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MyNetwork TV (ended 2008)

Zach was too into himself and Cameras don't lie!!! You did it, it was there

Zach was too much!! Zach is Back!! HA HA HA

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    [1]Sep 5, 2007
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    I watched the Marathon through the weekend and it was so obvious the ORIGINALS were just too in to theirselves. Amy needed to go, why did they not realize after the entire game there she was everyone protected poor sweet Amy but they were all sent HOME!! lol Toni and Amy should have went first. Toni put everyone down yet she is 29 year old, who needs to get out of the tanning bed for 5 minutes and been on 5 Reality shows she needs to retire!! Amy who was in love after a week lol, was so desperate, very desperate, and Toni would take a bullet for her LMAO that was hilarious!!! It's all a game but it should be fun, Amys way or no way!! I thought it was sooo funny at the end going to Vegas she was still rolling her eyes!! BET SHE WENT THOUGH

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    [2]Feb 12, 2008
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    The originals acted like originals, who can blame them? They were unstoppable until the twists came into the the game. And sure, a week is a quick time to fall in love(although it was more than a week but I'll play along with you) but when you spend 24/7 with someone and sleep in the same bed with them, a week doesn't sound so short. Plus, Amy and Zach were still fairly young and we both know young people have a tendency to fall quick and fall hard.

    What's up with this thread anyway, the title indicated it was about Zach being smug but all the poll questions are random as hell and the actual post itself is just a rant on the original characters. At least the original characters were more entertaining than the add-ons.
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    [3]Feb 15, 2008
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    Zach was an *sshole, I saw episode 3 and 4 again recently and he's just sooo annoying!! He's consantly focusing everything on him, when he's not in the picture, he creates drama so he is...I didn't get what Amy ever saw in him.
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    [4]May 6, 2008
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    Is Zack on MySpace? In the first Paradise Hotel there was a lot of buzz about Zack having done a porn vid.. . does anyone know the name of that vid? message me please. Thanks.
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