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  • Ethan Cord takes care of family, later the family ends up taking care of him.

    This show is all about amazing love, the incredible love that Ethan learns from this special bunch of kids and the grateful love that they receive from him in return. I used to watch this show every single time it was on the air because it was great for me to see this hardened cowboy turn into a loving creature. A real demonstration of how love changes lives and of how we are turned into loving ceatures when we are really loved. That doesn't mean that Ethan couldnt keep kicking some serious butt, he did it for 3 whole seasons!
  • A western, a romance and a family show all wrapped up in one. It shows how people can change from their old wicked ways with the proper motivation (family & love) and real friends can be found in those that some would consider to be natural enemies.

    Going from professional gunslinger to being a "dad" to a niece and three nephews could have been enough for a good show but throwing in an unlikely romance with a wealthy "proper lady" throws fuel in the excitement of the town of Paradise. I liked the incredible excitement that built up as the romance SLOWLY progressed! I also liked the special friendship between Ethan and the old but wise Indian. Of course it wouldn't be a western if it didn't have a healthy dose of outlaws coming through Paradise not to mention the enemies within the town that hated Ethan except when they needed him. Lee Horsely and Sigrid Thornton were a match made in heaven for me. I think her Australian accent lent much authenticity to the idea that "opposites attract"; a beautiful and educated lady with a roughneck, gunslinger! Awesome show, I love it! I just wish that America had been ready for a wholesome romantic, family western! The storyline had so much potential.
  • Probably in my Top 5 Favorite TV shows Ever.

    This is just the kind of show I like and the lead character of Ethan Cord was played masterfully by Lee Horsley. It was like this role was written specifically for him and he made this character his own of the gunslinger turned guardian with a huge heart but still a need for excitement. He was forever changed by these four wonderful children as well as the local banker Amelia Lawson. I really want this show to come out on DVD and dont understand why it hasn't yet. Come on powers that high time.