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  • The British doing what they do best crime/police show with science fiction flavour.

    Unlike the other reviewers I quite enjoyed this and am disappointed there were only 5 episodes, it is very annoying to enjoy a show and not know how it will end, seriously, can't shows at least give a proper ending or closure for the viewers if they are going to cancel them mid way through. I watch a lot of UK Shows and I really enjoy their crime shows which I think they excel in, I am a sci-fi fan so love my Doctor Who, Star Trek and Babylon so I enjoyed the combination of crime and sci-fi. I made the hubby sit through it with me and not so sure he was as keen as I. Currently enjoying watching Tamzin Outhwaite in New Tricks.
  • Not worth it

    It's entertaining enough, and the premise is fairly interesting, although as noted below the episodes are rather formulaic. However, since the show was cancelled before it hit any sort of stride, why go through watching it when you'll never know what happened? Honestly, the quality of the 5 episodes just isn't worth being left in the dark if you're like me and you get sucked in after a few episodes. If you have nothing better to do for 5 hrs, though, then this might keep you occupied. Just don't expect to be satisfied afterward.
  • Episode 2

    The premise was exactly the same as last week & I found the repeating of the photos from the future being sent again & the team going through them slowly revealing the incident rather redundant.

    They magaged to prevent what they saw in the pictures which I expected them to do after they failed to do it last week.

    I didn't like the way the pictures that proved to be wrong were explained, it was the second show in two nights that has raised the possibility of alternate realities after FlashForward did last night. The plot as it did last week felt very polished & moved along at a very fast pace however I found the child abduction story slightly sensentionalist & i thought they did a better job last week in bringing all the pieces into place for the final scenes.
  • Intriguing idea, good concept, but poor execution.

    The idea for the series, as described, is the paradox of changing (or not) a future you know will happen.
    Although the concept for the series is very intriguing, the work itself leaves much to be desired.
    As you watch Episode One, you will have the feeling you are watching an 80s production, due to the quality of the photography, camera trembling, sound quality and even the image quality itself.
    The acting is passable. Even if not great, some of the performances could be pointed as the highlight of this show. Or maybe they only seem that way, compared with the low quality of everything else.
    Really not recommended.
  • bad tv show bad bad, go get a new director and sane actors. and put more make up on the lady (just kidding)

    hmmm... if i were to be a tv show criminal master mind i would choose england. why? because all cops in this show are super stupid. all of the leading characters are schizophrenic, especially the policewoman in less than 10 seconds she goes from happy to rage after that she become anxious and then again wise... ok i dont know much about the cop TACTICS or crime solving SCIENCE but at least they can comminicate through the phone they keep going back and forth all the way in the city just to say a sentence which is irrelevant.

    if you put a bit more work it might be a good show. i hope so.