Paradise Hotel

Season 2 Episode 1

The Return of Paradise Hotel


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Single men and women looking for love arrive at Paradise Hotel for the series' second run. There, they learn that while they have the chance at romance, not everything is as rosy as it seems. Each week, one will be eliminated, and to make things more difficult, there are more women than men. The two groups are required to pair off, but one woman is left on her own, a spoiler who must try to break up another couple before the first elimination ceremony. As the games begin, personality-types emerge, with Raheim appearing as a disliked "player" and Mike as a hot man who could appeal to several of the women. After the pairings, the contestants are left in their rooms overnight, though some find more romance than others. Tension mounts as the first elimination draws near.moreless
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Game Show, Reality


for women, insatiable greed, love/hate relationships, fight for survival, roommate drama