Paradise Kiss

Fuji Television (ended 2005)





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  • Paradise Kiss is also a clothing line the story is based around. A teenage girl about to graduate from high school when her world is suddenly changed when she meets four other characters who live life completely different to her. So starts her adventure.

    I loved this show. It really took you inside the life of a teenager. It was well done and I really wished it had lasted longer. You never get bored watching because there's always something new. It had drama, romance and comedy while still keeping (some) reality in check. It wasn't too outrageous. It's good watch for anyone looking for a quick story. My boyfriend even liked the manga (although a bit more mature). So its even for guys. I laughed a lot through out the whole season. Although it centers around Carrie you can't help but love every character. Especially George ^_^. Its great for girls.
  • What? Me? Paying attention to something fashion-related?

    I watched this series when I had my wisdom teeth removed and there was nothing better to do than sit around and watch stuff. The art constantly had me breathless, the writing impressed me, as it stayed almost completely true to the original manga (if you don't credit the creator, you're plagiarizing in my book), and the story line was, as always, attention grabbing and compelling.

    One found themself rooting for Cari to find her true calling, to step outside that window of comfort her parents had set for her. Coming of age is never easy, and this series showed just how one struggles to find out who they really are, independent of anyone else. I give this series a 9/10, as it was just plain awesome.