Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on BBC

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  • I just watched the first episode and I was completely embarrased to say that my country is producing TV of this quality.

    It was predictable, slow and very poorly shot. I'm not sure if the director was specifically aiming for the feel the show gave as I am not clued up on shooting styles but to me it just came across as incredibly low budget and poorly written. The plot for this pilot episode was hopefully a one off but I suspect not because of the last few scenes where the same sort of mystery this episode told revealed itself again at the end telling is this is going to be a continuing theme of the show.
    The episode started with DI Rebecca Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite) being sent to speak to a Dr Christian King, a world-renowned astrophysicist after he requested the police send somebody with a bit of imagination. When DI Flint arrived at Dr Kings company she was shown a set of images that looked like some sort of accident had happened except the accident hadn't happened yet and as revealed on a photo of a broken mobile phone it was going to happen in some seven hours in the future. DI Flint threatened to arrest Dr King for wasting police time when she saw this image however the doctor then stated he might have planted a bomb because he knew the detective wouldn't believe he had evidence of a future event. Because of the doctors threat DI Flint and two other collegues started to investigate the images to find out if they lead to a real event by chasing up evidence in the photos. It was a race against time that ultimatly failed as the accident which involved a gas tanker hitting a bridge while a train was stationed above it actually happened and was not prevented.
    The whole episode was a painful proformance by all and I would be very suprised if they continue with it. Finally, theres just one other point I would like to make, for some unexplained reason they stated within the first 10 minuets of the show that it was set in the year 2033, as far as I could see there was absolutly no reason to do this at all. In fact, this just made the show even more unbelievable because all the technology was exactly like we have now including current blackberry models and even an iphone. Nothing indicated the future at all. When the US are producing shows like Fringe, Battlestar galactica and V it is so embarasing that all we can produce is this pile of junk. Destined for the dump.
  • A great espiode and a british show.

    The espiode stared of with images of a future advent that has not happen yet. A team set out to find out what is happening and try to stop it and don't.
    I think that it was good that they didn't stop it from happening showing that it is not always a happy end to tv shows. I love how british the show is. It show that we are just as good at making great shows as well. I found the show really interesting. I can't wait for the second espiode it show the images at the end and i looks like it is going to be good.
  • I really liked it. Good british scifi and original. Sure we had future stuff before, but not like this.

    Plus I love how in british shows it is not all good and happy endings. They failed in preventing the disaster. And up untill the end I thought the dude with the phone was a goner. Never expected him to walk out of that train alive.
    I really don´t understand the first review. He/she got it completely wrong. It is not set in the year 2033. Whatever gave that impression?? It was the time 20:33, that the accident is suppose to happen. So I have to wonder what else he/she didn´t pay enough attention to to give such a damning review. No I am advicing this show to all my friends. It is that cool!
  • A great first episode. Lots of promise.

    I found this to be an interesting, fresh show and looking forward to the second episode. Can't see why the previous reviewer gave it a 1-star rating. It's a lot better that a lot of the crap that's on television these days.

    The concept of the show is quite original with the images of an impending disaster about to happen, the central focus of the show. The clock ticking down to the event helps to keep the tension and suspence up. And showing the images for the next week at the end does heighten the anticipation. The lead characters are appealing and a diverse; each having their own reservations about the upcoming even.

    This is a great sci-fi show that has a lot of promise.
  • A nice sci-fi series, entertaining enough. It's not exactly an edge of the seat kind of episode, but it was fine.

    I think it has some good potential, we gotta see how it develops (give it a few more episode before judging, shows like that need to find their footing). I'm confident it'll get better by at least next's episode (the end seemed quite promising).

    One thing that bothered me though, is the over-use of the pictures everytime they correspond to something in real life. I mean, we saw that coffee cup ten times, WE KNOW, it's the one from the picture. No need to rub it in.

    But overall it was fine. And now I'm waiting for that "delirious love making" thingy, Dr King.
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