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Paranoia Agent

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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Paranoia Agent

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When darkness overcomes the heart, Lil' Slugger appears...

An elementary school boy on Rollerblades dubbed Lil' Slugger (Shounen Bat) is said to be responsible for a series of mysterious hit-and-run assaults in Tokyo. The circumstances are always the same: none of the victims can recall the boy's face and only two distinct details are left in their memories - golden Rollerblades and the weapon, a golden baseball bat bent like a dog's leg.

Two police detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, are assigned to the case to track down the perpetrator and put an end to his violent and random spree. What at first may seem like a typical act of juvenile vandalism soon turns out to bear the signature of an unclear evil. The attacks never leave their victims as they were before as each victim before the attack is overcome by stress, depression, or an emotional trauma created by their environment, their past, or their secrets. They are so overwhelmed that they enter a state of paranoia as they fight their inner demons. After a good smack in the head, they seem as if that their emotional trauma has been alleviated. Starting with the first victim Tsukiko Sagi, a shy character designer who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi, the detectives follow what little clues they have and try to apprehend the boy. But just when they think they got it solved, things get more complicated as they reach the end of their line.

Opening Song: "Dream Island Obsessional Park" by Susumu Hirasawa

Closing Song: "White Hill - Maromi's Theme" by Susumu Hirasawamoreless


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    Not good at all I hated this show from the very first episode I mean come on a kid with a bat how could you be scared of that and he is on rollerblades which makes him even less scarier because just trip him up and he is completely helpless and about the episodes a guy going around stilling money and making little girls call him daddy it’s just retarded and a Japan cop is killed by a kid with a weird bat and an rollerblades that is really illogical and people trying to kill themselves and failing that’s just bad scripting especially when the kid runs away from them why would he do that he’s trying to kill them.moreless
  • Too much confusion going on in the series.

    I remember seeing the preview of this show on [adult swim] and I thought to myself that the show looked really good because it looks like it has some good suspence. I started watching the show. I was very puzzled after I watched most of the episodes. The intro makes no sence because they show people laughing. The question is that why do some characters in the series act so insane and chaotic, why does some of the women end up looking like prostitutes, and why are they being targeted by Little Slugger. All I know is that the show is about Little Slugger invading the city hitting people with the bat. But he said he's accually a knight on his quest to defeat some evil character Gooma. On the [as] preview they never explained about Lil Slugger being a knight. The series don't really explain well about his actions nor the plot. If only they'll give us more details of the saga then it will get interesting. Overall this a very disappointment to the [as] ACTN block.moreless
  • This Is One Anime I could talk all day about it's hard to understand but very worth watching It's a mystery type trying to figure out the true nature of Lil Sluggermoreless

    First off those who say this anime blows simply say such as They cant comprehend it's brilliance. Lil Slugger a Street assilant that is attacking people who are emotionally cornered.The people in this anime are weak they would rather take the easy way out rather than come to terms with there problem and face reality even if it means death people would rather the easy way instead of overcome the problem. This Anime is something you'll need to put on your thinking cap for because it's very confusing and hard to understand it's almost impossible to understand but what i like so much about this anime is it actually makes you think hardly if any of the questions are answered in it resulting in us having to use our brains and imaginations, it's also a very disturbing anime with serious issues such as suicide,and death,also very heavy violence so i wouldn't recomend it to anyone under age 14moreless
  • Without a doubt, the strangest show I've ever watched, but strangely addictive.

    Have to admit, there were times I thought the writers were insane as I tried to puzzle out what was happening. But it all made sense in the end... sort of.

    There's a few things that make this series so compelling - lovely animation, excellent dialogue and an intriguing premise. But what hooked me was the way Lil' Slugger's story was written. Somehow he has the ability to appear to people who are desperate, who need an out and he gives it to them, though in some cases it's only a temporary respite. He also apparently has the ability to appear and disappear at will. This immediately shows this is no normal attacker, but there must be something extraordinary at work.

    Each of the 'victims' has a secret and each episode focuses specifically on one of them, while showing the other characters in relation to that person. That is what makes the series so fascinating - it's about the same events but from multiple points of view. Each episode is unique and adds another piece to the puzzle. A plethora of complex and varied characters drive the series.

    Must add that the exceptionally creepy mascot, Maromi, is an absolute highlight.

    The last episode deals with the reason for everything that has happened and it's a twist no-one saw coming.

    There is a great deal of social commentary here and it is very well done, though in a very unorthadox way. But the bizarre storyline is Paranoia Agent's charm. It is confusing, unpredictable but very satisfying. This show is definitely a case of 'still waters running deep'. Riveting.moreless
  • Disturbing, but Interesting

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