Paranoia Agent

Season 1 Episode 11

Entry Forbidden

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 06, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Entry Forbidden
Misae Ikari returns to her home to find Lil' Slugger waiting. Before she allows him to attack, she talks about the troubles in her life. Apparently, she has a weak body and her doctor bills are getting expensive. Her body is so weak that she couldn't carry a child. Despite that, her husband Keiichi still loves her. Elsewhere, Keiichi is at his new job as a traffic guard at a construction site. He meets an old friend (more like an old perpetrator) and talks a little about his life and his wife. Back at the Ikari residence, Misae seems to fall into despair at the recent events but reveals that she had no intention of giving up. She points out that Lil' Slugger's existence is an illusion and exists to fool people, like Maromi. In rage, Lil' Slugger vanishes. After talking with his friend over dinner about how their old fashion ways are dead, Keiichi enters a two-dimensional world that looks like days from yesteryear.moreless

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  • 10 episodes down...3 to go and they finally start explaining things now. Be warned. It's one big, action-less set up for the finale.

    After almost three stand-alone-esque episodes that faintly explored the Lil' Slugger mythos in their sub-plots, Paranoia Agent finally gets back to the core of the Ikari/Maniwa/Miss Tsukiko/Maromi/Lil' Slugger story arc. I was wondering when they were going to get around to wrapping this up.

    Of course, Paranoia Agent isn't going to give up the secrets so soon. Basically, this is one big set-up for the finale. So there's a lot of explanation to get of the way and an introduction of a character who we've only seen in the credits. Misae is Ikari's wife. who actually plays a big part in the finale, as she proves there's a way to stop Lil' Slugger.

    While her story is filled with melancholy, it's disjointed with the antagoinist (Lil' Slugger) wishing to attack her in an effort to stop her from explaining her long personal story (keeping in with the morbid humour I guess). Usually they just sit there as she narrates, but Lil' Slugger changes shape and reveals himself as the monster he is. Even though we know his appearence by now, the monster is always shrouded. Cloaked in the everyday mundane to keep his mystery alive. There's a sense that this is a metaphor for Lil' Slugger now invading the safety of home and in the everyday stifling existence of Japan's high-density streets. It's pretty clear that in this episode, the end is near. No longer can Lil' Slugger's appearence be normal, as he's a monster in the home. Misae puts up a decent fight for a dying woman (the only strong female in Paranoia Agent) and the twist comes from the fact she's Ikari's wife. It makes a change that his struggles are explained not by him but by his wife too. It would of been out of character for him to explain himself to anyone.

    It's unclear if his ex-burgler-cum-co-worker-friend is real or a product of Ikari's imagination (oh, he's a secruity guard now). He's certainly cartoon-like with features, but since this is animation you can get away with anything. A trick that is frequently used Kon's work. The 2D world is brilliantly realised. While it's supposed to be an ideal world there's something very disturbing about it.

    While this is not an exciting episode (bar Ikari's 2D world), it does give you enough information as to how the final 2 episodes will play out. Hey, you've got to get it all out of the way somehow.

    and then...moreless

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