Paranoia Agent

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Ikari and Maniwa are receive word of Taeko's attack from the previous episode. Masami is devastated by Taeko's amnesia as Ikari looks from the sideline since it happened in a different district. Ikari and Maniwa interrogate Kozuka again to make him confess that he is merely a copycat. They manage to get out of him that he only attacked Usshi and Hirukawa but Ikari tries to get a full confession. However, Maniwa soon discovers another connection between victim; they all were under some kind of stress and were relieved after the attack. But, he soon figures out that Taeko was also emotionally stressed and finds out that Taeko was attacked about the same time that Tsukiko fainted, meaning that Lil' Slugger can be nowhere and everywhere. He tells Ikari but gives him an application for leave and tells him to take a break. However, Maniwa still pushes and soon realizes that the next target is Kozuka.moreless

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  • Just when you think you've sussed it...BANG! A shocker of a twist!

    As I've said before Paranoia Agent is the master of letting the viewer get ahead of themselves before pulling the rug out from underneath. This episode is probably the best example of Kon's ability to near-flawlessly change direction. Even if it is hampered by an out-of-character development.

    Anyways, after the downbeat ending to the previous episode, PA's team decides they've had enough of the serial attacker arc and finally puts the real plot into motion.

    The real twist comes at the end, when the detective heroes are fired after their suspect is murdered by the real Lil' Slugger. But is he 'real'? His vanishing through a wall marks the start of a change in direction. It already became apparent early on that this series was about people finding a way out of their trappings, but again we're left with a whole set of questions and without capable protagonists to answer them.

    Probably one of my favourite episodes that's only marred by Maniwa's complete freak-out at the end. No longer is the level-headed cop we knew. He's now a full blown, grade-A wacko; brodcasting his wild (yet ultimately right) theories to Tokyo on pirate radio. While this would be fine with any other character, there's very little to believe that he would do such a thing other than the fact he was ready to believe the Old Man and Lil' Slugger's copycat. Again, PA twists conventions and in this case, the constantly irrate Ikari was actually the sane one, while Maniwa was the one who was losing it under face value. The problem is that that the running time is too short for any long term character arcs to pan out and Maniwa's a definately a casualty of this compression.

    It does make for a chilling ending of one episode and the uncertain start of another. One that had me waiting impatiently for the next DVD. Which due to UK distribution delays made me go just as nuts as Maniwa!

    And then...moreless
  • Mind boggling is all I can say.

    So Lil Slugger has been captured. Or was he? After watching this episode I was completely at a loss because all this time I thought I knew the identity of the Lil Slugger guy and this episode just proved how wrong I was. This is one eye opener of an episode. It blew me away near the end. I still can't forget it. This is a must watch! Its fast pace and mysteriousness will keep you guessing. Join Maniwa as he tries to uncover the truth about Lil Slugger. He does get to uncover it in this episode. I was just blown away...moreless
  • So far, its become one of the better mystery show--or movie--released yet.

    Let's put it this way; at first you think you know what's going on, and then a couple episodes attempt to support that fact, but then a single episode completely trashes that idea, and we are once again in complete speculation. Shounen bat was supposedly captured by a regular cop, but then one of the officers comes up with another solution to the problem; Shounen bat is everywhere, and anywhere! Minawa discovers that every victim to the hit and run assaults were in some sort of depression, or how he put it in, they were trapped in a corner with nowhere to run, only for Shounen bat to come in and whack them out of their problems. Though how does that explain him already being captured? The end tells it all, and it is by far one of the best twists I've seen yet.

    At first I really doubted Paranoia Agent because it headed towards the direction St. Luminous Mission High School was; at first you're hooked, then it gets predictable, then disappointing. But this episode just turned everything around of what you thought would have happened. It's really hard to describe the greatness of the episode without spoiling the best part, but I'll just leave it to this; you HAVE to watch this episode!moreless
  • Ikari and Maniwa find out the supposed truth behind Kozaka. Maniwa discovers that lil slugger is still out there and Lil slugger has a very special talent

    Welcome to the biggest plot twist sicne the sixth sense. That's pretty much the best way to describe this eppisode. This is the best eppisode of something on the television I've seen in a very long time. While I wont tell you the twist lets just say it is mind numbing. I still can't get over what I saw.

    It hooks you and never lets go. That's the best way to say itmoreless
Doug Stone

Doug Stone

Newscaster/Police Officer

Guest Star

Ivan Buckley

Ivan Buckley


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Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh

Additional Voices

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Sam Riegel

Sam Riegel

Lil' Slugger/Makoto Kozuka

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Episode Title Appearance: In the "radio room", it shows a monitor for a moment with a MHz gauge.

    • Episode Title: MHz
      'MHz' is the abbreviation of 'megahertz', or one million cycles per second. It is used especially as a radio-frequency unit, which fits in well with the episode as there is a intermittent sound of a radio signal's white noise throughout the episode.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Prophetic Vision
      To begin with... If you strain your ears, the words of the sage will reach you... Somewhere between intuition and science. If you look around, tracing the fox's path back and forth... It's an ocean of cluster-amaryllises. Welcome, master detective. Here's some warm hospitality. Well...

    • It wasn't sucide, Kozaka was murdered. He's one person yet he's not. He can appear infront of anyone whose been driven into a corner with nowhere to go. Anytime and anywhere. He's still at large. Lil slugger is still out there on the loose.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The original Japanese broadcast was on March 22, 2004.

    • This is the first time Lil Slugger kills someone.

    • Maniwa discovers a link between the victims- they were all backing into a corner with no where else to go

      At the hospital, as Maniwa looks at the old man, the old man's reflection and his become the same. It's basically a future echo of Maniwa's appearence in the final scene of the final episode.

      Kozuka is killed by Li'l Slugger
      Before finding Kozuka's body, both decetives see Li'l Slugger, but he skates away beofre they can catch him, but as Maniwa chases him, he runs into a wall- another dead end

      It appeared as though Li'l Slugger skated through a solid wall, and yet the old man in maniwa's dream did the same thing

      Both Ikari and Maniwa are fired for their suspect being murdered on their watch and their inability to catch the real Lil' Slugger.

    • Starting with this episode, words written in Japanese characters are captioned with English subtitles.