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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • It Ain't Over
      It Ain't Over
      Episode 26
      Ben and Katherine outsmart Betti and trap her in Desert World, but they have to return to rescue Katherine's Martin. Katherine blandishes Betti. Veronica and Otto work out how to revive all the people in the Parallax who have been blandished, including unfortunately Betti.
    • Clownin' Around
      Clownin' Around
      Episode 25
      Betti sets a trap for Ben and Katherine at the Garden World portals. Francis finds Veronica and is helped by Spy Boy and Otto. They all manage to get home safely. A furious Betti destroys Ben's home.
    • The Reading Room
      The Reading Room
      Episode 24
      Ben and Katherine find another Orb in Ben's world, which transports them to the Reading Room. They view the different worlds and find Veronica imprisoned in Garden World. Francis volunteers to go and rescue her.
    • Martinmania
      Episode 23
      Betti recruits the Martins from the various worlds to help her track down Katherine. Betti discovers that Ben is still alive. Katherine and Ben find out that the Orb made the Guardian's Hut a sanctuary, but are forced to leave Forest World to avoid Betti.
    • Cheats Never Prosper
      Betti finally gets her meeting with Katherine and proudly shows her intended partner around Garden World as an example of how people live happily and prosper in a blandished world. For a moment Katherine thinks that Betti may actually have a logical point, but she soon realises that Betti's perfect worlds come at a great cost.moreless
    • My Favourite Martin
      The two Martins want to know everything about the Parallax. Betti buttonholes Katherine's Martin and shows him the possibilities of a Parallax that includes Techno World in return for information about Katherine.
    • Sand Witch
      Sand Witch
      Episode 20
      Stefan and Jeremy are determined to take the initiative and promptly lose themselves and Tiffany in the Parallax. They blunder into Betti relaxing in Desert World and only escape with Katherine's assistance. In the confrontation Betti finds out more about both Ben and Katherine and is on their trail.
    • Seek And You Shall Find
      Ben finds Otto in Techno World, but they are tracked by Spy Boy. Katherine speaks to Betti and tells Veronica, in code, that Ben is still alive. Otto tells Ben the purpose of the Reading Room.
    • The Reluctant Guardian
      Ben and Katherine find Otto, the lost Guardian of Forest World. Otto reveals that Veronica's pots are a map to the Reading Room of the Parallax. Katherine reveals her existence to Betti.
    • The Krellick War
      The Krellick War
      Episode 17
      Betti lures the gang to Techno World. The kids, assisted by Jeremy and Stefan, fight the Krellicks and win the battle, but Betti wins the war when she and Spy Boy blandish the world. Katherine fools Betti into thinking that Ben has been eaten by the mother of all Welkin.
    • Dad Meets Dad
      Dad Meets Dad
      Episode 16
      Ben recruits Jeremy and Stefan to help fight Betti, but the two dads immediately lock horns the moment they meet each other. Ben discovers that the Stave's can act as intercoms and that Veronica is still alive.
    • Ex-Ben
      Episode 15
      Betti disguises herself as Veronica and goes to Ben's world, determined to find the mystery male Guardian, but Jeremy, the kids and Mrs Dawes fool her. Ben and Mundi find another Portal in Forest World, along with the missing Guardian's Stave.
    • Too Many Chiefs
      Too Many Chiefs
      Episode 14
      Jeremy convinces Ben that Veronica must still be alive and that Ben can find her. Ben sets off after Spy Boy in Techno World, but is lured into a trap. Katherine arrives in time to rescue him, but it turns out that Ben has also accidentally led his local Tiffany to Forest World and she doesn't want to leave.moreless
    • Decoy
      Episode 13
      To distract Betti from her search for the newly-found Guardian, Veronica sets herself up as a decoy in Techno World. Ben and Katherine arrive in time to see Veronica disappear in front of Betti in a blinding purple flash.
    • The Curse Of The Incredibly Bad News
      Veronica reveals that Betti is her twin sister and that the Welkin and Krellicks are part of Betti's army, sent to destroy the remaining Guardians to prevent them from interfering with her plans to blandish the Parallax. She also tells Ben that Stefan, not Jeremy, is his real father. An angry and disillusioned Ben refuses to follow her to the refuge in Forest World.moreless
    • The World According To Betti
      In Techno World, Francis meets Betti, a mysterious woman who looks like Veronica. She has plans to remove aberrant's from the Parallax and make the worlds a better place. Katherine realises Veronica has been watching her all along and finally forgives her mother.
    • The Martin Crimes
      The Martin Crimes
      Episode 10
      Tired of the Martins giving them a hard time, Ben and the gang get their revenge. They lure the Martin from each of their four worlds to Forest World and force them to confront each other. The Martins are terrified when their reflections talk back.
    • The Big Sleep-Over
      Katherine and Ben are sent on individual quests. Ben visits Desert World and has to use his head after his rash actions land him in strife. Katherine is sent to Forest World, where a night of singing and dancing teaches her to open up her emotions and that not everything of value has to be logical.moreless
    • The Battle Of Mundi's World
      Ben is sick as a result of the Krellick scratch. His friends travel to Forest World to get the antidote, but wind up in a huge battle against the Krellicks. They are losing, but then Veronica arrives to save the day and asks pointedly just how many kids are using the supposedly secret portals.moreless
    • Artes Veritas
      Artes Veritas
      Episode 7
      Ben discovers that by pressing the points of the portal sign he can travel to a distant new world. He meets Mundi and is introduced to a town where people live in the treetops of a forest . It's fun until he is scratched in a Krellick attack. Veronica, in disguise as a New York art dealer, turns Stefan's exhibition into a success.moreless
    • One Man's Rubbish
      Katherine and Ben play an inter-world version of pass the parcel as they each try to off-load Francis (thief's) loot from the futuristic rubbish tip. They are almost caught and their inter-Parallax travels exposed, but Veronica saves the day. Francis (thief) discovers the Techno Town version of Werrinup and Una, the girl of his dreams.moreless
    • Lost In Paradise
      Lost In Paradise
      Episode 5
      Katherine's Melinda goes exploring in Ben's world. Melinda and Florence the Chicken find a new portal that leads to a Hi-Tech rubbish tip. The kids arrive to rescue her and they are attacked by Welkin and Ben is bitten.
    • Achey, Breaky Heart
      Ben organises a rock 'n' roll dance. Katherine brings Stefan, hoping to reunite him with Veronica. The night is a success thanks to Francis (thief).
    • The Artful Dodger
      Ben follows Francis (thief) into the third parallel universe where hippies and tie-dye are the rage. He and the two Francises work out a scam to pay back Ben's Martin. Veronica works with Katherine and her friend Melinda to recover the Stave.
    • A Rare Find
      A Rare Find
      Episode 2
      Ben and Katherine manage to fight off a welkin attack, though Ben has yet to master the Stave which he's "borrowed" from his mother. They both want answers to their mother's role as Guardian and the mysteries of their separate worlds, but when Katherine confronts Veronica, her mother is evasive. In Katherine's World, Ben stops repossession of Katherine's home by smuggling in a valuable heritage artifact.moreless
    • One Big Happy Family
      Ben discovers that there is a portal to a parallel universe in an old drain. He finds out that he has a sister and that his mother is a Guardian of the Parallax. His best friend Francis has a sneak thief double from another world. These large flying purple insects called Welkin want to bite him for no particular reason.moreless