alex should get saved. (Isn't this the opposite of what she said to Charla?) Amy still holds that the Originals have had it rough. The girls each get up to write their vote and place it in the box Host Amanda regroups the guests. "Well, guys, the ladies have spoken," she announces. She informs them that Scott is the one saved from elimination. He is floored. The other men clap weakly. "It feels great," Scott says appreciatively. He didn't think it would be him. Alex looks confused. Will he be next? In his room, Scott hugs Holly with relief. He kisses her with gratitude for voting for him. Keith tells a worried Dave that all is still well because neither of them will be sent home. Keith asks Tara about it and she claims that she is annoyed because Charla didn't tell her what she was doing. Keith is convinced his plans have gotten screwed up. Charla explains to Dave that it wasn't her fault and it was only a big misunderstanding. Keith calls Dave and says that Charla never told Tara about the immunity vote. Charla goes in to talk to Keith. "So, you're mad at me," she says. Keith thinks that they should have taken out the top dog -- Scott. Dave wants them all to be clear. They need to be straight with each other on vote off night. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • The Return of Paradise Hotel
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Single men and women looking for love arrive at Paradise Hotel for the series' second run. There, they learn that while they have the chance at romance, not everything is as rosy as it seems. Each week, one will be eliminated, and to make things more difficult, there are more women than men. The two groups are required to pair off, but one woman is left on her own, a spoiler who must try to break up another couple before the first elimination ceremony. As the games begin, personality-types emerge, with Raheim appearing as a disliked "player" and Mike as a hot man who could appeal to several of the women. After the pairings, the contestants are left in their rooms overnight, though some find more romance than others. Tension mounts as the first elimination draws near.moreless
    • Paradise Confidential
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Coming soon!
    • Blast From the Past
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Coming soon!
    • The Ultimate Power
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Each of the remaining players must choose one guest to have the ultimate power of sending a couple out of paradise. Meanwhile, several guests return to help decide which of the two final couples to win.
    • Season Finale
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      The power is in several of the former guests' hands as the final teams, Ryan and Tidisha & Zack and Stephanie, are put in the hot seat. Who will walk away with the grand prize?
    • Episode 29
      Episode 29
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      Remember the first week when Charla was the outsider in the single? When Zack turned down Amy? When Dave drunkenly pointed out his own man-boobs? Those days are long gone. It's the final week in Paradise, and there are only three couples left. One of them is about to get the boot. Keith's mad that Dave put him in a position of mistrust, but he also promised to stand by his Barbie buddies. Keith decides to send Scott and Holly home. "I gotta go with my word from Day One," he mutters solemnly. Holly comments that Dave has been lying to her the entire time, even though she thought he was trustworthy. Scott, who has been there from the first day, had some faith he would advance when Dave blatantly lied to Keith. But Scott thinks that Keith didn't have the "stones" to call him out on it. The pair hugs the other couples and leave. The Barbies congratulate each other sullenly. Keith is angry with Dave because he put him in a bad situation. Charla tells Tara that she can't believe that Dave said he would protect Holly. The girls feel betrayed. Dave attempts to apologize for his actions to Keith, saying he would (of course) have chosen him over Scott. Keith doesn't want to talk about it, though. Back in the room, Charla yells at Dave. She is furious. She would never turn on Keith and Holly like he did, and she would never have lied to them. Dave tries to explain. He can't understand her anger. Charla doesn't want to be associated with someone who would betray Keith and Tara. The next morning, Keith and Tara rejoice in their room for making it to the end. Dave is depressed. Keith calls and asks that Dave and Charla pick them up on their way downstairs. Charla asks if the boys have put aside their differences. "It would be easier to compete against somebody I'm angry at," Dave moans. Charla would rather be eliminated than be mean to one of her friends. They go to Keith and Tara's room. Everyone but Dave is giddy. Then they separate to their same-sex breakfasts. Charla is nervous because she thinks they will have to do something that jeopardizes their friendship to win. Tara isn't so sure. Tara and Keith discuss that their Barbie-buddy Charla is nervous about competing. Dave had convinced her that they would be ruthlessly pitted against each other. "I am 100% against Dave right now," Keith declares about the turn of events. Each couple is gifted an album with photos. They are instructed to assemble a scrapbook commemorating their experience at the hotel. The photographs wash up a flood of memories for all four: the kissing game, toga night, mud wrestling, Charla throwing up on her expedition with Andon, Dave giving Toni a birthday lap dance, the King and Queen fashion show, the formation of the Barbie alliance, Toni yelling "Yahtzee" to Dave. Charla reminisces about the very first day in Paradise, and she notes with some sadness that she's the only one still left from that group. Tara loved it when Zack tried to embarrass Keith during his studio selection, and Keith ultimately proved that he had the better set of abs. Charla sees that there's no picture of her kissing Zack. Dave doesn't recall this episode, and Charla responds quickly that it was during the kissing contest. Yet she knows (and we all know) that she was really trying to seduce Zack in her bedroom so long ago. "Nobody has ever made me happier in Paradise than Tara," Charla says fondly of her BFF. Sensing Dave's unhappiness with that comment, she adds, "Sorry." Keith and Tara cut Amy out from one of their photos. "Good times," Dave sighs wistfully. The Barbies don their best black-tie attire and adjourn to the Harem Room for dinner. They toast each other over champagne. "I'm so glad you guys came into my life here in Paradise. I don't know what I would have done without you," Charla says, tearing up. Host Amanda enters and they all know that this signifies trouble. She congratulates them, but adds that "all good things must come to an end." Host Amanda orders them to pack their bags because this will be their last night in Paradise. Suddenly, Beau and Toni appear behind the host. "We're baaack," Toni says menacingly, adding that they are now returning to the game. The Barbies squirm in their seats. "Nah, we're just kidding," Toni laughs. However, the Originals have all come back to determine the winners. The final foursome must convince the Originals to choose them. "Game on!" Toni yells for old times' sake as she and Beau leave. Charla, Dave, Keith and Tara are stunned silent. Charla remains calm, because she doesn't really care who wins. She's proud that her Barbie clan beat out everyone else. The boys are more anxious. Keith and Tara go back to their room. Dave knows he has to justify the manipulative way he has played. Tara tries to write out their plans as Keith massages and nibbles her neck. Charla doesn't want to persuade the returning guests to vote for her, but Dave writes a chart of who he thinks everyone will pick. Charla is annoyed when Dave refuses to show her the paper. All four are equally worried about what Holly and Scott will vote. Dave plots out how he can make himself cry if he needs to garner some sympathy. Keith really wants to win, and Tara agrees to work with him. They seal the deal with a make-out session by the pool. The next morning, the Barbie Four wake up to their last day in Paradise. Charla tells Dave that she is so glad that she met him, but she is a bit scared about the competition. She thinks that she and Dave have only a 10% chance of winning. Yet Keith and Tara are convinced that they will be the losers. Tara wonders if Charla and Dave will get the votes because they've been there from the beginning. Dave, meanwhile, thinks he and Charla might be penalized because they've been there longest. As Charla gets ready, Dave nervously preps his speech. Keith is resolved to just get through the day, no matter what happens. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Odd Man Out
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Coming soon!
    • The Secretary of Defense
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Coming soon!
    • Pandora's Box Blows Up
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Coming soon!
    • Episode 24
      Episode 24
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Can you handle even more intrigue, plotting and frantic screaming? Hope so, because it's time for more PH! To start things off, Melanie says that she's really excited to be the girl chosen to return. Then she tells Desiree she's happy Dave didn't pick her because now she doesn't have to lie to his face that she likes him. In their room, Dave, in touch with the people as always, doesn't think Melanie will hate them, as Charla posits. Beau, continuing his strict "no shirt" policy, hangs with Amy, Desiree, Tom and Melanie. Charla says the others are jealous of her. She's sorry she knows how to play this game. At the same time, Amy says she won't play the game and stoop to their level. Charla sardonically says she'd like to sit down and watch the tapes with Amy and tell her how great she is. Also, Charla is sorry Amy's man kissed her and everyone else here. To back up Charla, we see clips of Zack with Charla, Melanie, Toni, Kristin, Amanda and Kavita. Beau says they're in the game seriously now. Amanda assembles the group for a little bit of roommate selection. One of the gals is going to be left as the vulnerable outsider. For a twist, Melanie and Beau will choose roommates first, and nobody else can horn in on their picks. Beau opts for Amy. At a time when every girl was available. He says she's "one of my best friends' girlfriends, so I have to take care of her." Apparently the time Zack openly questioned Beau's character is just water under the bridge. Melanie then picks Keith because, "I'm trying to eliminate Tara or Charla." Nice poker face, girl! Desiree picks Tom and Holly goes for Scott. Tara also chooses Tom so Charla can have Dave to herself. Charla picks Dave "because he's my best friend." Forced to choose between Desiree and Tara, Tom makes a little speech first. He's trusted Desiree the most and thinks the single this week will have some kind of power, so he wants her to have it. So he opts for Tara as a roomie. Back in their room, Dave and Charla laugh about how the others finally tried to play the game tonight. "And good for them!" In their room, Beau tells Tom they have a group of four they need to get out. In a typical understatement, Amy chimes in, "The way I see it, it's good versus evil." No word on whether Saruman and his army of Orcs are on Amy's or Charla's side. In bed, Charla and Dave continue gloating while in the other room, Tom and Beau continue restating their mission. The Beau says he's starting up an army and it's time to go on the attack, then he imitates a tail gunner in the South Pacific Theatre. "Bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup!" The next day in the pool, Beau tells Desiree they need to get the Barbies off with dignity and honor. And a machine gun turret. At lunch. Dave says he wishes he could hang out with everybody. Much better to be fake to somebody's face than mean. Desiree doesn't get this. And starts being mean in Dave's face. Dave suggests that she should leave the table if she can't be polite. Desiree tells Dave to shut up and doesn't budge. Later, the staff delivers notes inviting the guests to a "jungle party." Costumes will be provided. Dave looks for an outfit and says "there's leopards and zebras and snakes." Oh my. Charla doesn't want to follow the crowd and thinks about being a snake. Beau loves the delicious irony! Not realizing Charla picked the snake garb as a joke! Man oh man! Jungle preparations ensue and then the party gets underway. Tom crawls on all fours, growls and drinks from a dish on the floor. Amy tries to limbo, but falls backwards on her head. Then she and Beau jump in the pool. Amy does a dive off of Beau's shoulders into three feet of water and surprisingly bonks her head on the bottom of the pool. Please don't drink and dive! Charla heads to bed and Amy – again! – chirps up, saying she wished Melanie stayed instead of Charla. In her room, Charla wonders when all the sniping will end. Scott and Holly head back to their room and have a fight about whether or not Holly is a flirt. They break the cardinal relationship advice rule and go to bed angry. Morning comes and a letter is sitting on both breakfast tables. It seems that the person who opened the envelope will be rewarded with a sunset cruise with two opposite sex guests of their choosing. Scott and Amy were the nebby ones, for the record. Dave offers Scott advice on who to take. Beau, still sporting jungle party makeup in his eyebrows, calls Dave out for being a sneaky whisperer. Amy confers with Melanie and considers taking Beau and Keith just so she can leave Keith in the corner having a miserable time. In a shocking move, she takes the classy route and instead chooses Tom and Beau, while Scott picks Holly and wonders if he should pick Desiree or Melanie. Holly's pout STRONGLY advises picking Desiree. The self-appointed good group heads out for a day on the water. Amy, still not practicing safe diving, almost cannonballs on Tom's head. Showing tremendous ability to read people, Desiree theorizes that Dave is in love with Charla. In their bedroom, Charla reassures Dave of their friendship. Dave is still concerned about their lack of physicality and her avowed repulsion at being touched by him. Charla hugs Dave, hopefully stemming the tide for now. On the boat, Holly thinks Tara is more conniving and more of a threat than Charla. That same day, it's revealed that another Pandora's Box is on deck for that night. Well, this shouldn't cause much tension. Especially after the boat kids start coming up with questions attacking the Barbies, and Keith says he hopes he never has to see Amy's face again. Like, ever, as long as he lives. Pandora's Pot Stirring starts. First question. Scott, if it came down to Holly or Melanie, who would you pick and why? Scott takes a deep breath. This is a tough one. Especially with both of them in the room right now. So…Scott? He goes for Holly. Melanie DID NOT enjoy that answer. Holly smugly did. Tara, the week Beau was evicted you said you were happy. Recently you voted for Andon. Are you glad to have Beau back? Tara tepidly says yes. She just voted for Andon because Beau seemed a little bitter, which he's surprised to hear. Maybe he forgot all the yelling he did about being back, ready to change things and right wrongs. Holly, is it true that you got a little jealous that Scott was spending more time with Melanie when the old guests first arrived? She says no, but an editing flashback shows her yelling at Scott for spending too much time with Melanie. Amy, it has been said that Tara thinks you are jealous of her. What is your defense? Amy says, "I have overcome, accomplished and achieved so many things already in my life at 21 than you ever will in your whole entire life." She doesn't provide a rundown of those things, but presumably sticking with Zack after that first night when he said he couldn't believe he wasn't picked by a better girl is somewhere on that list. Before closing, Amy adds, "I have everything you have and more." If you're scoring at home, in the "and more" column, please add "Lump on the head from diving into a three foot deep pool." "The Box" ends and the resorters retreat to their rooms. Keith and Tara have a good laugh over Amy's diatribe. Tara wonders what exactly Amy has accomplished. "We're both on a reality TV show!" At the bar with Melanie, Amy reinforces the notion that she has no reason to be jealous of Tara. In private, Tara thinks maybe Amy doesn't like her because Zack said Tara was one of the "coolest chicks" and "really hot." A flashback shows us Zack effusing over Tara and Amy discreetly yelling "Okay, you're done!" at them across the bar on Tara's first night. In her room, Amy says now that people have come back and told them what's going on, she's going to change the way things are done. Apparently she couldn't pick up on the Barbie alliance without Zack filling her in during his return. Beau says for him and his friends to succeed, they have to take out the power. The same friends he derided as not his friends when he leave, assumedly. Keith and Tara lounge around, commiserating that the tide has turned. He says he doesn't want to win without her, but she might be gone tomorrow and he might be gone next week. Oh well, at least they tried. -paradiseonfox.commoreless
    • Reunion Show
      Reunion Show
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      The cast of Paradise Hotel 2 get together to relive and discuss their adventure.
    • The Return Of
      The Return Of
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Paradise Hotel is back! Eleven new sexy singles arrive at the luxurious hideaway and pick their first roommate as they start their quest for the ultimate prize. The goal: pair up or go home!
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